What New RV can I buy for $600 per month?

What New RV can I buy for $600 per month?

This is the question we asked while visiting the Pomona RV show in California.  Their claim to fame is ‘the largest RV show in 48 states’.  After a full day of searching and exploring all different types of RV’s in the $100,000 price range we featured 6 of our favorite RV’s you can purchase for a monthly payment around $600, the coolest part is each RV is completely different.  Check it out!

Attending an RV show may not sound that exciting, but when you’re looking for a new lifestyle it kinda is!  The first time we considered attending an RV show we thought we’d have to elbow past senior citizens and get used to hearing the question “Where are your parents kiddies?”.  We were the only people in our 20’s, but far from the only couple looking for an adventure!  We met lots of young families looking for a way to travel the US with comfort and style (hoping the extra space would keep them from poking each others eyes out).

The point is, we quickly realized we were surrounded by other travelers who are like us, no matter what age.  If you’ve been dreaming of your own Indiana Jones Adventure, an RV might be the tool you’ve been looking for.  With so many tools in the shed, it can be hard to decide which one is perfect for the job.  There are a lot of options out there so we thought we would give you a preview of our show favorites.  It’s important to know your budget before heading out to a show or a dealership, so we gave ourselves a $600 per month budget.  Turns out the RV’s in this price range can please just about any adventurer.

We looked at the following RV’s in the video and gave you a quick taste of what they have to offer.  We’re not telling you these are the only options in this price range, let’s just say we’re giving you a ‘free sample’ of what’s out there.  Crazy thing is, you’ll see how many different types of RV’s you can purchase…..there are soooo many options!  Here’s a little more insight to each one we showed in the video:

30 foot Airstream Trailer – Certified green, expertly designed interiors, unmistakable silver aluminum exterior, LED lighting, lots of windows; you can’t purchase a more nostalgic trailer!  We love the styling of these trailers; they look sexy inside and out!  Airstream claims this trailer is made for full-timers, but we’re not sure there’s enough storage space for a full-time RV’er.  Keep in mind this 30’ airstream weighs 8,800 empty so you’ll need a truck with a tow rating of 10,000 pounds or more to haul this baby.

36 foot Holiday Rambler Vacationer – Tons of exterior and interior storage, 3 large slide-outs, side-by-side fridge, abundant seating; this gas powered RV has the styling you’d expect in a high-end diesel coach.  When you arrive at your campsite, plug in, extend the slide-outs and you’ll have all the amenities of your home with ample space to roam.  Keep in mind this RV has a gasoline engine, if you plan to spend a lot of time in the mountains you may want to consider a diesel.

19 foot Sportsmobile 4×4 – Beefy Tires, mini fridge, stove, pop-up top, roof rack; this conversion van allows you to GO ANYWHERE!  In your face design shows others you’re not the typical RV’er.  Keep in mind the appliances and bed aren’t large; don’t expect to live in this van full-time.  If you’re looking for some extreme adventures, and you want the comfort of your own base-camp as you travel the world, the Sportsmobile 4×4 is the way to go.

43 foot Dutchman Voltage – Outdoor patio with awning, walk-in closet, entertainment center, multiple slides, toy hauler garage; this trailer is made for the adrenaline junkie!  Full body paint and an upscale interior make this Voltage trailer perfect for the Live-Play balance.  Massive holding tanks allow you to live off the cord for days without needing to leave camp.  This trailer weighs over 14,000 pounds empty, so you better know your trucks tow rating before you sign the papers.

23 foot Roadtrek RS Adventerous – Great fuel economy, compact size, contemporary styling, diesel engine; a great all around conversion van with all the bells and whistles.  Sure the inside is a little cramped, but it’s loaded with high end amenities that will make your camping trip more comfortable.  The styling of the Roadtrek it’s perfect for ‘under the radar’ travel, allowing you to discretely park, sleep, and drive just about anywhere there’s pavement.

24 foot Winnebago View – Loft bed, huge bathroom, comfy seating, MCD shades, full exterior paint; perfect RV for the upscale part-time traveler.  Inside the styling feels like an fancy hotel, outside it’s the sleekest take on a class C RV.  Opt for the 24M floor plan and you’ll be rewarded with ample space to live, cook, and hang while you’re parked at your campsite.  The View’s small size allows you to get most anywhere, but the small holding tanks limit your off the cord time.

The models shown are some of our favorites that were selling around the $100,000 price range at the 2011 Pomona RV show.  We cannot guarantee pricing, or your monthly payment so do your own research before you purchase your RV.  The RV manufacturers did not endorse us or pay for us to review their RV, so all opinions are honest and true according to us, the Wynn’s.  If the $100k or $600/mo is out of your price range then purchase a used RV; chances are if you search you’ll find a nice used RV for half the price.  Happy Hunting.

Have you recently purchased an RV, did you get a good deal?  Tell us what you bought and how much you paid below in the comment box below…..go ahead, brag about that good deal ‘cause we wanna know.