Why You Should Know How The Emergency Exit Windows Work

Why You Should Know How The Emergency Exit Windows Work

We’ve never really given much thought to those red handles on our RV bedroom window, yet, somehow we knew it’s the emergency exit window.  And that’s it, that’s as far as our curiosity or knowledge went…until now.

RV emergency exit window

Fleetwood asked us to make a series of RV Quick Tips videos and one of them was How to use the Emergency Exit Window.  At first we balked.

Out of all of the topics we could cover you want us to talk about the emergency exit window?
But their rebuttal was legit.

They pointed out that it’s important for customers to learn how to use the features of the RV, but most importantly people should know how to use the safety features fo their RV.  We humbly agreed and then thought to ourselves…

I suppose it’s fairly irresponsible of us to be trapsing around the country all this time and yet we’ve never actually tested those safety features like the emergency exits or fire extinguishers (we’ll have to cover that another day).

So, without further ado, here is the all important How to Use Your RV Emergency Exit Windows:

Super simple right?  Honestly, before we tested the window exit, I had no idea of what to expect.  I didn’t know the window was on a hinge, I figured it just popped out (which had me a little afraid to open it and accidentally drop it on the ground).  I also had never considered what a big jump it would be from the height of the window to the ground.  These are all things I wouldn’t want circulating around in my head in the event of an actual emergency.

RV emergency exit window

Yep, I am the weirdo that would be concerned about breaking a window and having to replace it while the rest of the rig is going up in smoke!?!

Good news is: now we’ve tested, had a trial run and feel confident that should the unthinkable happen, we would quickly spring right into action!

Have you tested, or even thought to test, any of your RV safety features?  Tell us your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

Disclaimer:  We are not safety experts. The purpose of this post is a simple demonstration of how the windows in our RV open and a reminder that we should all test our safety exits, strategies and equipment.  As always, do your own research and stay safe out there!  We created this video for Fleetwood to educate new RV owners, we think its pretty cool they want people to know how to use their new motorhomes.