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More Challenging Than We Expected

Our time in New Zealand is dwindling as we only have so much time left on our visas but still sooo much to do. And it turns out that preparing ourselves for what’s next and selling our boat abroad is more challenging than we expected.

This week we’re focused on getting Curiosity show ready and pairing our personal belongings down to a few suitcases.  But the background list of decisions to be made seems to be growing by the day and so do our feelings of overwhelm.



We’re taking some administrative time to catch up behind the scenes so there won’t be a new video on Sunday, June 5th.   But we’ll be back on the 12th and hopefully with lots of good news!


⛵Curiosity Is For Sale




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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Ted Owens

    What happened with your refrigerator update? It looks like you put the old one back together. Did you end up buying a new unit?

    • Curious Minion

      Hey Ted. No, no new fridge. They mentioned in a previous project update that the units that will fit without modification are only sold in the USA at the moment. Getting them shipped to NZ was going to take too long and would be very expensive because of the import fees, so Nikki and Jason opted to just keep going with the two 12v units they’re currently using. I guess it’s up to the new owners now!
      Curious Minion

  • Jeanette Brennan

    Be sure to take photos/videos of the items you’re sad to leave on Curiosity. You can’t take everything with you and photos are lovely to look at later on. As a former full time RVer, it worked for me. You have so many great memories to look back on, but you’ve got many more great memories to make. Thank you for all the adventures so far, can’t wait to see what’s next!!! You guys are amazing – take some ‘You’ time and we’ll see you soon; can’t wait! Stay safe, healthy and happy! 💓⛵️💓🌻🌟

  • David Burnett

    Karen and I watched your latest vid last night. Very mixed feelings, as no doubt you two have.

    To start with we are very disappointed you two cannot stay in NZ for much longer (and that we will not be able to get over there to meet you both).
    Nuts – you want to stay, to see more of the place, and to spend more of your money there, but no, out you go. Stupid government!!!

    Then there is the sale of your boat, with all the adventures and memories you have experienced with her – that has to be emotional, but you have the excitement (which will build) of your new boat and all that has in store for you – new fit-out with equipment that experience will help you choose wisely (and for you Jason, some new shirts :).

    For what it is worth, forget the South Island – it is a beautiful part of New Zealand, quite different to the North, and just a quick rush there will add stress to what you are already under, not do justice for yourselves, the place, or the people you will meet. Come back another time – even if it is to fly in, and hire a camper for 6 months (you would be hiring anyway – far too much to see inland.

    Something we learned a few years ago – slow down and see what you can see well. A lifetime is never enough to experience all that this amazing world and it’s people have to offer, so accept that, and then make the decision to see what you can – well!

    We are guessing that your next major destination may well be the Med. That’s where our adventure started back in 2012 (on a part time basis …..) and our boat (very lonely – last seen July 2019 …..) is waiting for us to return next year. We will be there for several more years yet, so hopefully we can catch up then.
    Tell you what – if we do catch up, and you think we are OK :), we could make a date to show you the South Island one year – with opposite seasons, that would work well – Winter up there = summer down here, so a perfect time to explore the South Island of New Zealand. But perhaps you will be sailing back here one year – there is still Australia to see after all!

    Anyway, we wish you two the absolute best for your new adventure – and for as little stress as possible in packing up and moving on from Curiosity. She will be an absolute bargain and delight for the right couple to take over from you, to love her, and lead her to new adventures.

    Take care, look after each other, slow down a little (and be sure to take a little bit of ‘Curiosity’ with you). The South Island will be there when you are ready.

    David and Karen – Sharing Life.

  • Mary Van

    Well that was emotional!. Teary eyed just letting you guys get teary-eyed. So much hard work goes into your ride looking good! Love you! ❤️

    Glad you are feeling better!

  • Stephen

    Hey guys
    I have been following you guys for over a year now and always look forward to your videos.
    If you do head down to the south Island my wife and I have a spare room you are most welcome to use for as long as you like. Give us an email if your interested.
    Stay positive thru these changing times.


  • Paula

    Hi Nikki, This is just a personal note to you, not really a comment to publish.
    My husband and I immigrated to Portugal last year with 3 suitcases each. We have lived around the world, RV’ed full time for 2 yrs (thanks in part to watching your videos!) and are minimalists by nature but after 40 yrs of marriage we had things that were hard to part with. We decided to take pictures of the things that had sentimental value that we couldn’t take with us. We have a tablet set up with rotating pictures and when I see the antique jug we picked up out of the trash when we lived in Japan, the memory of the experience comes back! It’s been great – we kept the meaning of the item without having to possess the actual item. Haven’t missed the stuff at all! You may have already thought of this but if so, I can at least share that it’s worked for us.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences. Best of luck, have fun and take care!

  • Alan Solomon

    Hi there Nikki & Jason. You two are doing a terrific job. I am thinking 🎵⚡Awesomeness⚡🎵!
    You guys have it really going on now. Much better to be busy now than not. You two are doing great. Most importantly I think is important that you are taking your time in most everything pertaining to this endeavor (selling) and the accompanying process that comes with it.
    I know your energy level. I have that same energy you have when I believe in something. It is a strong, passionate, work-ethic I see in you.
    Thank you so much for including me and providing these weekly, awesome, entertaining videos.
    Safe travels and all else,

  • Carl

    So, it sounds like you’re planning on flying out of NZ & leaving Curiosity behind for her new owners. I would guess that you’re heading back to the states for some in between boats time. Have you given any thought to your new boat’s name? Will it be Curiosity 2, or Curiosity Squared, or something else altogether? What about first destination once you’re back on the water? The Mediterranean is nice… We just came back from there, where I ran into a lovely Aussie couple who ‘Sold everything they had and bought a sailing cat.’ Their boat’s name is ‘Solis’, web site is sailing-solis.

  • Paul Reynolds

    Hi Wynns, The banks are realy slow at doing anything helpfull, at least twice they stopped me making a massive profit, to the point of your holding me back, I only mention this because it’s true, I gave up with the banks at an early time, however now I am not so young, wiser I would hope ! I truly feel for you and hope you reach your goal, it is with best intent, you continue, the billion dollar super yacht owners screw everyone, that is why they have so much, it is sick.

  • Pat

    Decisions, decisions,,life is like that. Enjoy the process and stay strong.

  • MarkByron

    Like how you laugh the stress off. You both look great. Happy adventures ahead.

  • Bill

    You guys are amazing. I bought my boat rebuilt it played on it for a year started fixing again. Did major work went to sea trials and some more minor stuff broke so I soled it, miss it. Then watch you two and poof don’t miss the work and planning etc. that goes into boat ownership.
    Still miss being on the water went to offloading actually cheaper and the truck doesn’t spring leaks windows have not needed reseals etc.
    Look forward to your journey.

  • Ken Miller

    Why would you not consider coming back to either the US or a protectorate to sell the boat? It seem that it might be worth the time and effort since financing seem to be the issue. As long as you stay where you are you will have to take less for the boat in order to help the cost of duty on the import of the asset.

    Good luck with future endeavors and travels.

  • Michael

    Hang in there, you two! You are doing great! We are all so proud of the work ethic you display. (Although I can’t, for the life of me, figure out where you get the energy.)

    You have taken great care of the boat, and it should be a good buy for someone.

    As always, thank you.

  • George

    Just out of curiosity, no pun intended you guys went from the raving world to sailing, am curious to why your leaving the sailing and selling your beautiful sail boat. I can only dream of owning something like that and wondering gods gorgeous oceans and seeing the things you two have seen. Been buisy hauling freight across this great country of ours but would love to do something like raving and seeing things I couldn’t due to the size of my vehicle. Don’t k ow if you guys are calling it quits if you are am sad to see you guys go as you gave so many people things to see that most of us are incapable of getting to with giving up an arm or a leg but all your videos that I’ve seen over time have wonderful and enlightening. You have shared so much information on raving and sailing and am truly greatful for folks like yourself who are willing to venture out and the things some of us can’t do for whatever reason it may be.

    • Curious Minion

      Hey George,
      They aren’t calling it quits. They are having a new boat built, but that will take some time. They can’t stay all that time in NZ because their visas are expiring, and they really want to come back to the States to visit family. But after the last experience of leaving Curiosity on the hard in Tonga, they don’t want to do that again. So selling her now just makes the most sense. They explain most of this in their vid announcing the boat sale, which you can see here:
      Curious Minion

  • Jim

    Good luck selling…stay safe

  • D Timmins

    Safe Journeys 🛟 to you both and we all know you guys will overcome the obstacles you have in front of you, as you always have❤️👍. Love being part of your adventures… WHATEVER you choose for us to ‘see’ 🥂⚓️Always be safe 💕

  • Wanda Paxton

    Your veggie patty on the ciabatta roll looked so delicious. Can you tell me what brand of veggie patty it is and I can get it here in the U.S. Thank you!!!! P.S. I understand the tears.

  • Wanda Paxton

    I realize you folks are really busy but can I ask a little question. Can I buy those veggie patties in the U.S.?

    • Wanda Paxton

      Sorry about the second post I guess you made me hungry, lol

  • John S.

    This video reminds me of the old saying “I love work. I could watch other people doing it all day long.”

    • Michael

      You and me both.

  • Ken Ketch

    Maybe you could appeal to the New Zealand travel board for an extended visa based upon how much you are helping tourism in NZ.

    • Curious Minion

      They already have an extension due to Nikki’s surgery, so probably not. But all the hardcore fans agree with you!
      Curious Minion

  • Jan

    Awww, take care of yourselves. May your work go smoothly. Get some good rest and make great decisions. I hope Curiosity sells quickly and that the outstanding items with your new purchase go smoothly. We understand and will be here when you return in 2 weeks.

  • Lisa Bee

    You two have helped me so much in planning and finally becoming a nomad. I always remember you saying that rather that collecting stuff, you keep the memories and experiences. My heart is with you on this next leg. Everything is a thing, but it will be so worth it, along with great tales of overcoming!
    Lisa Bee

  • AlainCh2

    Small thinks
    make big wakes

    Face the sun
    Moon is already down

  • Bonita

    any possibility of getting a visa extension under a hardship clause?

    • Curious Minion

      They’ve already gotten an extension due to Nikki’s surgery, so probably not. And they do want to get back to the States for a visit. They haven’t seen friends & family there since Jan/Feb of 2019! They missed the birth of a new nephew, missed Jason’s brother Jake getting married, ……
      Curious Minion

  • Marty Leake

    Although missing a Gone with the Wynns video is heartbreaking.
    But, most importantly, I prefer a mentally healthy Jason, and Nikky makes for a better viewing future.
    I have my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed, hoping your boat sales and life move on without too many hiccups.

    I hope you two stay safe with the winds of love, smooth sailing winds, and steady waves upon your journey.


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