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Want To Go On A Sailing Adventure, Join Our Crew

You’ve already envisioned the experience. Miles of pristine sandy beaches, islands begging to be explored, cartoon worthy clouds, the sun warming your cheeks and water lapping at the side of the boat.

We’ve lured you in, you’ve caught the sailing bug and you’re ready to come aboard for a sailing adventure. Excellent!

Sharing the adventures with everyone virtually is fantastic, but nothing beats reality.  We have two open cabins available and want to fill them both with adventurous spirits!

One cabin is open to anyone and the other is reserved for our Patreon’s (you can learn more about Patreon here).

***2017 Crew Has Been Chosen – Stay Tuned For 2018 Opportunities!***

What you need to know to be Curiosity Crew

We are stoked to share the experience with you but, before we go committing ourselves to anything, there are a few things we need to tell you.  Then, if you still want to join the crew, the submission details are below.

S/V Curiosity is an interactive experience, adventure base camp and mode of transportation.  Curiosity isn’t automated and requires crew to make her come to life.  Which means she takes no passengers. The moment you step aboard you become a part of the crew.

Crew / kro͞o / noun
A group of people who work on and operate a ship, boat, aircraft, spacecraft, or train. A group of people who work closely together.  A group of friends.

What is expected of crew?

It’s super important to understand you are embarking on an interactive adventure, not going on vacation (as in this isn’t a charter).  You are being invited on board as a participant.  We will all be living together, working together and exploring together.  We will move past friendship and into “like family” territory quickly.

  • We’ll share most of the roles equally. Everything from shifts at the helm keeping watch, to cleaning, cooking, maintaining the boat, provision runs and so on.  We are essentially our own floating island, tiny community and it certainly takes the whole village to keep it running.
  • Everything we do is a shared experience, both on board and virtually. You will become a part of the creative process both in front of and behind the camera.
  • This should not be your first time on a boat. Maybe you’ve been on long fishing trips, on a cruise, a friend’s ski boat… you need to have some familiarity with boats.
  • You need to know how to swim. You don’t need to be Michael Phelps but you need to be comfortable in the water without floaties.
  • No smoking on board and no illegal drugs, but there will be alcohol. We are all about enjoying a cold beer, glass of wine or crafting up a cocktail when the time is right (ie. not on watch).
  • The sailboat and your cabin along with some fun perks are cover by us but we’ll need to split food & drink costs. To give you an idea, we give ourselves a budget of $10 per day per person.
  • Connectivity is limited. Cell phone reception and internet is intermittent, not that fast, can be expensive and sometimes nonexistent. You must be okay with this.
  • We have two cats on board and they are the admirals (we are all at their mercy). You can’t be allergic.

Where We’re Sailing To

This isn’t the exact route (our plans all depend on weather) but it’s the general idea.  We’ll depart Florida the first week of June 2017, bust tail to get out of the hurricane belt and spend a good amount of time exploring Costa Rica, Panama and Columbia.  Then, in late November 2017 prepare to transit the Panama canal.  So, lots of crewing opportunities within that six month time frame!

Sailing Map

Getting To and From The Boat

There are a lot of sayings related to sailing and one well known and often repeated is “you can pick the location or the time, not both”.  It’s the truth.  We are on mother nature’s schedule and she is, despite the weather predictions, mostly unpredictable.  She can change her mind and direction any time she chooses.  We can give you a general idea of where Curiosity will be but we’ll only be certain once we’re there.  Having a flexible schedule and patience is a must.

You may have to take different modes of transportation before you step onto our sugar scoop.  There could be ferries, sea planes or bartering with a fisherman involved…be prepared for anything.  Getting to and from the boat (flights, taxi’s, ferries, etc) are your responsibility.  That said, we will do what we can to make it as fun and painless as we can.

This adventure isn’t for you if

  • You are under 21 years old.
  • Get sea sick easily or often.
  • Your dates and schedule are not flexible.
  • Tolerance is a must. Adventure is for everyone and as travelers, we are always the visitor.  If you don’t respect others thoughts, beliefs, opinions and sexual orientation, this isn’t for you.
  • Have a major medical condition – You will be far, far away from major medical at times. If you have a condition that requires major medical help quickly, this isn’t for you.

Join The Crew, Submission Details

We know there are a lot of people out there who would love the opportunity to experience the sailing lifestyle or simply go on a big adventure.  We wish we could bring each one of you aboard, but sadly we only have two cabins.  We hope to make this an ongoing opportunity.  So don’t fret, if you are not selected this time around, there will be other opportunities.

  • This is a minimum of a 4-week commitment. We’ll plan a short honeymoon period and drop off location if things just don’t work out for some unknown reason.
  • Can be an individual, couple or two separate individuals willing to share a cabin. Anyone wanting to come aboard must be included in the submission process (video, email, etc).
  • 3 minute or less video submission required to be considered. This isn’t a video contest, this is an opportunity to introduce yourself. Upload your video to YouTube (or vimeo) and let us know:
    • Who are you and why do you want to come aboard?
    • What will you contribute to the crew? Maybe you are an expert sailor who can help sharpen the crew’s skills.  A video editor who can lend some new techniques to our videos.  A marine biologist passionate about the environment who wants to help educate and create awareness for our oceans.  A master brewer who wants to test his skills at sea…It can be anything!
  • Resume w/References – Yes, we want to see your resume along with references. We’re inviting you into our lives and our home.  We think it’s important to get to know you at least as much as we would if we were hiring you for a job.
  • Application Deadline – May 15, 2017
  • Applications Submitted Here – Please send your video link, resume and any last thoughts you think we should know (100 words or less) to: sailingcrew(at)gonewiththewynns(dot)com   This email address is for submissions only.  It will not be monitored outside of submission dates and anything other than submissions will not be responded to.

Additional Reading

Whew, congrats for making it this far!  We tried to be honest and help set realistic expectations and cover everything we could think of that you might want to know before submitting.  If we left something major out, please leave us a comment below and we’ll update the information.

Thanks for being a part of the journey and we are mega crazy excited to see your submission and welcome you aboard!!!

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

Comments (62)

  • Ray Sexton

    How in the world will you ever be able to choose who to take staying with you. The test before you is great. I wish you the best of luck. I for one would love to go but the competition is too steep. I’m 69 years old (I am in good health) I imagine you can find younger and stronger people then myself

  • Guy Guthrie

    Nikki, you grew up 187 miles from another cotton town called Rule, TX, my hometown. Now I lived there only 2 years and then became a Hoosier, but the Texas rule (pun intended) is “you born, you is”.

    I’m retired now from most things except sailing and age slows that down (I’m 69). So I get to sail vicariously through your videos. By the way, when is Jason’s coffee-table book coming out? (Hint-Hint!).

    Second Texas rule: “Miles don’t matter”. So we get to claim that we are neighbors. Enjoy your travels!

    Guy Guthrie. Richmond, Indiana

  • Wayne Cote

    Well Hello, my name is Wayne, so I saw your post about living and experiencing what it’s like to cruise and learn the “lines”. That’s what I take out of your wonderful POSTS. I would like to ask if you and your crew would consider me as a crew member. I have some limitations though, I’m 68, and I’m, well let’s just say that I need to use a walker with wheels, but only for long distances, I can climb stairs just fine , I can walk with no problems, I can stand for a while, but just need to sit a bit due to arthritis..You see I was a commercial fisherman for almost 45 yrs.and now I’m retired, You guy’s I miss the sea so much, i just can’t tell you. I long for the day again that i can be out there ,taking a watch or experiencing a storm, man there is nothing like a blue water wave coming over a bow, of course excluding your boat,LOL.. But hey , if you and your crew would consider me for part of your crew, I would be INDEBTED to you, I’m in pretty good health other than the problems that I’ve listed ,I live in a city called Fall River Massachusetts, near New Bedford. I do get Social Security, and I can help with expences… Please can you make an old Sea Dogs dream come true!!! Thank You and God Bless, Peace

    • Curious Minion

      Hi Wayne! Nikki and Jason don’t have plans to bring crew aboard anytime soon, but keep watching this space if they decide to post a crew opportunity. Sounds like quite the exciting life you’ve had fishing! I know you must miss it – the sea gets in your blood.
      Curious Minion

  • John

    Hi there, awesome adventure and one that I’ve always wanted to do. I am a sailor on the Great Lakes but my sailboat is far too small to go on extended cruises for more than a couple days. I look forward to see how your adventure goes over the next little while.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Nikki,
    I’m happy to read that you are plant based, but the correct name for “a fish eating vegetarian” is a pescatarian. Vegetarians don’t eat animals, and calling yourself one when you eat fish causes confusion when other vegetarians go to a restaurant and people think they eat fish. Please would you be so kind and change the description to pescatarian? I’m sorry if this seems pedantic, but it is an important distinction to make for the plant based community, especially coming from someone in the public eye such as yourself.

  • WOW, I really wish I had seen this earlier..The wife and I were looking at sailboats last year and every time we went out she got sick so I ended up getting a small runabout and we go from point A to Point B no stopping in between.I really want to do a sailing trip and looked into them a few years back before we knew about her sea sickness. I am a gov’t worker of 28 years and I shoot and (edit) Wedding videos as well as photos and DJ on the weekends for play money. I am also a musician and can keep a crew entertained at sea! I guess I will wait for your next adventure to apply..Look forward to your videos and keep up the magic you share with us land locked dreamers!

  • Do you have a crew person or are you still looking? You need to run a back ground check and a Credit check on the person you are asking to part of you crew. There are ways to do it . You can ask other that have worked with a crew person on their boats. They are going more then part of your crew! They are going to be part of your live! A person can look good on paper but are saying what they think you want them to say! They can look good for a week test!! But are they the person you think they are? However when you are at sea is not the time to fine out what they said they are but a person you do not what to be a round!! Then what do you do??


      You have issues.

  • Liam Anderson

    Man the anticipation is killin me!

  • Michael calleja

    Hi guys I have watching your videos for a long time have just retired . I am 57 and have always wanted to be on a boat . Love what you guys are doing , I get along well with all people and although I have never been further than 2km off shore deep down I love being on a boat . Im a good fishermen,, fly drones have traveled the world a bit have a cool wife and two girl. And yes my wife has given me permission . I am also not to shabby in the kitchen .Last but not least this has been very high on my bucket list .

  • Rebecca

    I was wondering if you guys will be opening up applications sometime again next year. I’m interested in going, but won’t graduate until the end of this year.

    • We will…although we’re not sure if we’ll do an open crew call or a Patreon only crew call.

  • Sarah

    I’am concerned like Larry above about your safety. I also follow your videos. Just noticed a
    Video from people you met in alaska & seem they are good fit. Please check out video. Plus
    you know them. Hope you carry! Please be very careful. Sarah fl.

  • Mike

    Hi there

    I saw your check list and one thing came in to my mind.

    If you have crew joining you on longer passage make sure they have been to the dentist before they board your Boat .. tooth Ach can be very painful and it is not easy to remove a tooth on a boat ” I know that ” so a good Dental check up before a longer passage or when you are fare away from civilisation
    Sae traves and Fair winds

    • oooh, that is a spectacular tip…and sounds like a horror story as well. Yikes.

  • My boyfriend and I have been watching your videos since y’all were on the RV and we love them! We’d love to join you on this adventure as well, but he gets seasick very easily 🙁 we’re definitely looking forward to watching these videos, though! Good luck with choosing your crew 🙂
    -Love from San Antonio

  • Pred Bundalo

    Oh wow, I just binge-watched like 20 of your episodes last night and am reading your website today with bloodshot eyes. Pretty great that you’re taking on crew! I’d love to sail with you guys. I wish I could join in 2017, but I’m saving my vacay for a trip with John and Amanda Neal on a 30-day passage from Panama to Hawaii in January! But I will see your challenge and apply for next year’s trips. Is it too early to apply for that now? Assuming I should wait for your next announcement. Do you have a mailing list I can subscribe to?

  • Dave & Sandy Berg

    Ha Jason & Nikki
    Great to see that you would take on crew folks during your trips.
    I read your crew documents but I am wondering about other costs that you didn’t say anything about.
    Can you give us more detailed cost break down to join you and for how long and your fee to go with you.
    You mentioned join & return costs, sharing food and some other costs. But do you have cost fees while on board and sailing place to place ? I also watch Sailing videos and what crewing does on their boat. In other words what do you charge $$’s besides helping rig the sails, fixing, video and etc.
    This opportunity sounds neat but it feels like we (crew) need more information. Would love to hear more about this from you, please

    • We ask that crew share in most of the responsibilities, chores and maintenance that goes along with sailing and keeping the boat in ship shape. Scrubbing the deck, cleaning, polishing stainless and so on.
      As for other costs, at this time we’re requesting crew pay for their extra experiences: If you want to go to a bar and drink, a restaurant, SCUBA, adventure tour, etc. then it’s on you. If we have to go to a dock because of a crew member we expect them to help pay for the dock fees.
      Basically if it’s something Nikki or I wish to do, or need to do, we will pay. We would never expect crew to pay for the necessary expenses that go along with boat ownership.
      These are all things we’ll go over in detail with the top two selects via a Skype interview.
      Hope this helps.

  • Robert Wolfe

    I have enjoyed ya’lls videos and blogs for a while now.
    I think it would be a fantastic fun trip to be on board with yall. But, I will just have to enjoy through the videos.
    I am way to old and beatup for such a great adventure.
    Will be watching with bated breath,( a worm on my tongue) to se the videos.
    Thank ya’ll for the adventure of being able to watch.

  • Waheeb

    I wish I can join you in your adventure, but unfortunately I have to work.
    Please pick a cool person i prefer if she is a female.
    love you

  • Breanna

    21? Not a non-drinking 18? No desire to drink, but am ok with others.

  • Larry Reynolds

    Wynns, I have followed you for over a year and enjoy your videos. To talk to you like I would my own children, I am older enough to be your grand dad. It is fun to go floating around the USA, but when you get away from here places are very dangerous. I have some friends that sail out of Port A. A couple went sailing like you are about to go on, when they were around Belize,pirates came aboard with guns at 3:00 am in the morning. Tied the two men up,raped the women, and took anything that had value to them. It is amazing that they did not kill them. You are dealing with some bad people . I just worried for your safety. When someone watches your videos, one would think that we know each other. I would hate that something happens to you . I hear mytle beach is beautiful this time of year. Just take care.

    • T J

      I don’t wish harm on any one but watch a movie called Dead calm and it will really make you caution on life!!

  • Heather Rish

    I love it…but I am allergic to cats and asthmatic. I do enjoy watching your cats and think they are adorable. I love watching them online. Sadly, that is as close as I can get without an inhaler. Good luck, it is going to be an epic journey.

  • Rich Gilbert

    Jason and
    I wILL be unavailable until the 2nd week of June. I could meet you in Cancun or Belize. I have chartered catamarans in the BVI’s several times including a Voyage 50 and am familiar with the routine of passage-making. I am 66 years old and in excellent health.

  • Hey guys, I’m a big fan!! I’m 45 y/o and work as a dentist in Brazil. I’m glad you are giving this awesome opportunity for people to join you in this adventure and such wonderful lifestyle!

    I’m a certified PADI divemaster, and I’ve been many times to the ABC islands to lead dive groups to the ABCs (Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire Islands), so I know those islands and dive spots quite well.

    I saw in your itinerary, that you are going until to Cartagena and would be a shame if you don’t visit the ABCs!! I’m very interested in joining your crew and could contribute a lot if you go there. I’m finishing my PADI Scuba Instructor certification until next couple of months, and this could be an asset for certificate some of the people in the crew if interested.

    I like to edit video, and people say that I’m getting good at it ( ). I have my own diving / underwater video & photo / drone / editing equipment.

    My wife is also scuba certified (Rescue Diver), and in her free time she works in pet shelters as a volunteer.

    In my diving career I made some diving liveaboards, safaris and expeditions around the world, so I know a little about motor boats, but sailing is somethin that I always dreamabout and some day I will realize it. You guys are a true inspiration!

  • John Gangl

    This would be a great adventure for me and my wife, but I can’t swim! I also be following you and watching your videos. Maybe the next one or the one after that, by that time I might be able to swim.

  • Peter Conway

    Leaving Florida in June…that’s late. The tropical depressions will be moving by then. Even the thunderstorms that occur almost daily, can make sailing interesting. And when you’re in it, you rethink why you’re there.
    Good luck finding crew with the conditions you list. I’ve crewed on several boats, the Captain/Owner always bought on board food and paid for return home. You’re right, it’s not vacation, but it’s an opportunity to see new sights, and to learn. Sitting at the helm at 3:47 am with rain running down the crack of your butt is miserable. If you find someone, remember, your life and your boat will be in their hands. Choose carefully.

  • Pat Harris

    Hi Guys, love your channel you do a great job. My wife and I have a 35′ sailboat and a motor home and do what you are doing except we travel about six months a year. We have sailed about 25000 miles over the years in the Ragged Islands to northern Maine and everywhere in between. I am a mechanic so any boat problems are generally not an issue. We know the cruising life well and how it all works. We are mid 50’s and in good heath. If you need experienced crew for a specific passage, We can help.I have a you tube channel with our sailing movies but there not as good as yours. If interested I will send you a link.
    Take care and blue skies,
    Pat & Lorrie

  • John

    HI Guys, I am definitely an old Salt. I have watched your videos with great interest. I have been on the water all my life and raised my family sailing. My wife and I sailed our own boat from Florida down to the Exumas and back Twice. This was in the 1990 time frame, no GPS and few charts. I am a young 75 and love boating. I have a lot of knowledge and understand offering it only when asked… I would love to join you for any length of time and more than willing to assume my financial side and some. Obviously I am retired and will be by myself, as Wife has done all the crossings she wants to do. I am in excellent health and can handle any sailing or navigational responsibility. I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and math with an MBA. I retired as VP MIS CIO with Citigroup Facility in California and built and ran my own business for 20 years. I can travel as long as you can tolerate me or want me on board. I would love to sail with you for any period, and would be more than willing to share any knowledge that you would be interested in. I do understand how to give information when asked, but knowing how to help where needed. Thanks for your consideration. P.S. I have had Cats all my life and love them very much. I built my boat to accommodate my Manx (Musha).

  • Thomas and Dao from Thailand

    Great you give the opportunity to join you at sea. The Bahamas to far for us but if you come to Thailand our home we love to meat and join you. I am scuba diving professional and my wife the best cook in south east Asia 😉 We love to spend time under water with you around the Similan Islands and cook delicious Thai food on the way. More details when it is time. Till than travel safe and kiss to your cats -:)

  • Hi Nikki & Jason,
    Well, I knew this was coming. What an opportunity for someone. I’m in Canada, retired, sailor, kayaker, sewist, gardener, woodworker and life-long learner. Oh, and 35 years in dentistry. I would love to join you but I just returned from 2 months in New Zealand and a trip to Europe that included operating a canal boat from England to Wales so my travelling budget is kaput for this year.
    I grew up on the West coast here where my father was a shipwright/boat builder/mechanic, etc. So I’ve been a wharf rat all my life. Spent time commercial fishing offshore in my younger days, where we were weeks at sea, sometimes in hurricane force winds. I meet all your requirements but right now I’m saving up for a trip across Canada for 4 or 5 months next year – taking a boat along too! Only have 2 boats in my yard right now which is down from 5 last year. Had to sell my little daysailor when my sailing buddy died and I wasn’t able to find anyone else able to go whenever the wind was good, like right now. I live by the ocean in a small town. My days are still planned by the weather.
    I’ve been following you guys since way before you transitioned to the sea. I have a 13 ft. all fiberglass “egg” trailer that I will be taking with me on the cross Canada trip. In 2015 I took it on a 8,000-mile journey to the Arctic Ocean over 3 months. Having planned and enjoyed many water-based expeditions with my friends, much of what you do on your boat is familiar. It’s just that we stopped on land each night and were self-propelled during the day.
    Anyhow, I hope the crew sharing experience works out for you. I may apply later next year, depending on where you are in the world. I know how to tie a bowline!
    Safe journeys.

  • DC Griffis

    I’m avaliable in June. Yes, I have 21 years of sailing experience. I’ve crewed on many deliveries. Recently retired Fireman/Emergency Med Tech. No pet issues. My main concern is an experienced boat crew n how well everyone handles adversity. If this interests you guys, let me know and I’ll pursue further.

  • Sounds like an amazing adventure! My wife and I just left corporate jobs and are two months into our adventure on the road in our class A motor home (that started with watching you guys). This would be great timing for us so be on the lookout for our application!

  • Markat Tracy

    We are going to make a video. we are an engaged travel nurse and a traveling captain. we have a 12lb tuxedo rat terrier that we would foster out to one of our 7 children for the duration of the trip. I am a British Canadian Hawaiian resident who has born on a boat in Kingston England. getting married to a guitar playing traveling Captain from New England. We were parkies at Lake Powel for 4 months last summer. we travel 2-10K miles a year in our 1089 Foretravel. we will be living on the water in our own boat with in 5 years however this crew position sounds like a perfect on the job training opportunity.

  • John Preston

    My bride (Debbie – 58) and I (John – 55) enjoy being a part of your adventures via your videos. One of your personal qualities we admire most is your ability to smile your way thru life’s twists and turns. We are both retired and our looking forward to kickstarting the next chapter in our lives. I have had the privilege of calling Debbie my bride for the last 33 years. My wife worked as a TV producer and I managed an Infrared sensor production facility. We lead very active lives between working out, backpacking, remodeling our home, flying our plane, and coming along side people struggling in their relationships.
    It would be an honor to be a part of your adventurous life for a few weeks.

  • Todd Click

    My wife and I would love to do this, but are not able to at this point. We respect you guys so much and would love to meet and hang out/be crew members. 🙂 We are working on (slowly) getting out of our house and hitting the road at the moment, but would love to do this in the future. I hope it all goes really well for you guys and you get to do it again!!

  • Andrea Clerkin

    It would be an honour to sail with you both. I have such respect for you two. Sadly we won’t be able to apply as my partner has a 10 year old boy who I adore and we just couldn’t be away from for long. I know you hope to travel the world in time so if your ever near Ireland, we’ll be your 1st applicants! I hope you both have an amazing time.

  • Explore.Live.Learn (Allie)

    This is so great, and I’m excited to read/hear the details! I had been hoping an opportunity like this might arise; however, I was also hoping for a 1-2 week time frame (admittedly, I wondered how that would logistically work out for you guys). I have/had two dogs who have been the bright spots and anchors in my life for 14+ years. I lost one a couple months ago and sadly the other one is battling age issues he cannot win. My way of creating a silver lining in this inevitable time is to plan overseas travel (I have almost entirely limited my travel to North America by RV since rescuing them out of my – and their – preference).

    Anyway, I hoped it would line up that I could invite my mom on a vacation on your boat for a week or two (was assuming I’d be paying you for the privilege, but maybe that crosses a legal/liability line into chartering??). I started sailing in 7th grade, but don’t have experience on a catamaran and my navigation skills are limited and very rusty. My mom still has a sailboat and wins the women’s regattas at her yacht club, dives in Bonaire, adventures around the world, etc. She thinks you guys are adorable – I think you seem like a lot of fun. 🙂

    I’m excited to follow the crew adventures and jealous of the opportunity! I work for myself which ironically means I don’t have the flexibility to commit to a four week minimum, but if you ever have a shorter slot I’d love to submit!!

  • Brian

    My girlfriend and I would love to join you, but I think my wife and her husband would get suspicious of us being gone that long………….JUST KIDDING. I’m divorced, and 67 and I think I’ll stick with my motor home. I really enjoy following you two on your adventures. I hope this works out for you, but I can see the negative side of this, and I’m sure you’ve considered that. On the flip side, I’m sure the positives out weigh the negatives and all will work out and smooth seas and steady winds will be with you in your future high sea adventures. Looking forward to them. Nikki, you get cuter each video, Jason………well …….you’re about the same, sorry LOL. Stay safe, and Happy Sailing.

  • Scott Laman

    My wife and I would love to be part of your crew if we could join your for a week or two, but, unfortunately we still have to work another 8 years ?

  • Aj

    To bad I’m 18 because I fit every category except for age 🙁 I would have loved to do something like this on my gap year.

    • Breanna

      I feel your pain, AJ!

  • Sounds like a real adventure opportunity with nice people. Pam and I are definitely interested! We’re going to talk some dates as she has a bike touring company here in Colorado. It’s spring, beautiful, and the tours are full on right now. Ever do a “bike and brews” tour in Colorado?
    I watched with great interest as you settled on the catamaran size I almost purchased a few years ago. After owning a Catalina 25 for 10 years I was ready to move up. I’ve sailed several bareboat charters on monohulls in the Virgin Islands and west out of LaPaz. Always wanted to try a catamaran for all the reasons you’ve talked about in your videos. I think you guys really made a good choice just for the livability of a cat.
    Pardon my ramblings please! Looking forward to emailing with you and talking details after we have our open dates lined out. Sounds like it’s time to become Pateons too!

  • Norman Gebhardt

    Took sailing lessons years ago while living in Seattle and received my licence. Now am in my 70s and tick most of the this adventure isnt for you boxes so will not be able to apply. Am so looking forward to following all your new adventures. You are a great couple and it will be the trip of a lifetime for the right individuals.

  • Heather

    Another skill you may want to look for is someone who is bilingual or multilingual. Spanish and French possibly.

  • Rob Pink

    Do you have a USCG License?

  • Patrick Culp

    We are currently full time rivers, one year to date. We are retired and both physically fit, have worked on a variety of vessels both as crew and captain. We both hold US Coast Guard Captains licenses and spent 10 years as crew on a private yacht based in San Francisco.
    Have a couple questions before we get to the whole “application” thing. What other direct costs will crew have besides the $10/day/pp and or own travel and personal spending? Are there specific segments of time/location/passages or are you leaving that somewhat flexible?
    Thank you – Patrick and Pamala

  • Sheila Hagadone

    I would LOVE to join up!!! BUT……..
    I can’t swim.
    Terrified of water.
    Probably would get seasick (don’t know-haven’t been on water long enough to find out).
    Allergic to cats.
    I have two dogs …. love to eat cats for brunch.
    My health isnt so good … I’m 65, have high blood pressure & resently diagnosed with Melanoma (it’s going to me removed May 15 from my face).
    Otherthan that, I’m willing to go!!! Lol.
    Been watching you for a L O N G time…..since you had adventures on land (you were my first vlog I ever watched!) to going by sea!
    Congratulations to whomever you choose! It will be a FUN ride!!! And as always … I’ll be watching!!!

  • LMcneil

    We have always followed from RV to Boat! Good Luck with that…makes me tired just thinking about it! Will make for interesting footage!

  • John Schretlen

    What a great idea. Hope you get lots of applications, especially from other countries, and choose some wonderful crewmates.

  • Natasha Dill

    Me and my Fiancé would love to join your adventure as your crew, but we have our year packed with other adventures like getting married and taking a cruise for our honeymoon ( though if I knew before we booked our cruise , I would of considered applying for this to be our honeymoon.!!) I lived on a 26ft Sailboat for almost a year a few years back, something that I would love to experience again, I traveled from NYC all the way down the intercostal waterway to Stuart Florida, and then lived on the boat for a few months. Sadly I had to part ways. But it was an amazing experience and I loved every moment of it! We have two cats too, would you be okay with other animals coming aboard? Or would you be afraid of a 4-way cat fight? My kitty Wompus lived on the boat with me(so she’s experienced), and Rocko, hes just a kitten so he’d love it ! So maybe there will come a time again where we will be able to apply? Are you paying your crew or are you just opening it up for the experience? Just curious 🙂 Anyways, love watching your adventures! Its seems like your living a dream come true!

  • This is super duper awesome and amazing of you guys! I can’t wait to see the shenanigans and adventures you guys get up to with your crew. I’d totally be down, but we have a toddler, and while I think she’s awesome and adventurous (we’re transitioning from full time rving -> sticks and bricks), I wouldn’t subject someone who has never met her to spending more than a day with her. I’m excited for the adventure videos!

  • Mike Wanzer

    You have seen the the movie Dead Calm!! Not saying just saying

  • Tania

    I have been following you guys since the boat transition to your adventures. Love your videos! I am working on getting my sailing classes done and would love to join the crew! Working on my submission!

  • Ceyda Eratalar

    Damn, wish I wasn’t allergic to cats 🙁

  • Charles Huston

    I would love to join your crew. However I can’t leave my wife and 2 kids, thankfully we will be sailing our own vessel soon enough. I would be a phenomenal addition to any vessel. I have previously lived aboard a sailboat, I do fiberglass, remodeling and carpentry, grew up working on engines and transmissions with my dad, my passion is welding and I am aws certified for all positions with all metal. I also have a bachelors degree in business management and accounting.

  • For me you are heading towards me and then west I’m trying to sail to the Mediterranean from Basically Los Angeles. I’ve finished Sailing and seamanship class with the coast Guard and am waiting to finish paying off my debts should be done by October.

  • I just love you guys and i wish that it was possible for me to be a part of the adventure.but i couldnt im a veteran on va disability and could never keep up.but i sure will be watching.if tou guys wver need anything you cant find where you are just give me a yell and i will try to get it for you.if i cant be there in person i would like to be there as support.


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