what jason and nikki are really like

What Life is Really Like with The Wynns – Unedited and Uncensored

Want to know what life is really like living on a sailboat with Jason and Nikki Wynn?  Well, if you don’t already know who Kate Brand is, you will by the end of this post.  She lived with us, endured our cameras being shoved in her face and tolerated our bad jokes for three solid months.  After a tear filled until next time, we asked her if there was anything she wanted to share.  The following photos and written words are her response.

I have received a lot of interesting questions from you, The Wynns followers, on what life is really like, sailing and living with Nikki and Jason: Are they the same on camera as in real life? Where does Nikki fit her extensive wardrobe aboard Curiosity? Are the cats really happy on the boat? etc.

Nikki and J have allowed me the opportunity to answer some of those questions here and give my honest opinion of full-time life behind the camera, unedited and uncensored.

In case you didn’t see the video where Nikki introduced me, or you’re not sure why the Wynns asked me aboard, here’s a quick summary of my sailing life to better understand how I fit into things, and what my impressions of the Wynns are based on.

I will start with the basics: my name is Kate

I’m 34yrs old and I am proudly South African (not “Texan” proud, just regular person proud). My introduction to sailing yachts was in the form of racing with my dad, as a kid, around the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. This meant that I spent a lot of time rolling around below deck, peeking through the portlights, while the adults had all the fun up top.

I worked two years on cruise ships in my early twenties, doing weekly routes from Florida and California to Mexico. Where my yachting life starting getting serious is when my husband Rufus and I bought a 38ft steel mono hull. We spent almost two years gutting and refitting her in South Africa.

It was 2010, we were 25 years old and this was long before Delos and La Vagabonde had made it cool to be a young cruiser, especially of the South African variety. We had no money, there was no-one our age to look up to, ask advice from, and definitely no YouTube videos of to get motivation and inspiration from.

We hand helmed across the Atlantic Ocean, from South Africa to Brazil in 2012. After some time in the Caribbean, we transited the Panama Canal and double handed the Pacific Crossing to French Polynesia (this time with an autopilot and a spinnaker, thank goodness!).

sailing south pacific

In between our cruising we worked in the yachting industry.  Beginning with charter companies and then running private yachts. We have been privileged enough to sail and run both mono and multi-hulls ranging from 38ft to 110ft. I stopped keeping record of distance sailed around 30,000 nautical miles (Rufus is well beyond that) and the 20th country we sailed to.

I will be honest with you, neither Rufus nor myself were really into the cruising YouTube craze that is such a huge phenomenon now. It has a lot to do with the often limited internet in the remote places we find ourselves in.  Also, most of the videos we watched were either dog related (we seriously miss our Border Collies), music videos or South African comedy to keep the spirits up after a long day’s/weeks’ work on the boat.

When we first saw Curiosity down the dock from us in Red Frog Marina we had no clue who or what “Gone With The Wynns” was. One evening, almost a year ago now, Nikki and Jason knocked on our hull – we were running a private 58ft Leopard catamaran at the time.  They asked if we could loan a coffee bean grinder, because theirs had just busted. Little did I know, these two coffee obsessed YouTubers would soon become my sailing family.

We kept running into the Wynns in Panamá, meeting up at different anchorages and marinas and quickly developed a friendship along the way. When Rufus and I decided to move on from our work boat, Nikki and Jason offered me a crew spot for their passage from Panama to Ecuador. Rufus had agreed to stay behind in Panama for an additional few months to train the new crew that would be taking over our jobs aboard the 58 foot catamaran.  This allowed me my first opportunity to sail, and travel, without Rufus for the first time in 10 years!

Now, anyone who has ever had to live and work with other people on a boat will know that inviting a stranger into your space is not something you do lightly. I am more than accustomed to living and working with people from all nationalities and backgrounds. I spent my high school years in boarding school. I lived with co-workers and shared tiny cabins on the cruise ships. Then I lived in even smaller spaces with guests, owners and other crew on charter boats and private yachts.

The captain-crew dynamic can make or break a team.  It can also put immense pressure on friendships and relationships. That said, my previous experience (and my gut instinct) told me that these Wynns were good people and worth taking a risk on.

My gut turned out to be right.

I honestly, no exaggeration, could not have asked for a better experience with two more incredible human beings. What started as a convenient way to travel, and pass the time while I waited for Rufus, turned into an incredible experience that blessed me with the kind of friends that become chosen family.

Wynns Ecuador

When I joined Nikki and J on Curiosity, they told me straight out that I was welcome to live in their space as if it were my own.  I could use and eat everything (except Nikki’s sweet potato chips or her private chocolate stash – that was non-negotiable!). Many people will say “what’s mine is yours and make yourself at home” but few truly mean it and live it.

These two mean it, in every sense. I have been conditioned to be hyper-aware of people’s personal space and to intensely read and react to body language. Working in the charter and private yachting industry you need to be able to accurately read people, and situations, well before they tell you what they want or need. Nikki and Jason always say, and do, what they mean. No messing around, no beating about the bush. What you see is what you get, but always in a kind and respectful manner. It’s a rare and valuable quality, in my experience.

I have received many questions from the Wynn-Followers asking if what you see on camera is how they really are in day to day life. My immediate response, is “yes!” but after some thought I have to say the truthful answer is actually no. The reason I say this is because you cannot capture on camera how funny and natural and spontaneous and hardworking and loving and generous these two are.

You want to know why Jason is so pasty white for a dude who lives in a tropical paradise?

It’s because he works his backside off filming and editing videos 80% of the time, 18% is spent on boat maintenance and the admin of running a business and 2% is spent chilling out and having a grand time. No jokes.

If Nikki isn’t filming, editing photos, researching and writing blog posts or custom content for their Patreons, she’s creating amazingly delicious food from limited resources, or she’s cleaning the boat inside and out.  All this is piled on top of her share of bad-ass boat maintenance and captain duties.

Trust me, it is very easy to get distracted when you are anchored in picturesque locations and the weather is amazing – who wants to sit inside staring at a computer screen or an engine room or up a mast from 5am till 10pm, working and maintaining a boat and all the other admin required for travelling and sailing about the world, for 5-7 days straight??? NO ONE. But they do, because that’s who they are and doing quality work is the most important to them. These are two of the most self-disciplined hard working human beings I have encountered, they could teach professional yachting crews a thing or two…

I quickly realized that humour is one of the primary requirements for Curiosity crew members. If you can’t laugh through the bad and sad times in general life, you will come up seriously short in boat life. No matter how big or small, new or old, fancy or basic a boat is there is always something that will go wrong, and usually at a time when you need it to work the most. Nikki and Jason know how to laugh at themselves and at the crappy situations that inevitably arise in cruising life.

We laughed every single day. No exception.

Jason comes across as more serious than Nikki but he throws some real gems out when you least expect it, especially when you think he’s not listening. He is an epic car dancer and a walking music encyclopedia – he can sing almost any song you could think of but the only actress he knows outside of a Wes Anderson film is Julia Roberts.  Which to him means every actress is Julia Roberts (especially Sandra Bullock). Nikki is incredibly sharp and loves the ridiculous as much as I do, so we often laughed till we cried and our cheeks hurt! I could write an another post just on the humour and jokes we shared over those months. It was epic.

Jason is the true embodiment of a Southern gentleman, not just pretending to be one when it suits him. He has a work ethic, self-discipline and focus second to none and he gets things done regardless of how tired he is or how hard his day has been.

Nikki is seemingly endlessly up-beat. It’s like she refuses to ever be down (unless she can’t have her chocolate on night watch). She is just constantly in a positive pro-active state. And I don’t mean in the annoying kind of way, because that would have sent me overboard. I mean in the strong minded, not allowing negative rubbish to dampen her spirits or overshadow the good things in life. She is game for anything and always goes the extra mile. She is so kind and generous with her time. She will go out of her way to make life the best it can be for the people around her. And did I mention that her food is AH-MA-ZING.

On camera you see them mostly well put together.

They have respect for themselves and for their viewers and it’s important to create videos that are visually appealing, not just adventurous and engaging. Part of that is making an effort with how they present themselves and Curiosity. Fun fact: Nikki was a stylist in her previous life and most of what you think you see as new items in her seemly extensive closet is most likely vintage pieces, recycled cleverly and creatively from years before. I have personally snooped in her closet and trust me this woman is a fashion genius. Also, she doesn’t like to spend money on clothes so what you see is mostly recycled, next level creativity!

This doesn’t mean they are obsessed with their looks, this means they make an effort for you. When it’s just us onboard they make no pretenses and it’s a true cruising boat situation (minus the musty cruiser/boat smell). Because they essentially work from the minute they wake up. A lot of time is spent in whatever the fell asleep in and the only thing they brush is their teeth – after coffee of course!

They make an effort with their boat, always. They have brought so much knowledge and brilliant experience from their RV life onto Curiosity. They have established a great routine with keeping things neat and organised and clean. It’s so easy to get lazy, but on a boat it is essential to keep things structured. I believe a clean boat is a safe boat, for both the obvious practical reasons and for everyone’s sanity! So often I have encountered cruisers boats that have that “cruiser” smell, musty and moldy and usually related to a dodgy heads (toilet) plumbing situation. Not on Curiosity.  Even with having the cat litter box inside, the sea water head in the owner’s hull and two composting heads in the guest hull, their boat always smells good and is ready to entertain. They are proud of their floating home and it shows!

An unexpected highlight was the kitty crew.

Singa and Cleo are so special. Their RV training means that they have no problem with “small” spaces and, on the contrary, the boat is even more of a pleasant play pen for them – there are a lot more fun places to climb and jump off and far more exciting corners and surfaces to sleep on than a regular land home or RV. Cleo does her morning lap around the deck but other than that is most comfortable relaxing in her regular spots inside. Singa sleeps away most of the day so he can harass Nikki and Jason all night long with his toy ball. The rest of the time he demands copious amounts of belly rubs and enjoys chasing birds along the boom and off the bow. Underway they are so chilled out. Nikki and J have so thoughtfully curated their environment to accommodate their feline needs and habits. There is little, if anything for them to complain about and they sleep most of the time away or happily endure full body fussing while we are on watch. If there is such a thing as re-incarnation I would come back as a cat aboard Curiosity.

Egos and Attitudes.

At the time I crewed for them they were just shy of two years’ worth of experience and had not yet completed their first ocean crossing. It’s always a bit nerve wrecking for me, joining a new boat and doing the first sail with the captain and crew. All too often egos and the nasty sides of personalities can pop out when the sails go up.

I am a bit old school with regards to boating etiquette and the traditional maritime hierarchy aboard any vessel. No matter if I have more experience or qualifications, if the vessel is not mine and I am not a senior crew member/captain I will not interfere in the running of the vessel, unless there is a serious safety issue. Nikki and Jason do not have egos when it comes to sailing their boat. They are an experienced team in every other aspect of their life together and that translates well into the sailing and running of Curiosity.

In the same vein they are eager for input and feedback from other, more experienced mariners and are always looking to continue learning and improve wherever possible. This, I believe, is one of the secrets to their success and why it is a joy to go sailing with them. They are safety conscious and practical. They are conservative sailors in the best sense, never unrealistically pushing their boat but always trying to get the most out of her. They are passionate about getting those sails up and harnessing the elements to their full potential. So many cruisers, I have realized, become lazy and/or impatient. They would rather engage the engine(s) rather than have to tack every hour.

They are also great teachers, patient and generous with their knowledge.  Like when they taught John the basics for the short time he was onboard. And they definitely proved they have what it takes by crossing the Pacific Ocean without crew to French Polynesia, a passage not many cruisers can claim!

Overall, the best part of my time onboard was just spending time with them. Witnessing how hard they have, and still do, work to create the kind of life they want to live. How they make time to enjoy the little things, like good coffee or making a special cocktail at the end of a long day no matter how tired they are. How they can laugh through almost anything.  How they have incredible respect for one another as husband and wife, as friends, colleagues and business partners. How open and generous they are with everything they have.  How they choose to be humble and open to learn whenever and wherever they can, no matter how much experience they gain.

Not everything was sunshine and roses.

The worst part for me was making coffee. Guys, I’m not going to lie, coffee-making is not a joke onboard Curiosity… When Jason is standing over your shoulder timing you on the pouring and the mixing and the brewing and then the tension while waiting for their verdict on your finished cup.  That’s almost more stressful than being the chef on a French-owned super yacht…and I should know, because I was a chef on a French-owned super yacht! Other than that it is honestly hard to think up a down side to life with the them.

In my opinion, Nikki and Jason are two of the best people walking the earth today. I honestly feel sorry for the rest of the world’s population that will never get to know them like I have. The green twang of jealousy you are experiencing right now is completely legitimate.

These two are real and honest and funny and generous and kind and loving. Dedicated and hard-working and genuinely good people – they are Texan in all the best ways possible and they are excellent ambassadors for their country as they sail the world’s oceans. I am so grateful for the experience with them and even more grateful for their precious friendship, which I know will be a life-long gift.

Life with The Wynns is… The Best

The first thing I asked Jason after reading this was, “did we pay her to write this, because it sounds like we did”?  His answer was no.  Second question was, “she mentioned how much we work, do you think we work too much”?  His answer was probably.

It’s strange to read such things written about ourselves.  Feels even more odd to share it, like we’re bragging.  But, she wrote this for you, not us.

Thanks for sharing Kate!  I hope you enjoyed her perspective.  If so, please leave a comment for her below.  Also, feel free to probe for more dirt.  We won’t be offended.

You can keep up with Kate on Instagram and catch up on her full story on her blog:

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Ed

    Kate, we have come to love you as much as the Wynn’s! I am an extra measure of upbeat when you hook up with them! You all seem like instant family!!! When I get bored or even a little down, I head to you tube to watch a Wynn adventure to take me to another world! its always a pleasant surprise when your involved! Keep popping in!!!

  • Tracie Sturm

    Hi Nikki. I love your assorted sunglasses and would love to buy some. I’ve looked on your gear store and searched your site for links though found none. Will you share?

    • Curious Minion

      Hey Tracie. Nikki gets asked this a lot, but I’m afraid you won’t like the answer. She usually just grabs the ones she likes off the rack at discount stores like TJ Maxx, H&H and the like. She doesn’t shop for brand or anything. Sorry that’s not more help.
      Curious Minion

  • Ruth Smith

    Thanks Kate for sharing your experiences with the Wynns. I agree with you. I watched ya’ll huff & puff to the top in Ecuador! My son has been watching the videos, & shared with me, his mom. I’m totally hooked now!! I love the cats (real ones espec Singa). I appreciate the care, concern & information about products that do not harm our environment. Please tell N & J. It’s wonderful & don’t stop!!!

    PS shirts or totes with the kitties would be fan 😊💓 they are part of the regular crew too!

  • Linda Kindig

    Thank you Kate – what a fantastic article. You confirm what all the die-hard fans have secretly believed! Watching Nikki and Jason’s interactions and what they do is just pure inspiration. Xxx

  • Jason

    It’s always nice when your gut instinct is reinforced by someone else. All the personality nuances that Kate explained were part of my mental image of this couple. I think this is why we all have fallen in love with them. They are just pure people, nothing pretentious. As much enjoyment as I get out of following them, I truly love that I can watch them with my 5 yr old daughter and see her get just as much enjoyment. Even though following them keeps me up too late, I have a hard time qualifying all this time spent watching them as wasted late nights. I think we all deserve to find our own happiness. For me, one example is just following along.

  • rpsabq

    Why do I have this feeling that we’re still missing the best, juiciest details about these three hotties sailing the ocean? Are we really supposed to believe that Jason just sat ideally by while these two chicks hotted about the boat half naked for three months? lol.

  • Bob Colvin

    I started following the Wynns just as they transitioned from RV to the search for the sailboat. My first reaction was, “Is this guy real?” It did not take long to realize he/they are real and my impressions for some time now have been just as you describe them. That’s why I keep coming back week after week. Good people, doing the adventures in life I can’t and always, always, upbeat and positive. Thanks for your insight and thank you Jason and Nikki.

  • Mary Cyr

    After reading the first 50 or so, I had to quit because everyone said what I was thinking. I came upon the videos in the night recovering from a medical thing when I needed a good something not movies or politics etc. I thought I must tell them how I love them and the gift of who they are. I have hope when I meet people like them, and through them you, Kate, the young couple on RAN Sailing also and others whose names I cannot remember. You make what could have been long nights a gift. I give thanks. So wonderful to learn things and be able to see new places and people! I’m not versed in these new technical things and I must have typed a wrong key because it said I was incognito. I am not sure what that means. My grandson signed me up on Roku and that is how I found the videos of RAN Sailing and from there the young Nikki and Jason (I LOVE Singh and Cleo also) I just want to thank you..

  • DR

    Hi, I have been binge watching starting in the last few of your RV’ing videos and was really interested / hooked in the 2.0+ videos on the start-up of your sailing adventures. At a young age I had built a few sailboats, some personal and some with / for friends, ending with a wooden 54′ Roberts done using the West Epoxy system . I was building the Roberts when I was 16 to 24 yrs old and it would be the boat that I would sail the world. Almost more than seeing the world, I would be able to paddle into the waves for surfing or dive off the boat for scuba and not paddle or swim out from the beach (amazing!). Long story short it never happened. Luckily the boat was finished and is on the water sailing, but I have never been on it. So now being on the backside of a work career, I was looking to get a Class-B RV and tour, but you all have me dreaming of sailing again. Watching your RVing videos and then your transition to sailing, and doing it in a well planned manner, has been great for me. I am now thinking of doing the inverse with sailing first and then staging down to an RV. Thank you for sharing your experiences, you are changing lives — which is cool. A couple more things; catamarans (I would just write “cats”, but you all have cats) are the bomb. Also, I am from CA but my dad was from TX, so you all (not you guys) are great!

  • Lisa J Anderson

    Kate, thank you for all the information. I love the videos, and the adventures. But thank you for that “behind-the-scenes” look at the Wynns. I used to watch their RV videos, but their sailing adventures remind me of my sailing days on a 45′ catamaran in the BVIs. When I watch their videos I think, “why can’t I do that?”. The inspiration is contagious. I am so curious about their passage from South America to the French Poly islands. I can’t wait until Jason puts up some more videos about that particular topic. And, I love the cats! Thanks so much for an insider’s view.

  • Leslie Sharpe

    “Not ‘Texan’ proud, just regular person proud.” Bwahaha! We lived in Austin for 3 years and this is spot on!

  • Terry G. Harris

    As a youth, I wanted to build a Ferraro-cement ketch and sail the ocean blue. Well, life got in the way and I settled for a wonderful wife and four children. Now, fifty years later, I found Jason and Nikki Wynn’s most fabulous adventures in sailing! I’m a fair judge of character and personality, and the Wynn’s are terrific. Although, well experienced in life I worry for their safety…be safe, your videos have made this senior very happy!

  • Sarah

    What a great post, to hear about the adventures from Kate’s perspective. I think the two of you are wonderful, but having not met you, it’s nice to hear that someone who has met you thinks that and more.

  • Jonathan Pryor

    It’s pretty easy to see this is true just by watching a few of their videos! Plus, this is very well written…impressive job Katie! Happy cruising y’all…I wish I could go!

    Cheers, JP

  • cathy scott

    This testimony to the character traits of the Wynns is a positive encouragement to the people those of us that appreciate the honesty, integrity, work ethics of people that are willing to live off the grid and enjoy living. Living without a neighbor for days on end, just your mate is not easy but doable if one is willing to not focus on ME but on the WE. Your picture of this couple just reinforces what we see on the videos–Real life people that are not out to shmoooz the world. Thank you!!!! may you and your hubby have safe and fun filled adventures as you explore this world!!1

  • Kathy Richardson

    Excellent write up! The hub and I started watching the sailing Curiosity videos in May and just recently hit the ‘one year reflection mark’. I watched the ‘until next time’ video out of order because the title scared me a bit that they were taking a (much deserved) break. That said – loved the interaction between you three and can’t wait to get caught up in video watching. Nikki, Jason (and Kate for your honest perspective here) are a delight to watch/read. As new sailors ourselves (ASA lvl 1 certification this weekend) it is an education watching these two adventurers (and reading the salty comments from seasoned old sea dogs). Keep up the great, uplifting videos. I didn’t doubt for a second that what you see was real re; the Wynns. Anyone who takes a cat for a walk on a leash has to be awesome right? (I do need to go back to the beginning of the Gone With the Wynn’s Adventures though and see how you sold through a 4,000 ft condo of stuff or whatever the size was in Big D)!

  • Jimbo

    My apologies if you’ve answered this somewhere else:
    I believe you when you say the Wynns are mostly the same on the camera as off, but they’ve lived with the cameras on them for quite a while. Do you feel the act of recording your daily life changed you in any way? And if so, was that change positive and will you allow it to be permanent?

    • OppugnAll

      Neat question.. I would imagine so think people when know are being filmed tend to be the best version of themselves. Seen this opinion backed by evidence when they do studies on police bodycams. Both police and public just tend to be “better”

  • Venice Scherer

    Kate that was an amazing synopsis of your time on Curiosity. It was great getting to know you through the videos and I look forward to following you too! <3 Your expression of The Wynns confirmed my opinion of Jason and Nikki. You are all very blessed and I am blessed to witness it through media. Thanks for being real and raw. Good luck to you all!


  • Veronique


  • Michael

    Thank you, Kate. Very much appreciated.

  • Robert Dawson

    Not really surprised, have followed Tru there rv day’s. They truly are a special couple,very personable. So refreshing this day and age.Blessings for more wonderful travels.Thanks Kate for sharing, looks like you are special too.God bless.

  • Loni Alexander

    What an amazing time you had, Kate. I am 100% envious. Not of your adventures as they are your own, but of having a friendship with these two people. I began watching the sailing videos around 2 months ago, every once in a while jumping back to an RV video. I wanted to draw comparisons of Nikki and Jason , from then to now. You can tell they are genuinely good people with a love for their life. This observation, from my perspective, has never changed. Frankly, not something you can fake either. I do want to comment on how much these two have grown, especially Jason. Watching Jason’s How-Not-To videos and comparing them to him down in the boat doing the maintenance now is so heartwarming and inspiring. You see his confidence, you cheer on the determination an you can feel the strength this life has given him. Kudos to all of you, and a big thank you, for giving me the courage to set off full time within the next year with my wife. I will continue watching and growing from your strength.

  • Connie Woods

    Awe! that was so nice Kate! I’m positive they surely miss you. I have never met them but have followed them for a long time. Nothing you said surprised me. They are one of a kind for sure. I knew this from the very beginning of following them. I love them? it was really good to read what I have always thought about them and to hear how your friendship grew. I could see it in your faces, how much respect you have for each other. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Kate!

  • Awesome read! Inspiring to learn about how good people do life. Staying in gratitude and working hard…good stuff. Will see you on the ocean someday!

  • Kevin

    Nice article. I suspected the Wynns portray themselves on the videos as they are in real life. I always tell my girlfriend I am watching the happiest couple on earth. Not is a sarcastic way, but in an earnest way. The joy they demonstrate in their videos is truly enjoyable to watch. Keep up the excellent wotk and joy of sailing the world!

  • Jim Hummel

    I was blessed to have met you guys here in Ft. Lauderdale last year, which admittedly was a highlight of my life, and I have to say that I think that Kate has hit you, er the nail on the head. Granted, I only had the opportunity to interact with you, Nikki, for about 10-15 minutes and Jason even less time, but you both ooze top-notch, will never meet any better kind of people. The kind of people that you loan your Rolls Royce to and know it will come back without a scratch and a full tank of gas. The kind of people who glow with positive energy and freely share it.
    I hope someday to have the great fortune to meet with you in person again. As always, Fair #Wynnds and Following Seas and be safe always!

    • Jim Hummel

      P.S. And I was rude to not say that Kate embodies that kind of special aura as well. I can only imagine what she must be like in person…maybe Nikki’s doppelganger!

  • Thank you. That was an excellent post. We’ve known Nikki and Jason a while. I hope to meet you and Rufus one day.

  • I admit I haven’t read all the comments so apologies for repetitions. I have followed these two vagabonds for 3-4 years since I started RV’ing and always enjoy the humor and professional quality of their posts. Your story is insightful but not surprising. I am relieved to learn that these two adventurers are as nice as they seem on video. Good luck on your adventures. It was fun watching.

  • Joy

    Awww that is awesome…. but…. hehe you get a feeling for people and I felt from the start they were pretty darn awesome. But it was lovely to hear Kate’s perspective

  • Lisa A Brown

    I suspected every word written. You guys are the embodiment of what true grit, honesty, epic hard work, and happiness are all about. I adore your channel and look forward to every adventure you bring to the forefront. Bravo!

  • Tom

    I thank Kate for her honest assessment of GoneWithTheWynn!! It gave me a better understanding of Nikki and Jason!!
    I’ve enjoyed watching the vlogs & will continue to watch!! I look forward to seeing what’s in the future!!
    Thanks Kate & wish you the best in your next venture you and your hubby have Planned!!

  • Hugh & Lynn R-J

    Hey Kate, You nailed it with your “review” of the Wynns….we were lucky enough to have them come driveway surf “for a couple days” that turned into a couple weeks, and that was too short even. We got to know them as true friends, our twin sons were so impressed also, and we all had a blast together. We just knew that they would be successful in whatever they tried, with sailing/cruising being the goal back then, and my my, how well they have done! We thoroughly enjoy living life vicariously through their videos, and kudos to you too for becoming such a great crew member! Fair winds and smooth sailing for you all.

  • Clark Stringer

    This just confirmed my suspicion that you guys ROCK!!! Look forward to meeting you someday and thanks for all of the hours of work you put in for our viewing pleasure. Try to get that work to leisure percentage more towards the leisure end of the scale guys.

  • You are all awesome , you sure know how to make the eye’s get full of tears ?

  • Kevin

    N and J – role models for the young and old. Love them both!

  • Bree

    I snorted when I got to: “I am proudly South African (not “Texan” proud, just regular person proud).” Hilarious (& true)

    This was awesome and so well written, Kate!! Definitely answered some of my questions. Singa has so much personality, we can always use a little more Singa footage!

    • Meredith

      Growing up with Texan parents (and Aggies to boot), I well understand the howdy mentality and love it!! I loved that that aspect shone through too!!

      Also I second additional Singa footage is needed, but I also feel like we don’t see enough Cleo, with Singa always front and center. ?

  • My wife and I are retired entrepreneurs and business managers, and I have an in-depth technical background. We’re also avid RVers. From the get-go, we always knew how hard Jason and Nikki HAD TO be working behind the scenes. We have been steadfastly amazed at their diligence and cheerfulness. Kate’s write-up confirms what we intuitively knew — that this couple is a cut apart. Role models for their generation, there for the viewing.

  • Gwen

    This is a lovely tribute to you two! I certainly appreciate all the hard work you put into your videos and blogs that makes them so enjoyable to view/read. Thanks to Kate for the insider view and thanks to you two for being who you are – wonderful human beings. The universe needs people like you!

  • I loved watching your adventures with Kate. Even though you are in charge of the content we see, it does come across how genuine you are. No one can fake humor and kindness like that!

  • Joe the Computerguy

    Made be flippin’ cry all over again. For sure Kate has it right when she says “…that these Wynns were good people…”
    Oh, yeah, Kate has to bring up that HUSBAND thingie too – also makes me cry 🙂

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    From following them in the RV life, I now know for real that they are real! Thank you Kate for your story and I hope to read another real soon?

  • Paul Gagne

    Wow, very well written Kate. Everything you said comes across in there videos. They are the real deal and we love them and have learned so much, not only about live-aboard sailing, which we are planning to do soon, but what character qualities it takes to suceed in life. Kate your great personality and spirt is right in line with the Wynn’s, so it’s no wonder why you all worked so well together. Thanks you.

  • Cheryl

    Agree with all the above and thank you Kate for an eloquent peak into living with these two. They lead inspiring lives and behind the scenes are two extremely hard working, genuine people! I’ve been enjoying the content ever since a man I met shared your RV videos….I kept dating him while I tried to wrap my head around how to boondock and we we got married this year. Wanderlust, and we will follow!

  • Jeffrey Stone

    Wonderful. Just wonderful. I am such a better person to have shared these experiences with Kate and the Wynn’s. The world is a better place because of you 3!!! I miss you Kate and it felt really nice to hear your “voice” again in my head. .

  • Wayne Skinner

    Postings comments is rare for me. I have followed the Wynns from their humble RV beginnings and watched them grow where they always kept that golden ring in sight. I must say that Kate’s review on the Wynns and her experience with then most certainly brightened my day. What an honest and glowing story about two people the world could take lessons from about living life and being good friends to everyone they meet. Good stewards of the environment with hearts of gold. Well done Kate!

  • John

    Wow! Envious! Great to hear about the people I only know from reading your site since you started RVing.

  • Laura Gallagher

    We are planning to leave with our family for about 1 1/2 years and home school our 12 year old daughter. We would love to bring our cat but are worried about all of the customs requirements for different countries. Many countries require updated paperwork within 2 or 3 weeks of entering. How do they get around this or perhaps the countries they have visited are less strict… if the cat never leaves the boat perhaps it is legal??

  • greg scholz

    From what i just read i think Australian sailing community would embrace having the Wynns down under and they would be welcome at any yacht club or marina

  • Charlotte

    Wonderful story! But I feel sort of sad that Jason and Nikki work so hard!! I truly do hope that they are getting enough fun/down time.

  • Christine

    So beautifully written, Kate. It made me cry. You seem like such a lovely person also. I’ll miss your smile and laugh in the videos. You’re all so young to have done so much. Really inspirational and uplifting to all of us.

  • Alan Solomon

    Thank you Kate for the great description. When I watch their videos I can already tell. Their laughter is genuine. Their smiles are authentic and obviously the action is real. So, all of that on top of the fact that Nikki and Jason are animal lovers convinced me when I started watching their videos in the RV.
    I found the Wynn’s on YouTube 2 or 2.5 years ago. I was looking for documentaries on Wild Bahama’s and “Gone With The Wynn’s RVing Experience came up. After that I saw they had 2 cats on board, I was hooked and I have watched everything since.
    I liked your article you wrote but, I could just tell in the beginning. Thank you.
    Through all those videos I laugh and cry along with you and like everyone else, I love you guys, including Cleo and Singa.
    Keep on cranking out the videos. I confess; I think about Sundays during the week. I miss “Gone With The Wynn’s” music. You used to play a song called “Waves” I liked but, I cannot remember the artists name.

    Thank you again, Alan

  • Amy Bissonett

    Such a heartfelt account, Kate! You all inspire me to get out of my comfort zone, from learning and trying new things to being open to new relationships. Thank you for your transparency and for your continued inspiration. I hope our paths cross some day! God bless you all! ❤️Cheers

  • John

    Kate – there is a belief that you can only see the qualities in others that you also possess. I see truth in that belief. Therefore, you too must have the fine qualities you witnessed in Jason and Nikki, albeit with a different and most delightful accent. I likely represent many GwtW followers when I suggest that you will be missed in future episodes.

    J&N – thank you for the hard work and for sharing your adventure with us. My partner and I followed the adventure into corporate path vs your wanderlusting voyager path. Maybe it’s our age bracket or maybe it’s the “chase security path”, I really don’t know for sure. But our adventure is fun and exciting in a different way than yours. But yours makes for a good YouTube movie ?.

    The two of you are delightful, truly a joy to follow. Your unabashed approach of telling your truth, your story is the essence of honesty and vulnerability. It’s a lovely characteristic. I hope your videos will teach others that they can bring the same into their life.

    We will sail our wonderful monohull cutter in the great Pacific Northwest waters until such that we can depart for longer crossings. Hopefully we will see Curiosity at anchor someday. We can share some chocolate.

    Fair winds.

  • Mike Scharf

    All three of you are the real deal and much appreciated … oh, um, I’ll bet Rufus is the real deal too and can’t wait to see all four of you reunite sometime in the future .. soon I hope

  • Kat

    As a new boat owner and a huge coffee lover, I would love a lesson on the way you make your coffee. ?

    I love watching your videos. I feel I’m learning so much, and I find myself eager to learn more.

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey!

  • Perry McDonald

    I feel a GREAT book (with pictures) coming.

  • Nancy Fernandez

    That was a great read Kate. I just knew Nikki and Jason were the real deal and Kate you’re just as genuine. It was fun watching you three interact. Well life does move forward but friendship lasts forever. We miss you Kate, take care of yourself.

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    Hiya found your vids on you tube look’s like you two are having fun more so when you are sailing but say it look’s like hard work but the rewards you can get must be great.
    cleaning the hull of your boat would high pressure water cleaner work any better than scraping or not,going on about lost of fish got to use a longer steel trace to catch some more fish because some of them fish have teeth.
    good hunting.Be looking forward for more vids.

  • Jan

    I think I’ve followed your adventures for 6 years. I’m not surprised that you two are amazing. Kate, you are very brave to make coffee, I’d not dream of doing such a thing for Nicki and Jason – ha! I enjoyed watching your adventures together! I always look forward to your posts. Kate, you rock, too! I’ll miss that beautiful smile – best to all of you. <3

  • Suzy B

    This describes why we have followed them for years. We are inspired by the way they care for their things and this planet and their cats. They are what people should aspire to be. Hard work is not a bad thing if you can sip a cup of coffee in front of a beautiful view. Makes it all worth it. We have learned so much from them and as a result of their excellence, our lives have improved. No joke. I am so happy I was watching House Hunters International RV addition that day. They are why we watch mostly YouTube now. Quality entertainment! I am jealous of Kate and anyone else that gets to sail with them.

  • James Dillon

    Hey Folks! Just thrilled to hear Kate’s opinion on Y’all!! It on reinforces why I have bing watched your motor-home travels and realized I am a good judge of character! You are “GENUINE”!! to a fault and this Canadian fan thinks you are AMAZING!! Except for Jason’s poor judgement in fashion, your the real deal! Be happy, safe and well. Safe travels. The big fella from Canada! CHEERS Jamie

  • Beautiful. You guys really clicked with Kate. It was very obvious in the videos that your personalities clicked, which made for fun watching. Thank you for sharing!

  • Beautiful, just beautiful. We are all glad of the confirmation of our view of the Wynns, but I also think they have found someone just as special in you as a true friend Kate. True friendship starts with respect and love, and the three of you showed all those and more in the journies you all had around South America together. It was a true joy to watch just how much fun you all had just being yourselves and sharing with those you truely respected and loved. All the best to the Wynns and to you Kate in your future adventures.

  • Phyllis Price

    Different subject but I just have to tell you the RV shows are back and your purchase is in their ads on tv! That’s where I first saw you and have been following you ever since then.

  • Misha

    I think that I spotted you two were good guys way before Kates write up, to watch without cringing because you dont swear every other word is nice , Both my wife & I dont swear in normal life but it seems to be rare nowadays. The work ethics is nice to see & the full 50/50 partnership is even better, 20 years married its what we do & seems to work, my only critque is being a vegan & this is imposed on your guests , it made me smile DJ Dives were drooling for meat at each port, maybe in the future ease up on the meat ban on guests its still keeping with your own personal beliefs . Liked Kate very much she fitted in as crew in an easy manner & most important you trusted her 100% with your home on night watch s so good sleep for everybody was a big gain all around.. Still like Jasons tech side but on the other hand love how you can both take over each others jobs So fair winds & good luck for the future. Misha.

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  • Jobeth

    Thanks Kate, for your perspective, just as I thought……the wynn’s are great people. Kate, just so you know, you will be missed on the weekly videos. I wish the best for you and your family. I sure hope your paths cross again!

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    When I grow up, I want to be like Nikki and Jason… I’d better get on that. I’m scheduled to retire in 8 years. Love you guys! Kate: i hope to see you and Rufus in a future episode. It was obvious that you guys got along like family… family who get along really well 😀

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  • Very nice write up on two amazing people !! I started following their blog long ago in the RV days. Their life is so incredible and it seems that they are too !

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  • Perfection! And, yes, I’m totally jealous of your time on Curiosity. I’m living full-time in my travel trailer and have referred to Nikki and Jason’s blog for information and inspiration for years now. Life is too short not to live the life you dream of and I hope to one day sail with Nikki and Jason.

  • Kate…
    I seldom read a article word for word, j just sorta skim over them. I read urs word for word and enjoyed it!! Thank u. I know u will be missed.

  • Pam McClure

    I just knew they were good people. Thank you to Kate. Hope to see you around again!

  • Great read, Kate! I, too, have followed the Wynns through their RV adventures and now their sailing. They really do seem to work extra hard so I knew it wasn’t all sunshine and roses but they seem very good at thoroughly enjoying the fun times as well as the hard work that goes behind it all. I love how they meticulously research everything they do and every place they go; I like to do that, too, on our mini-trips. I look forward to every Sunday’s video. It’s nice that you all have found such good friends in each other.

  • Michael Magill

    Wow Kate!! I have been receiving their adventures for the last two years plus and have enjoyed every video they share , and I loved Kates honest assessment of Jason and Nikki as Sailors and if what we saw each week was a true picture of who they were . Well surprise surprise , they are exactly who and what they say they are and more. If I could I would love to sail with them and I know I would have the time of my life and learn more in my time with them, that would make me a better person and human being. Some of them will rub off on you and by the time your time is up, they may not be just be sharing an experience with you , they will be your new friends that you will love to watch on you tube each watching what they are up to next. On my bucket list is to meet them one day, I hope it comes true!!!

  • Mark Boehmig

    I started following the Wynns years ago when they were upgrading one of the RV’s. I could tell from the beginning they were/are great people. It’s so nice to have an “independent” source confirm my suspicions. It’s funny how you can get attached to people you don’t even know. When they made one of their first long boat journeys I was actually worried for them. Thanks for a great article KATE.

  • Michael Purkey

    Wonderfully beautiful story of all three of you. Kate you are such a nice and funny lady. Jason and Nikki are the best but you three make a wonderful team.

    • Michael Purkey

      And by best I don’t mean bester that you, I mean they are great people. ?

  • This was such a great read! We haven’t spent nearly the same amount of time with you as Kate but the few times we’ve been parked at the same campground or met up around the country our experience was the same. Nikki, you have always been so generous with me and my questions. You even called me once to help out and it meant SO much to me. And when I told you about our unexpected pregnancy I was kinda freaking out and you were so cool and chill and positive about it. And the cocktail thing is soooo true…I remember a delicious something or other you guys made for us in Nashville. Anyway your friendship is one of my most treasured from the road even if we didn’t get to spend the time together I would have liked. And Kate you sound like a real gem yourself (and your smile just radiates) I loved reading about your life. So adventurous and fascinating. I’m happy that you all found each other. Friendship is such a gift. (((Hugs)))

  • Brian M Tucker

    More wonderful memories. I’m hoping Katie comes back and brings Her Hubby Rufas also. Always waiting for your next installment. Brian

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    My husband and I started watching your YouTube channel since January of this year. We got hooked right away. You see, we are not sailing, boating, or yachting kind of people but we do love to travel. The first video I “accidentally” watched was a tour of Curiosity which was 40+ minutes long and I thought “Who does a 40-minute video on YouTube and keep you engaged?” Well, guess what? You two! Then I saw a glimpse of Singa and Cleo which made my cat heart skip a beat. Soooo… I kept looking for more of your videos with the cats aboard Curiosity as well as the older RV videos. We came for the cats and stayed for the people. You both have such wonderful personalities. You keep your vlogs family friendly which I truly appreciate. The places you show us are something to look forward to. I mean I never would have thought of wanting to go to Ecuador if not for you.
    And Kate… the vlogs with Kate, IMO, are some of the best ones. I cried with you guys when she had to leave.
    Thanks so much, Nikki and Jason, for opening your cameras to us and here’s to more Sundays on YouTube.

  • Carolyn

    That was wonderful! So glad Kate wrote about her experience. Tt is so good to hear about strangers coming together and becoming good friends and chosen family. Love watching “Gone with the Wynns” youtube videos. They are a must.

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  • Enjoyed reading Kate’s perspective so very much! Big grin on my face, as her writing shared a “third party” sense of live on Curiosity.

    We recently moved aboard and have fallen behind on our Gone With the Wynns video viewing as we juggle commuting and day jobs with boat chores, in preparation for full-time cruising. Looking forward to catching up soon, and hope to meet all of you on the water some day!

  • I accidentally found your YouTube channel when I was looking for information about RVing in Alaska! Little did I know that search would lead me on an epic “armchair journey” via a sailboat!! THAT was never on my radar!!! I’m still going to do the RV in Alaska thing… but now I’m super interested in sailing!! I’ll be going on a sailboat for the very first time next weekend in the San Francisco Bay! I’m super excited!!! Thanks to you two!! And because of your vids, I already know a lot of the “lingo” and what things are called on a sailboat!! Lol!!!!
    Kate, you confirmed everything I pretty much “knew” just by watching every single one of their vids!!! I hope your awesome adventures continue for years to come! All the best to you!!

  • Eliana

    Thank you, Kate, for sharing your genuine thoughts and feelings. Nikki and Jason, you are very special people and, even more so, being able to share Kate’s first hand experience just confirms it for me!

  • Mady Brown

    I was not at all surprised to read her review. I have been following you since the RV and look forward to every week and a new fun episode. Traveling with you has been such a joy and the addition of Kate was the best. Your friendship is palpable on the videos. I will miss her but am now following her as well in Instagram so I can check in on her journeys too. Happy trails.

  • Buck Lewis-Mathieu

    So who can read all of this without a few tears? Excellent!

  • I can absolutely tell how hard the Wynns work, and it’s so nice to hear about all the other good stuff!! I believe every word of it! I met them at their meetup in Fort Lauderdale, and they were so relaxed, chill, kind to everyone, humble, I just love them! Their hardworking and authentic personalities come across on film and it’s why I love their channel so much!! They are one of my inspirations for starting my own channel as well, and I just returned from an epic adventure to Nova Scotia!!! I’ve been adventuring since long before YouTube existed, but now I’m working hard on creating quality content to share those adventures and build community as well 🙂

  • Kevin Higgins

    THIS…. is why we follow you both.

  • Roeh

    I loved this!

  • Lisa Cantrell

    It’s entirely believable. It’s very much how you come across on videos and in writing. I often think while reading or watching that I wish you could offer life lessons. Thank you for sharing this and thanks to Kate for verifying what Ibthink many of us feel. Continued fair winds and following seas.

  • Hagai

    I enjoyed reading. Learned a lot, Wish to be a crew member some day in the future 🙂 Thank you for your honesty.
    Hagai from Israel 🙂

  • Having spent time with Nikki & Jason over our RVing years as we criss crossed paths – I can attest that Kate’s words are 110% authentic. Yup, little tinge of envy there – so proud of our friends for living their dreams, but miss those paths crossing more frequently too.

  • Lisa B

    Kate’s “review/expose” came as no surprise, at least to me. You guys have always been consistently generous with us (your followers) and completely genuine. That’s why we all have continued to follow you since the beginning! What a relief to know…we were right!!!

  • Dallas W. Thompson

    Hope you visit the Cook Islands and Fiji. You can hike across Rarotonga Island – the most populous island of the Cook Islands, with a population of 10,572 in half day. I spent the night there sleeping with electric eels! see: or:

    In Fiji, I built a 50′ bamboo raft and attempted to sail to the Opera House in Sydney. see:

    Things you may not know about cats, written in HubPages at

    I enjoy the YouTubes. You inspire me!

  • Jan

    Wow, made me a little teary eyed. So nice to read so much positive in today’s negative world. And glad to hear thumbs up on abilities to sail.

  • Yvan Dion

    That’s what friendship is about: brutal honesty.
    Beautiful write up !

  • Jim Burgess

    Kate’s account of you both, and life aboard Curiosity, was definitely heart felt. We as subscribers look forward to each video of this journey. I’ve lived life on 2 wheels and can’t believe what you experienced.

  • Pat Parker

    That was great KATE and glad you shared this with us. We have good friends who are friends with Jason and Nikki and they also feel the same. What a wonderful article that you shared with all of us.

  • Telma

    Wow! Kate confirms what my husband and I have seen through your wonderful YouTube Channel. We live for your updates and we’re so grateful to Kate, who is equally amazing, for keeping us posted on your passage to French Polynesia. As prospective noob sailors, we have an amazing 101 Referenence Guide to help us on our new adventure! Thank you for providing us with excellent and professional content! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Janice

    I have enjoyed following Nikki and Jason over the years and I just knew from all their efforts to do things right, and then pass their experiences on to ‘us’, that they care about what they say and do. Can only imagine their laughter off camera! Confirmation on what I concluded ages ago; just plain ole good people Thanks Kate, and I hope I see you soon in another Curiosty shared adventure.

  • Colin Cattanach

    Cool and well written. Not bragging. Hard to believe 😉 but credit to the 3 of you for being able to get along so well. I have really enjoyed the voyage and Ecuadorian vids so keep them coming please and when I can I will get back onto Patreon, not just to support, but to promote, to learn (and yearn) and be entertained. Hoping to take our own, albeit smaller, first steps soon with a Cat…..

  • Jim and Jon Hamilton

    Wow! What a write up! Yeah, my first thought was “there was some cash involved in this write up!” as well!! 😉 As for the work you guys put out, this quote is one of my favs (by James Michener) , and seems to apply 100% to you two:

    “The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he’s always doing both. ”

    Sail on and stay safe!!

  • Debbie Harris

    I have enjoyed following your blog so much and everything Kate has to say about you two rings true. You are both amazing and SO IS KATE!


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