Inside A Solar Powered Soda Factory

In this final stretch of our South Island road trip we get put to work at a local soda factory.

Inside A Solar Powered Soda Factory

This week’s adventure is one part wild nature, one part Willy Wonka. We’re on the home stretch of our road trip around the South Island of New Zealand. We didn’t intentionally plan it this way but, we saved the best for last. This is the most beautiful stretch of coastline! Towering pancake rocks, snowcapped mountains off in the distance, and misty cloud-covered rain forests. It’s a stunning drive that has officially made our top 10 list.

Plus, you finally get to meet the sailors who loaned us the lemon-covered truck we’ve been driving. They show us their 1947 wooden boat and we get put to work at their soda factory. They really took the whole idea of a homemade lemonade stand to the next level.

And speaking of getting put to work, I think we’re going to have to start a special series and call it Clean Jobs? (we’re open to suggestions) Because like the American TV series Dirty Jobs, we like learning how things are made, and how people make a living. But we’re global and are drawn to people who make the extra effort to make their trade more sustainable.

We hope you enjoy the mix of wild nature and local trade in this week’s video.

Peter & Marlene (AKA, Mr & Mrs. Pete)

If you find yourself in New Zealand and want to say hello to Peter and Marleen:

Our South Island Road Trip Route

Our South Island Road Trip Route

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