Famous for my "how-not-to" videos, and typically the man behind the camera, sometimes I’m forced to be here in the “spotlight”. When you see my face you’re probably reading something more technical than adventurous, but either way I do my best to tell it like it is and infuse my opinions into the commentary…after all this is a blog and not MSN.

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  • Bruce Lipsitz

    I know this is excessively old, but wished you had stopped in my hometown of Beaufort SC on your way to Savannah from Charleston. Beaufort is the second oldest city in SC. Charleston, of course, is the oldest, and Georgetown is #3.

    Beaufort was captured early in the Civil War by Union troops and used as a coaling station to support the blockade of southern ports. As a result, many antebellum homes survived the conflict.

  • Kim Hanson

    What park did you stay in? Any recommedations?

  • A few things: 1) your video was so charming…I’m going to have to check out your other ones; 2) I can’t wait to see Charleston for myself; 3) Great post.

  • Kitty Kat


  • top ten list… i love it!! charleston is a top 3 for me, i’ve lived there twice, and hope to live there part time again.. and am *so* happy you loved it too!!! i know i’m biased but i love this post (;

  • We spent our 10yr anniversary in Charleston. We could totally live there!


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