What Makes a Beer, a Microbrew?

What Makes a Beer, a Microbrew?

We love GOOD beer!  I would say it’s our “go to” and number one most consumed adult beverage.  When we decide we love anything, we want to know all about it. While hangin’ out in Lake Havasu City, Arizona we spent some time with the guys over at Mudshark to learn a little bit more about what makes a microbrew, a microbrew.

I realize you’re probably wondering if I really took a purse full of Beer home?
The answer is, of course I did! You know us better than that! I guess you can say we were “loaded” when we left the brewery!  I even ordered an extra Veggie BBQ pizza to take with it!  Wouldn’t you?

Beer Loaded Smart Car

Now, before you go thinking we’re alcoholics (not a completely absurd idea) we have a tendency to have the same exuberant passion for anything we love.  Jason has read multiple books on chocolate, researches to find out who has the best and samples as many as possible (I of course participate).  I love to cook and bake so I am subscribed to Cooks Illustrated (my favorite magazine) and love to read the experiments and learn the science and art of cooking (Jason is always happy to eat).

So, when it comes to our beer we prefer small batch microbrews, and not only do we like to drink ’em, we try to hit as many brew tours as possible.  It’s NOT one of those experiences when you’ve been to one you’ve seen them all.  With breweries we find that each one has its own unique style and brewing methods. Some call it crazy: Chocolate Chili Beer while others call it amazing: Sour Watermelon Wheat. One things for sure: Drinking Craft Beer is always an adventure. Next time you’re at the store pass by the standard American beers and pick up the craziest sounding small batch brew, and toast to adventure.  The icing on the cake is your supporting a small and local (if you’re at the brewery) business!  So Drink Up (responsibly of course)!