Knoxville, TN – Booze, Bites and Bands

Knoxville, TN – Booze, Bites and Bands

We had such a lovely trip planned to Knoxville, Tennessee.  There was going to be kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, bicycling through the miles of trails…we were going to take in the greener side of the scruffy city.  That was until we were thwarted by thunderstorms and threats of tornadoes just 24 hours before we arrived!

We begrudgingly canceled all of it.  Then, wouldn’t you know, the storms hit as promised everywhere but Knoxville (we did get some rain, and an overnight tornado warning which provided some excitement).

Knoxville Tennessee

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, we awoke to the full glory of the sun and absolutely no plans.  So, we set out on a new mission.  We wanted to find out what makes Knoxville tick…and here is what we found:

Yep, leave us alone in any city and were bound to search out the three B’s.  Booze, Bites and Bands, luckily we were in a really great city for all of them.  We never went thirsty, there was never a lack of entertainment and we definitely didn’t leave hungry!

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Should you find yourself in Knoxville with weather on the brink and advisories not to play outside… don’t panic, it’s a great place to ride out the storms.

Have you been to Knoxville, been thwarted by storms or had to ride them out somewhere worth talking about?  Share your stories, suggestions and thoughts in the comments below.

Disclaimer – A big thanks to the City of Knoxville for hosting us!