A Merry Polynesian Holiday From The Wynns

A Merry Polynesian Holiday & Sneak Peek Into 2019

It’s a holly, jolly, merry Polynesian message from us, to you!  Join us on the island of Huahine as we share some tropical goodness, our best & worst holiday foods and give you a sneak peek at the adventures ahead in 2019.

Don your swimsuit and Santa hat for this one.  Bonus points if you take a photo and tag us in it!

Funny, I never realize just how much we’ve experienced until we start putting together a montage video.  We’re always going, going, going and it’s important to take a step back and soak it all in.

So, we’re sipping on passion fruit juice and reflecting on the year that was 2018. We think of all the broken bits fixed, fears overcome, obstacles tackled, lessons learned and new experiences we have imprinted into our memory banks.

We’re filled to the brim with gratitude and yet we’re still insatiable.  Our curiosity and need to experience list grows bigger everyday.  Which leaves us thinking…

Wholly jingle bells, where has the year gone?!?  I know we say this every year, but it’s all flying by too fast! We neeeeed more time.  There’s much to experience in this world and so little time in which to do it.

With that in mind…

We wish you a new year filled with everlasting memories, unforgettable experiences and wet your pants adventures!

Happy Holidays everyone,

Nikki, Jason, Singa and Cleo

Jason and Nikki having silly Fun With pool floaties in the south pacific

Jason and Nikki having silly Fun With pool floaties in the south pacific

Silly Fun With pool floaties in the south pacific


A pretzel, lemon and popsicle jump into the south pacific…no?!?

A gang of pool floaties sail to French Polynesia…gahh!

I think I’m gonna need to juice one of those pineapples and make a cocktail to come up with this one.  Feel free to give a go at it in the comments.  Best joke gets a gift from us!

Oh, and don’t forget to tell us what your best/worst holiday food is.


AWESOME tunes for vids:
Artists used in this video: Ian Post, Katrina Stone

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Tamara Heidenreich

    Thank you Nikki and Jason;
    We just discovered your videos this year and are having a blast watching your adventures. We were also anchored in Huahine for the Christmas Holiday. We’ve been spending our Decembers bathing in the French Polynesia area for the past 5 years. We love it there and are looking into buying our own Catamaran in the near future. We are sorry we didn’t bump into you along the sails!! Keep enjoying and passing along such valuable information, we are novice sailors too and our gaining confidence in watching you tackle any and all challenges.
    Tamara & Doug

  • Raymond De Comarmond

    Hey Guys, I love your vids. Everything is so natural in your vids. I enjoyed most of all the learning process from the stage of buying and selecting the correct boat to changing oil and filters to pulling along side the jetty
    . I actually was learning at the same time.
    Listen guys, whenever you guys are down in Trinidad and Tobago, please send me a note, love to meet you all and take you around.

  • Hank

    If anyone wants to track the Curiosity – at no cost to the Wynns – you can use the site to see where they are in (almost) real time. Just search for the Curiosity using the search tab on the left of the screen – a small magnifying glass. They are the second one down – “Curiosity – pleasure craft (US).”

    Looking forward to your blogs in 2019 – you’re living the life the rest of us dream about. Thanks!

  • Dudley Perio

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from Austin TX. Your site and videos are super. Thanks for all the updates and teaching us a lot of what you have learned. Hope someday I’ll be anchored near your Cat.

  • Wheelingit

    Happy Holidays and the best wishes for the New Year,Can’t wait to see what adventures you get up to in 2019.


  • Dave h.

    New year is approaching fast… Hope 2019 finds you happy… Healthy… And curious… For more sailing adventures to share with us… Luv u 4… Big hugs from freezing southern canada..
    Luv pumpkin pie… Butter tarts and anything pecan… I even luv cranberries… Even out of a can… Berries not jelly… Not much i dont like… Cold food that should be hot n vice versa… Not sure how to tag u in a photo? Im not tech savvy… And im not close enough to get u in the foreground or back ground of my photo… Tata for now…

  • Michael Magill

    Good Evening,-

    A very Merry Christmas too you both including the two cats. What a journey you two have had, and we all loved being a part of it. The haters have nothing better t Dothan to give you grief, its just a waste of time. Trying to be a Patrone next year ,but we will see .What a beautiful space you have for the Holidays , just perfect. Back home its cold and raining where I am from in Ontario, but were blessed with no snow for Xmas , but cold and damp system blew in was not what we had hoped for, BUT WE ALL have a Happy News Years…the tropical food you can, and soak in all the surroundings, for future videos. Have a blast you two!!

  • Daniel M. Frank

    You guys sure are having fun… I have caught all the way up starting with the buying process. We are starting to explore doing a route similar in a few years.
    I am not sure who the haters are as I really think you guys are doing great…

  • Sue

    Happy Holidays and wishing you the best of New Years alltho I don’t know how much better it can get !!! You have so much adventure daily. Love you little drink floats.

  • Nancy

    Couldn’t get me on a boat unless I was tied up in a sack but I still love your posts. Thanks for the extra effort and infectious enthusiasm you bring to everything you share.

  • Kim & Don Greene

    Love you guys! Thanks for the joy you bring to all of us and happy new year!

  • Debbie

    Newly retired and ready to travel with my husband by RV I started searching the WEB for traveling with cats. I found Nikki walking Singa in Alaska. With our interest in traveling the country by RV, I decided to follow along. Then you bought a boat, the last thing I had any interest in. But I was hooked on that nice couple that provided great videos.

    So glad I continued the journey with you, the videos just get better and I have been enjoying adventures I would have never imagined through your eyes.

    So… No, Thank You!! And God Bless.
    Merry Christmas!!

  • Graham Woodcock

    Merry Christmas to all four of you, and a very prosperous New Year, and I don’t mean money prosperous, your already rich on life and memories. I love watching your adventures, you always look so happy together, and I look forward to your 2019.
    Al the best guys.

  • Garry

    A pretzel, lemon and popsicle jump into the south pacific…lemon says to the popsicle, “pop you used to be so cold, you have really warmed up floating in the pacific”. sicle replies “lemon thanks, I like being with you in your slice of life”, the pretzel quietly listens thinking “maybe they won’t notice how I have softened up”, then blurts out… “arrrrr mates, I’m twisted and salty, now that’s the life for me”.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • Denise Bumby

    Merry Christmas right back at you! Those were the most amazing shots, thanks for doing the work/play to get them. We have enjoyed watching all through 2018 and can’t wait to see more in 2019. Be Safe out there and enjoy your holiday season.

  • Doug Carsey

    Merry Christmas to the best sailors and adventures in the South Pacific. Love your videos, keep them coming. Love watching your kitties, they have such a way of expressing themselves. I really admire your courage in your adventures, you’ve come along way from the first RV days. Keep up the good work
    Love you guys

  • Laurence Phillips

    I watched the video to cleanse my psyche of the creamed onions and peas, the sweet potato goop and the canned cranberry sauce. Somehow, that didn’t work out… oh well, there’s so much vivid color in the video, and I have more wine !

  • Lucia Tinline

    Straight out of this world (my world, anyway 🙂 wonderful photography and video! Love your adventurous, positive perspectives! And I love my Curiosity T shirt. Merry Christmas!

  • Vicki Marquart

    Merry Christmas and thank you for your sailing inspiration. My husband and I just finished sailing around BVI for 1 week. I told him I have watched so many youtube videos about sailing and now I feel like I’m living it. It was wonderful and hope to get to French Polynesia sometime in the future. I agree about the canned look of the cranberry sauce. It is very unappealing. I make my own. Looking forward to your future videos especially after seeing the sneak peak. Have a wonderful holiday in paradise!!

  • Robert Keys

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Jason , Niki, Singa & Cleo

    Thanks for a great web site and blog,
    As an ex VLCC Tanker Captain it is great to see that young “landlubbers” have fallen in love with the sea!

    Safe and smooth sailing 2019,
    PS Greetings from my two cats Toby & Sophie!

  • Audrey and Mike

    Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!
    Love all your videos on land and at Sea. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.

  • Heather Scott

    Merry Christmas from a cold North Carolina! Love your videos, this one was just gorgeous. Wishing you safe travels in 2019 and bringing us more videos to enjoy…Thank you!

  • Newt

    Merry Christmas guys and thanks for all the great vids. Ho Ho Ho

  • Jeff

    Merry Christmas!

  • Joyce Tatler

    Merry Christmas

  • Joan Paucek

    Jason, Nikki and kitties, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Looking forward to 2019. Your videos are amazing. I learn something new every time I watch you you guys. Favorite food: English Peas and lest favorite food: cornbread dressing. Peace out!

  • Hans

    Super video/pics. I wish you both a super Christmas and a safe/adventures/and lastly but not least, healthy 2019.

    Cheers from Istanbul
    (awaiting my retirement to start my journey)

  • Kevin J

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing “paradise” with us. Another great video! May 2019 bring you both continued blessings!

  • Charlie McNeil

    Merry Christmas and cheers to the new year to you, Jason and your furry friends. Looking forward to seeing your new adventures.

  • Laura

    Happy holidays! Thank you for your gorgeous videos!

  • Wylie

    Wishing you a happy holodays and all the best in the new year from Taos!
    PS> my boat is under contract for sale, the beginning of the end of an era for me. bittersweet.

  • Diane Silverstein

    Merry Christmas! My first time leaving a message; shame on me since I have been following you forever! Anyway, thank you for sharing your story with all of us! Your videos are super! We’ve been fulltime in a 20′ travel trailer for almost 4 years and we along with our 3 cats, we love the lifestyle! 2019 will be an even better year for you, no doubt! Be safe and be happy! Peace & blessings to you!

  • Diane Silverstein

    Merry Christmas! My first time leaving a message; shame on me since I have been following you forever! Anyway, thank you for sharing your story with all of us! Your videos are super! We’ve been fulltime in a 20′ travel trailer for almost 4 years and we along with our 3 cats! 2019 will be an even better year for you, no doubt! Be safe and be happy! Peace & blessings to you!

  • Karen Hunter

    Merry Christmas from Perth Western Australia 🎅🤶
    We’ll be enjoying prawns, crayfish (lobster), potato salad & pavlova for Christmas lunch.
    Love watching your videos and you make us want to become modern day explorers just like you.
    Enjoy 2019.

  • Alan Solomon

    Merry Christmas, Nikki and Jason and Cleo and Singa.

    We still have another Sunday before the end of the year so, I will leave my Holiday wishes for you then.

    Thanks for your time and effort on this, another great video.

  • Sandra & the 2 Spaniels

    Although the spaniels and I are celebrating a quiet Christmas this year, we have no problem remembering favorites: Ham and pecan pie. Yum! Worst? Green bean casserole. Even the spaniels LOVE green beans-love mushroom soup, and fried onions. Separately please! I hope you 2 have a blessed and happy Christmas Day and an especially good New Year. Personally, I’m all done with knee surgeries so I know that 2019 will be awesome!!

  • Karen

    Merry Christmas from the frozen north. It does warm the heart to watch your videos. Favorite Christmas food is Lefsa and least favorite- hummm… I can’t think of any!

  • Dinah

    What do a lemon, a pretzel, and a popsicle have in common? Two of them are literally twisted and the third has a stick up his _ _ _. Can you print that? 😳😬🤪😂Merry Christmas!

  • Theresa

    Merry Christmas Jason & Nikki!

    My favorite Christmas dish is lasagna!
    My worst Christmas dish is Green Bean casserole! Yuck!

    Best wishes for a very Happy & Wandering New Year!

  • charlie williams

    Hello Nikki and Jason
    My wife Terri and I have been following you guys for a while now, love your SPIRITS!
    So, just a “Thank you “for sharing your adventures! ….,,,your stories are AWSOME My wife, Terri and I drove from Pottsboro Texas to Tennessee a couple days ago to look at a boat….we are now in the process of buying a larger Trawler style to do the Loop as part one of our adventures! We are considerably older than you guys, both in our 60’s but are determined to not spend the remainder of our life as “Ordinary “….we will check back in with you two as we progress with our Journey to live on the water!
    Have fun, be safe!!
    Charlie and Terri Williams
    BTW, our 2000 Searay 340 SD is now up for sale! Its perfect and all electronics are state of the art Raytheon. If your interested, message back , I am sure you guys are familiar with Lake Texoma, that is where we live and where the boat is.
    Cheers ! Charlie and Terri Williams

  • Michael Beal

    Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas.

  • Richard and Gwen, Whidbey Island WA

    As always, another delightful video. And who is that amazing voice in the “Deck the hall…”? Awesome rendition with cellos and bells, andthat voice! Merry Christmas you guys —

  • Mark R Thorne

    Merry Christmas you two! It’s been a great year, I look so forward to your video’s. Thank you for your work, thank you for taking me places I will never get to go. 2019 Will be even better!.

  • Carolyn

    Beautiful video! Thank you! Merry Christmas. Love the way you are doing Christmas this year. That would be one of my favorite ways to do it too!

  • Lyn Stone

    Merry Christmas from Lake Lanier, Georgia. Luv your videos! I ❤️ all holiday food. 😳

  • Khirsah

    What song is that?? Please put them in the video descriptions 🙂

    • Curious Minion

      Nikki always puts them at the end of the blog post.

  • Paul VanCompernolle

    Love the video!! Miss you guys. Merry Christmas and a new year filled with more awesome adventures. Hope I can visit in 2019.
    Love, Dad

  • Tev

    Sorry guys I love canned cranberry sauce and candied yams. Hey you only have it once a year so there ya go. My favorite thing is rice and gravy. I could eat tons of it. Hate the turkey though.
    On a side note. Very disappointed my gift order of t shirts won’t arrive until several days after Christmas. Wah. Wah. I thought over two weeks was safe. Oh well.
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you.

  • Sharon Perkins

    I love you two. May you have a fantastic New Year. Enjoy your adventures.

  • Tom and Sandy

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Stay safe and stay healthy.
    Love your shows.

  • Stella MacDonald

    Merry Christmas, Jason and Nikki!
    Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. Wishing you many safe and wonderful adventures in 2019 and beyond….
    Best foods? Anything with chocolate and Jack says butter tarts! Can’t think of anything bad to do with holiday foods! Overindulgence?? LOL

    Hugs from Jack and Stella

  • Jan

    Turkey. Lest fav.
    Remember all those nay sayers way back when rv sold and sailboat purchase?? Ha!!!
    Love you guys. Your vids are awesome a d genuine.
    Stay safe.
    Rving the west full timer

  • Keith Carman

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you two. Like so many others we enjoy your travels and sense of humor along the way. Each of your personalities makes for great adventures and story telling. We look forward to your videos every week. We are starting the land to ocean process and hope to be live aboard sailors in late 2019. Maybe we can buy you a beverage along the way.
    Best regards, Keith & Sandy Carman
    P.S. Sandy’s favorite – Champagne ! Least – Nosey family ! My favorite – green bean casserole, mashed potatoes. Least – giblet gravy.

  • Roger B

    The pretzel boy and the lemon lifesaver girl join their beautiful beverage swan and enjoy the fresh fruits of their sailing journey. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • Lynda

    BEST Christmas greeting….EVER! Thank you for taking me along on your adventures. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you (for us!) in 2019! Peace, happiness, light, love and good winds in the new year! Merry Christmas, Nikki + Jason!

  • Jean Lapointe

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I enjoy reading and listening to your adventures . Continued good health and lots of great adventures in the coming year. Stay safe, stay healthy and keep making the world a happier place.

  • Rob Franks

    We loved this video, just too bad it was so short. Amazing underwater photography. Thanks again. We look forward each week to your new video. All the best to you both, and Merry Christmas.

  • K

    Best… Cinnamon rolls
    Worst… Nothing… Love it all.

    Thanks for showing me new places!

  • mary vancompernolle

    Brings a few tears to my eyes knowing I won’t be with you this year. Love you both!

    Marry Christmas!

  • Bob Sprengel

    Happy Holidays! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2019.

    One of my faves is glazed pineapples and carrots (from a Montgomery Ward microwave cookbook recipe).

  • Miguel reina


  • Miguel reina

    gracias por estar en 2018 espero estar en 2019 . Miguel reina desde almeria españa .. gracias

      • Rebecca Ingle

        We will be thinking about y’all when we are eating sweet potato’s, g
        grandmothers green salad, dressing with whole cranberry sauce, yummy warm rolls with lots of butter and punkin pie with lots of whipped cream! Most of all, we will be thinking about and missing y’all while recalling happy memories we share.
        Sending lots of love across the miles ❤️ Merry Christmas 🎄


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