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Our Next Big RV Adventure

Your imaginations have been running wild with ideas of us becoming parents, sailors, downsizing or the worst…gasp…non-travelers.  Bad news is you are all wrong.  Good news is we have been having some very unexpected and interesting conversations over these past few weeks.

gone with the wynns

Here we were, in the midst of planning our next big adventure (this is where you may imagine open oceans), when we received a call from an RV company called Fleetwood.  Here is a non exact version of those conversations.

They asked if we’d be interested in continuing to RV for a little longer and if we would do so in their “Windy like” 33ft Excursion.

We said maybe… then asked: can you make it float and can we take it out of the country?

They said no.

We asked if we could go and do whatever we wanted, if we stayed in the U.S. and Canada.

They said yes!

We asked if they could give us one that didn’t have black leather interior and gold swirls on the outside.

They said no.

We asked if we could spray paint it.

They said no.

We asked if we could have a washer and dryer.

They said probably.  (This is how you negotiate, ask for something ridiculous first, then your real request seems normal)

We asked if this was going to be a sponsorship.

They said kind of.

We said hold on; we’re googling kind of a sponsorship…Wikipedia says: a sponsor is to support an event, activity or person, and also says a sponsor does not control the message that is communicated.

They said yep, that’s right.

We asked what they really wanted.  They said just some honest feedback about the coach and to keep on doing what you’re already doing: educating and inspiring RV’ers…also we really like you’re videos.

We said really?!?

They said yes.

We asked if they might sponsor some of our awesome videos.

They said probably.

We said ok then, you can give us an RV.

They said, well we can’t give it to you but we can lease it to you for really cheap.

We said ok, fine… but why do you want us to lease your RV anyway?

They said we think you’ll really like Fleetwood, even with the gold swirls and black leather.

We said challenge accepted.

Now you all know that we are on our way to Decatur, Indiana to pick up a 2014 33d Fleetwood Excursion (we’re leaving Denver today).  Pretty crazy right!  I bet none of you were thinking all of that was going on!

So, Fleetwood agreed to lease the Excursion to us really cheap, and we agreed to drive it around in 2014.

We’re pretty excited because we get to try out a new RV and get to keep making videos about RV’ing, cool places to go and epic adventures.   The only big question left now is, where are we going to go?  Alaska, Tennessee, Nova Scotia, Mexico, the Florida keys… we are open to all suggestions and just about any sort of adventure!  If you’ve got any crazy ideas, toss em’ our way and hopefully we’ll see you on the road!

Let the adventure begin…

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Alex

    I like how it says that you guys becoming sailors is wrong.

  • jerry

    y do u have to sell ur monaco vesta rv?is it production stopped or any other reasons? will monaco coach make one in future?,,,i wish they did ,,,,,,

  • Hi guys!!!
    What advice can you give me when creating a sponsorship package (and some do’s and don’ts) to pitch an RV manufacturer (since they’re not calling me yet}? Here’s the deal, I’ve got a big heart, a big message, a decent sized platform from my recent best selling book and coaching, and a new found love for travelling! We are a family of 4. Financially, we could have the means to pay for an RV by next year, but in all honesty, I don’t want to wait! {Yes—I’m stomping my feet and pouting my lip} –I just feel such a pull and trying to explore all possibilities to make this happen with ease and grace. 🙂
    Would love any tips, tools or strategies you could give me.

    Thank you so much and keep on doing what you’re doing—you two are great!


  • anthony

    You said your traveling around with this in 2014. I sure hope you mean 2015 otherwise I am way behind on my reading 🙂

  • "...nice man from Germany"

    Nikki & Jason, what happened to your post about going to Alaska in 2015? I can’t find it and the many useful comments anymore… I was going to sift through the comments and pick and choose for my own Alaska 2015 plans…. Did you take the post down? Bernard

    • I think it was just a Facebook post, we haven’t officially announced it on our website yet.

  • sherry

    Hi Jason ans Nikki,

    I see you guys were in Sparks Marina, right? I have friends living in their RV there. Looks like you are now are past Lake Tahoe and heading south…….Hope Valley or ???? Would have loved to invite you to stay in front of our house, here in Truckee, but were not home.

    Anyway, I have a question about solar panels. We have a 17 ft. Springdale travel trailer, which has a TV, radio, micro, air,…..Just need to power those items, plus charging cell phones, and hair dyer, lights …..I think that is it. What do you recommend……generator or solar panels…..For solar panel, I like the idea of portable vs. mounting on the trailer.


    Truckee CA

  • Bob

    Are you really in the Chicago area? We live in northwest Indiana. My wife and I have been looking at the 33D. We really like the size and layout but have seen a few postings about rather poor handling. How do you like the combo washer/dryer?

    • The handling is very good and its one of the most powerful RVs we’ve ever driven. It does get blow around on the road a bit more than the Vesta, but that’s probably due to the super-aerodynamic design of the Vesta.
      We love the Washer-Dryer read and watch about it here:

  • Rick Mace

    Just found your web site. Great info. My wife and I are planning to retire in a few years and full time in a RV is something we are looking into. Could you list the items that you added to this new RV that Fleetwood does not offer as an option? Like the wireless booster and the added batteries, along with any solar panels and equipment. Will Fleetwood be open to offering these as options on future models?

  • Judy and Kerry

    You inspired us to solarize our 2012 Forest River Sandstorm Toy hauler, and we updated to all LEDs.We live in Ca. Hope you can make a trip to Yosemite it’s at our back door. Would love to meet you both. If you ever need work on Roy , we highly recommend Sierra Heavy Duty. They installed all of our solar , off to boondocking. See you on the road. Oh yes we are hauling two Harley’s. Judy and Kerry of Cali.

  • Joe Neill

    Are you familiar with the RV Consumer Group and their ratings of all RV’s?

    Wondering about their driving score which is computer generated from length of frame vs total length of coach and tank placements I believe.

    I really loved the Tiffin Autumn Breeze until I saw their drive rating of about 57 on the 32. RV Consumer Group says they would not buy anyone’s unit with a rating under 70. I believe your Excursion is rated well under 70 for the drive rating.

    Any thoughts???

    • I am not familiar with the ratings Joe. The Allegro Breeze 28 had a ton of issues with drive but from talking with the mfrs it’s been fixed for 2014. I have not head of any issues with the 32 Breeze.
      As for our Excursion it drives very well so I’m not sure why they are saying it’s not good. I would beware of people (or resources) that claim real ratings based on a computer model.

      • joe neill

        Jason, thanks for comments. RV Consumer Group has been around several years and I think truly tries to help consumers and RVing. When we bought our travel trailer they were very helpful to us. However, I have no idea how drive/handling rating can be done solely by computer.

        check them out sometime.

        I enjoy following your adventure. Enjoy your travels.


  • BoxinTheCompass

    This may be older post, but if you guys want to transition to water you should check out the Schulte’s blog at They traveled around the world on a catamaran and are now in a single hull vessel with two kids.

    They remind me of you young whippersnappers …young and cute and funny

    Patrick also has an eBook called Living On The Margin about how to make a small living trading stocks. Book is very good on stock trading and making enough to live on

    Love your blog and my germaphobe city girl wife told me she wants composting toilet and solar… who woulda known!!! LOL

  • Daryl

    Why did you get rid of the Monaco Vista?? I have seen it on line and was interested in perhaps upgrading to one. I currently own a Itasca Navion 23H and love it, but the bed over cab is getting a bit small and we are each approaching 50, might be time to get a bed near the floor. Any thoughts or comments would be wonderful!

    • We loved the Vesta, in fact we just sold it yesterday! We’re in the Fleetwood test model to help make a better RV…we’ve got our hands full around here 🙂

  • Jeromy

    I work at Fleetwood in Decatur! I saw you two their today and checked out your website. Have a great 2014!

  • Denver

    You guys are a real hoot and make an old curmudgeon crack a smile.

  • Basically just saying hi! We just found you by searching through YoutTube. We are a family of six fulltiming in a 41 foot fifth wheel, currently in California. I really like what you are doing with this, and it is very encouraging to see more people going mobile.

  • db

    (cringe) … I love what you guys were doing and certainly recognize the great opportunity you have leasing “cheap”. Can’t blame you for it. I just really enjoyed watching the “theme” you had going. Perfect… especially the unexpected part about downsizing. 🙁

      • David Ahn

        I hope you guys make some progress in the industry with the modern esthetic as well as with renewable energy, standard composting toilet option, etc. My wife and I really gravitate toward the more yacht like esthetic. I fear that we’re in the minority and that the flowery designs reflect the target buyer rather than the manufacturers, but on the other hand, modern styling doesn’t seem to be hurting Airstream or the yacht builders one bit!

        • We have the same concerns, Fleetwood has been ‘all ears’ when it comes to our opinions…we’re hoping with our readers leaving comments like these it will help them realize its time for a change towards more contemporary or modern designs both inside and out! Thanks for sharing.

          • David Ahn

            Actually, I’ve given it more thought, as I’m looking hard at Airstreams. All Airstreams but the Classic and Eddie Bauer have the modern esthetic, and Airstream is a VERY successful brand. So I DO think RV manufacturers are missing out on the whole young adult market and have a whole lot of moderately unhappy buyers who couldn’t get the modern style RV they wanted.

  • William

    Dear Wynns,

    My wife and I were in the US Coast Guard for a few years. We had a great time visiting different parts of the country. I agree with some of the folks in this posting that Alaska is definitely a must. Port Townsend, Wa is a must if you haven’t been there. While Anthony Bordain and other travel writers focus on the same big city destinations over and over, maybe you can turn your focus to small town festivals and cultures. In the Coast Guard you had to fit everything you owned while underway in your bunk. They way we see it, you’re sailing over land and you can drop your anchor anywhere you want. Visiting your website brings us nostalgia from a life we used to life. We dream of going back to the basics. Back to what matters most…friendships, family, simple pleasures, and making the journey of our lives count. Be Blessed and Happy Sailing. William

  • Hi Jason & Nikki!

    As a wanna-be full-time RVer, it has been an absolute blast, as well as an inspiration, to live vicariously through the two of you.
    I am contacting you because I need your help. Well, not really me, but a very special dog rescue group in El Cajon, California, that is in need of an RV for temporary use. The name of the rescue is Lionel’s Legacy (, and they are a senior dog rescue, as well as a humane education program provider for elementary school children. The temporary need for the RV is because of this: over the course of the last year, it was brought to the attention of many animal shelters and rescue groups that a ‘sanctuary’ that these groups were sending their ‘difficult’ dogs to, a ‘sanctuary’ that promised a wonderful place for these hard-to-place dogs to live out the rest of their lives surrounded by love, along with food & comfort, was nothing more than a HORRIBLE case of hoarding. The name of this god forsaken place is Olympic Animal Sanctuary (OAS) in Forks, Washington, & is/was run by Steven Markwell & his mother, Diane Hawkins. Markwell had 120+ dogs housed in a metal warehouse, most of them in travel kennels too small for them to turn around in, with urine- and feces-soaked straw as the bedding. He admitted to only feeding them a minimum of every 3 days, and that is only scratching the surface of the neglect that went on under his care. After the cover was blown off of their disgusting operation, and lots of publicity and protesting, on December 21, 2013, Mr. Markwell loaded 124 dogs into a tractor trailer and drove them to a licensed sanctuary (Rescued Unwanted Furry Friends Foundation, or RUFF) in Golden Valley, AZ. Once there, legal custody was awarded to Guardians of Rescue out of NY. Because Mr. Markwell didn’t alert RUFF or Guardians of Rescue of his plan to transport these dogs to them, they were ill-equipped to take on so many dogs at once, & left scrambling to find kennels, fencing, etc. So, after having the dogs initially vetted and evaluated, Guardians of Rescue began releasing the dogs to other reputable rescue groups to begin the long process of rehabilitation (and a LONG process it will be for most of these pups). That’s the history, and for more info on this story you can look up OAS-Life Inside the Sanctuary or Protest OAS on Facebook. Now, back to my original request…Lionel’s Legacy has taken on 5 of these dogs rescued from OAS. Lionel’s Legacy is a very small organization that relies solely on fosters, as there is no ‘facility’. They also run solely on donations. The 5 OAS dogs are currently spending time at a local training facility, and Lionel’s Legacy is having to construct runs, kennels, fences, etc., to accommodate them. They need an RV to park on-site to house a few of the folks who are generously giving their time, building supplies, & expertise to get the necessary structures built. This is where I thought you might be able to help! Any chance you can network in your RV circles to see if anyone would be able/willing to either donate their RV for a month, or rent it for a very reasonable rate to help these dogs that are being given a second chance at a good life? There will not be any dogs inside the RV, only humans :). Thank you in advance for any networking you may be able to do, as it all helps. And keep up the traveling & blogging – it’s been pure enjoyment, even if it’s only been from my iPad 🙂

    Amy Kosanke

    • Amy,
      It sounds like you’ve got a great plan for this RV to help out the community. I am not sure we can do anything to help but I can offer you some advice based on our experiences.
      1. Dealerships – Your local RV dealership would be your quickest way to a loaner RV. Look for a dealership that advertises such as McMahon’s or See Grins which both have a large presence in CA. Go in and meet with the PR person or manager, tell them what you’re doing and maybe they have a used Motorhome or 5th wheel they would be willing to donate for a short period of time.
      2. RV Rentals – Check with the rental companies as well such as El Monte and Cruise America, because they have their branding on the RV’s it’d be great advertising for them to be setup in a public location.
      3. Factory – The RV industry is small and there are very few RV’s available for the factory to loan out. That said with a little searching you can easily find a 1800 # for most manufacturers, and if you call and ask the operator for the “marketing director” or “PR contact” 9 times out of 10 you’ll be transferred no problem.
      4. Media – Don’t discount the local newspaper and TV stations. It sounds like a perfect story for your local media to get involved in. Also this is a huge plus when you are asking the dealer/mfr/rental company to give you an RV, everyone wants positive publicity.

      Best of luck, it will take some investment of your time but I’m sure you’ll be able to get something worked out at little to no cost for your project.

  • Mike

    Just one request: how about a piece on RV leasing, done in the signature Wynn style? I’ve leased a car before, but it didn’t come with sheets and curtains, and I didn’t have a particular urge to hang a picture of a cat on it. An RV’s dual role as house and transportation makes me curious. Thanks, and good luck!

    • Gina & Ron

      Fantastic Question about Leasing !!!
      Topics,Types of Term of Lease, Maintenance Warranties, with adding Solar Panels to a Lease . yes please do a video on that.

      • Not sure if there are any leas options for an RV, sorry guys.

  • Rick W

    Good luck…that sounds awesome. Next summer were taking our coach up to Nova Scotia-NB-PEI area. Maybe we will see you folks up there. Remember to always check tire pressure. Happy Motoring !

  • David Clinton-Reid

    Delighted you have scored the sponsorship to promote a brand which is really your RV lifestyle. Together with RV Geeks, a new and brighter image for the next generation of road adventurers has taken a turn for the better.
    I suggest you set up a “Wynning friends” page and e blast list. That way, your growing fan base can get the privilige of knowing where you are and come out to greet you and even start a caravan much like camp followers.
    I would like to see you check out best locations for base camp lie the homes with built in garages.
    Best of luck

  • Good luck with your new Gold-rush-Fleetwood!

    Looking forward to see the much needed transformation.

    I totally agree with you that:
    ” …the rest of the RV industry could take note that there are many of us out there that want to own an RV with a contemporary design. ”

    read the WSJ review of the Airstream Interstate
    and that’s a decent coach compare to the usual Flintstone’s RV’s.

    Read my new Flipboard blog

    Keep up the good RV’ing, glad that you decided to hold on to the road for another year.

    • Georges thanks for the articles, glad you’re on board for better design! We have our fingers crossed our new sponsorship will bring a youthful presence to the RV industry and show them we don’t have to be retired to travel!

  • Mike Laudenslager

    I have looked at your travel map and see it’s very void of any spots in Minnesota! How can that be?!?! We have some of the nicest sights in the country. I would say there isn’t much nicer thing in the world than a MN summer. I would love to see some “google map pins” in my home state. PS…it’s a very cat friendly state in the summer as well! 🙂

  • Glad you two are continuing your RVing adventure for another year. I’m surprised you don’t have a Alaskan trip on your bucket list. Would think the trip up there would highlight all your “off the grid” expertise.

    I like the lower height of the Excursion 33D of under 12’…My parents have an older Excursion and that was one of their must have’s as being under 12′.

  • George Chip Mauro

    Ever since this Excursion announcement, I have been checking in so I don’t miss one post about your experience. You will single handedly get me through this sucky NJ winter!


    • George its our pleasure to help you through this brutal winter…we’ll send warm exciting videos your way if you keep watchin’ em! Happy Holidays.

      • George Chip Mauro

        and don’t leave out one detail! more! more! more! we want more!

  • Brian Buck

    Congrats. My wife and four kids have owned a 2013 Fleetwood Excursion 33A for two summers now and love it. We did a a epic 4000 mile road trip from Ohio (our home) to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons this summer. It’s a great coach. Make sure you get the coach 4 corner weighed and the tires reduced in psi. It will then ride like butter.

    The length is fine. At 34′ we fit in national and state parks with no issue. We even tow a car too.

    Best wishes!

  • Way Kuel!
    Glad you are good to go. We are hanging out in so. AZ for a while. Then back on the road and hope to see you again

  • Dillon

    Take a trip to america’s most visited national park, Smoky Mountains National Park.

    One other thing, are you concerned about this unit being 34 feet? 4 feet longer than the magic length for state and national parks?

  • Come back to Washington !!!

  • Congrats Wynns! I spotted your lovely Monaco at the Louisville RVIA show. Hope you’re there to pick up your new coach?

    • Richie,
      We’re in Indiana at the Fleetwood factory now waiting to get our new home on wheels! Tuesday is the big day. Thanks for stopping by to say hi!

  • If you head for Florida, I highly recommend St. George Island State Park, which is in northwest Florida. Beautiful beach, great for kayaking. If you head south, the Gulf Coast is also beautiful, make sure to stop in Crystal River to see manatees. There are a number of nice state parks, some didn’t accommodate our rig, but yours is probably ok in most of them. It is peak season, though, so availability may be tight. If you go all the way down to South Florida, be sure to stay in Everglades National Park. There are two campgrounds, and they only allow you to stay a maximum of 14 days, so you can stay one week in each and explore the area thoroughly. Before heading to the furthest campground, Flamingo, make sure you buy all of your provisions, there is a little market, but it mostly sells sodas and junk food ( and ice). Check out our blog for more information on Florida. Safe travels!

    • Thank you so much Brenda! If we don’t do FL in 2014 we are going to make it a priority for 2015…Our thoughts are there’s no better place to learn how to sail and brush up on our SCUBA techniques. Oh the sunny skies are calling 🙂

  • Millie and Paul

    Wow! Sounds like a nice coach! If they need someone to do this with a Fifth Wheel or another coach, we are in! We love following your adventures and are looking forward to it. Hubby and I have been full-timing almost 3 years, since we sold our business of 32 years in Texas and retired. Just like you two we are enjoying making new friends, experiencing new things (food, adventures, sights, etc.), and, of course, seeing our great country on our time!

    We are interested in hearing more about a couple of items you blogged about: solar-power and redesigning the interiors of RVs (colors, wallpaper, cabinets, general décor). I really feel RVers would appreciate some changes in the decors and input from fellow RVers would be a great start.

    Enjoy the next year. We just spent the entire summer living in our RV and working and playing in Yellowstone National Park–unforgettable experience! We are planning our next summer adventure. Good luck with yours and safe travels!

  • As we really loved our first RV (a Fleetwood Bounder), we’re thrilled that you’ll now get a chance to check out their latest. Can’t wait to see what your impressions are. All you need to do now is start grooming sailboat manufacturers so you’ll have half a dozen of them fighting to give you a boat next year. lol

    As far as travel suggestions for your new rig, we vote for any plans that bring you out here to the Desert SW this winter. But that’s purely selfish on our part. 😉

  • Ron

    Nikki and Jason,
    I wish you guys the best with the new Fleetwood!!! Looking forward to meeting you guys sometime. I used to live in TN, so, if you would like too much info about the state, especially East TN, then I would love to talk your ears off, LOL. I plan on retiring there and can’t wait to get back there. Anyway, I see you are in MO today and not far from the new home…..good luck with everything y’all. Ron

  • Denise

    Wow! Sounds like a humdinger of a deal!! So now that you are headed East, I am really homesick for Connecticut, so if you happen to head North after the snow melts, please take me on an E-trip to some of those New England historical sights. It’s been about 45 years since I was there, but my heart is still in Woodbury, Watertown and Oakville…somewhere.

  • I just recently discovered your blog during your Halloween visit with “Wheeling It”….realized I had seen the Rv House Hunters show you were both in and I got hooked!

    My wife and I have been watching all your videos and reading your blog entries and were shocked when you posted Windy for sale….Now we know why….good tease! 😉

    Anyway congrats and soooo happy we get to continue to follow you both on your Big New Adventure with the new rig…BTW, can’t wait to find out what you name her, Lol!

    Please take a trip to the Florida Keys! Would love to see the funky, weird stuff you find there and put into your unique videography style. Safe travels!

  • You guys kick ass! I’m so glad you will still be RVing! We love your blog — and I have a fear of open water, so when you do set sail, I’ll consider GWTW my new horror-themed blog 😉

    We’ve nearly looped the country and feel lucky to have found your blog soon after we launched it’s been a great resource and inspiration!

    Looking forward to hearing all about your new rig and your next adventure! Hopefully we’ll cross paths again (we’re headed to the Florida Keys tomorrow!) -Kristina (& Dave), Free Range Quest

  • Marianne

    if you go to Nova Scotia you should come to New Brunswick its beautiful …lots of great hiking and coast line

  • Phil

    Hi Nikki and Jason,

    Sounds like a fun new adventure! We echo previous suggestions that maybe you can influence the manufacturers to update their styling and finishes. Didn’t you say when you bought WIndy you didn’t want to get a “grandma-mobile” or something to that effect? I think you may be prompting me to finish my Nova Scotia video – perhaps it will help you to decide to go there. You know you’re always welcome in Toronto and Burlington if you’re ever passing through again.
    Cheers, Phil, Steve and Dakota

  • Frank

    Are they including a comparable solar system with the RV?

      • Mark handler

        Nikki, I saw your “A Day in the Life Of” video. You guys could’nt live without solar! It opens up so many possibilities. 🙂

        • Solar keeps us off the grid but sane with our favorite gadgets! Gotta love it.

  • Looking forward to reading about your upcoming travels! I would selfishly suggest West Virginia because we would love to meet you both 🙂 Other suggestions….Alaska and Banff!

  • sue

    Well done! reading about your adventures.
    Love from Toronto, Ontario CANADA

  • Sonny & Sandy Hale

    Speaking of washers/dryers, we have assigned a pretty high “hassle” factor to laundry when we hit the road full time next September. Out 28 footer will not accomodate w/d. What is it like? Is it a big deal or just part of life? Any tips? A video with w/d in the foreground and snow capped peaks in the background?
    (P.S. Glad to have you RVing another year.l)

  • Mark Beresford

    As a canny Yorkshireman this makes great sense. You can bank the money from selling Windy , carry on RVing for another year whilst planning how to spend the money on 2015’s adventure…Though it would have been nice to see you try the “Downsize” challenge.. 🙂

  • Don’t get crazy with all the money you will recoup from selling Windy. It took a lot to get that nest egg and going from owning to renting will save you a lot, but getting back into owning may be difficult.

    Your candid reviews of the Monaco have continued to keep my interest in someday spending a year or so in the PBD, the 35 footer. Cannot wait to read your “candid” reviews of your sponsor’s RV. Really, I have learned a lot and often follow in your footsteps, my solar install was contemporaneous with yours. Documented on the Yahoo Serenity group.


  • Dawn

    So glad you will still be RVing. Come see us in Parker Az in March on the Colorado River at Castle Rock Shores. There are great bars along the River and you can go back to the bar in the desert.

  • Diane Smith

    I am so glad too that you didn’t leave and look forward to more videos and how you like the Fleetwood RV.

    Since we have camped for 40 years, my suggestions for good camping is Cades Cove National Park. Has great camping and the wildlife is great. Lots of trails. Also the Biltmore is great in North Carolina. We loved Novia Scotia and there was beautiful National parks there. Nice people too.

    Of course, anywhere out west is beautiful too. I know you have done alot and will find some great places to go that we haven’t been.

    Have a great time.

  • Fantastic!
    Best of luck on your new adventures in your new Fleetwood.

    We just got back from a trip in our RV and we stopped in at a Camping World and they had a Fleetwood Excursion we wandered through. I thought it was pretty nice, though I imagine the residential fridge option would kill the batteries in pretty short order when boondocking. The one we looked at must have been a 2013, because it was still equipped with halogen interior lights, rather than the LED’s of the 2014.

    If you guys get to the Florida Keys, look us up in Big Pine Key. We’ve got space for a 33 foot RV, 30A service, and homebrewed beer up in the bar.

    Eric and Jeanette

      • Just for the record, there’s a brown ale and a porter on tap. While there’s a wide variety in the other fridge, there is NO sardine beer. None.

  • Jeff and Deb

    Glad the adventures will continue. We have 2 places to add to your 2014 bucket list. Beaver Lake, AR (NW corner in the Ozarks) and RAGBRAI – bike ride across Iowa the the 3rd week in July. (A 7 day rolling Mardi Gras we camped in our RV every night) Be fun to have you join us. Jeff and Deb

  • TOM

    So cool, I was afraid you guys would be off the road before our paths had a chance to cross. I will through Alaska or Nova Scotia in the ring for you. I have done both and they are adventures to remember. Western Canada and Alaska are fantastic if you have never done it. Wait till the end of may though when things are warmer. Congratulations on such a cool deal. You guys deserve it.

  • Remember that great line from “Godfather III”…”Just when I thought I was out….(screaming Al Pacino)…THEY PULL ME BACK IN.” Well, all I can say is, enjoy the opportunity. It is change, it is growth. Enjoy the moment, live in the moment and just start planning for, after. I hope you get the opportunity to check out my website at I am a writer and photographer and have been on a lot of RV trips as well.

  • Don Thompson

    Congrats! Glad to have you still RVing for a while longer. Can’t wait for the evals of the new home: Space and usefulness, (I hope Jason has more storage in the bedroom and will like the slide-out there), mileage, ride, and all the wonderful things you always share with us. Hope you can start with enough batteries this time, and a proper inverter. If you are still going to be in Crystal River in February, we are still looking forward to taking you to the manatee hideouts.

    Director of Fun
    Big Ds Kayaking
    (and Donna, Director of Everything Else)

  • Wow. We’re really surprised to hear this. We aren’t sure where your motivation is coming from.

    We thought you guys were looking for a major change, do you think you’ll find enough adventure just by switching up the RV?

    Whatever you guys choose, we’ll be following along. But please listen to your hearts on this one.

  • Well if we see you on the road we will have to race, maybe down the Florida keys…..

    Tony & Molli
    Change The Way America Views Exercise

    Full time RV’s
    2000 Rexhall Rose Air…36ft..pulling a Blk H3 Hummer

  • Ross

    Alaska 2014! Yeeeehawww!

  • Spencer Kely

    That is awesome to hear. You should make another trip to Utah and visit some of the great State Parks, especially Goblin Valley State Park, It is a fun state park to visit. Also, I think you should make a trip to Alaska and do videos of a trip up there. Good Luck on your new adventures.

  • Super congrats guys… how exciting! My vote? Come join us in Cedar Key!

  • Sarah

    You need to visit the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. It is beautiful!

  • Dawn Nemzek

    Great news! I am glad to hear of the new adventures. Please make your way to Florida!

  • Chris

    Congratulations on the newest adventure. Consider a trip along Route 66. It’s on our bucket list. Best wishes.

  • Carolyn/tx

    Congratulations! Go south…can’t wait to see you guys in your new home! Will you name it!

  • Jeanne

    That’s great news! Can’t wait for more posts, and videos. We are considering buying our first RV and I’m partial to Leisure Van Serenity but haven’t seen one in person, yet. We have been avid campers, hikers, travelers in the past and want to explore more and longer. So keep all those tips coming. I’ve got my list going as to what we’ll need on the road thanks to you two.


  • David

    With the reduced living costs and the bigger RV maybe the patter of little feet wouldn’t be to far off .

  • paul van

    Good luck on the next stage of your adventure!!

  • Great news. Please continue to encourage these RV companies to improve the interior design of their RV’s.

    It was our biggest challenge to over come when we purchased our trailer the only interior design we really liked was Airstream, but they have storage issues and were out of our price range.

  • JillsaQT

    LOVE Canada! Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick. So peaceful and friendly. The you can mosey down the coast of Maine, cross over to New Hampshire and Vermont! Awesome. But I’d wait until the summertime to do that jaunt. Definitely go warm these next few months! Enjoy the new adventures.

  • Heidi

    So happy we don’t loose you for good!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you, too!!! Nice negotiation tactics. <3

  • Cheri Musselman

    I am from Indiana-Elkhart county area, if you get around Gas City just off of 69 is an amazing little restaurant called Payne’s. Fantastic food and they feature Indiana brewed beer!

  • Steve

    Excellent! I’ll be interested in the initial bugs and the fixes.

    Where to travel, the places you indicated plus end of July 2014 try to make to the famous Gilroy Garlic Festival ….in Gilroy Ca. Could be a great video.


  • Ken long

    Well when you get in the area of warsaw ohio….stop in…would love to see the new wendy…

  • Krisri

    Congratulations on your new adventures! Just recently started following your blog and can’t wait to read all your new posts. My husband and I plan to start full timing in a few years in a motorhome about the same size as Windy, so I love to read your experiences.
    I would love to read about travels on the eastern half of the US, especially the Florida Keys and even Nova Scotia. Most blogs I am reading are doing a lot of travelling and boondocking out West, so I would love to see what options you find for places to stay in the east since there are relatively limited public lands. Can’t wait to see pics of your new RV!

  • elizabeth

    YAY for you guys, you have a plan and it’s even subsidized! And way to go on that negotiation, I love your strategy. Now here’s an idea for you: Have you ever noticed passing through the Central U.S. that every hill has something sitting on it? Worn-out farm equipment is typical but statues are not infrequent. I think it’s something psychological, the farmers see a hill and think, “hey, we actually have a hill!” and figure something just HAS to put there for all to see. (Here in eastern, ND, we have our share, because we have more hills than out west. I live down the road from a giant Viking myself.) I challenge you to include a trip through the Central U.S. recording the funny statues. You could double it up with a trip down Dylan’s Hwy 61, which, as luck would have it, has some GORGEOUS hills (the Mississippi bluffs) and some great statues. (And be sure to stop in Red Wing and Winona, two of the prettiest towns in MN. Which is saying something, b/c MN is full of pretty towns.)

    I’m kinda nutty for roadside attractions and highway history. I also hope someday to pin down what it is about Indiana that makes it more peculiar than the other states. (As if ND isn’t peculiar enough.) I’m also thrilled for you that you can include Canada in your Fleetwood travels, Canada is such a beautiful country. (Rob Ford notwithstanding.) As nice as it will be to travel oceans and other continents, there’s always plenty of wonderful places to visit in North America in the meantime. (Well, North America less Mexico, I guess.)

    Whatever you decide to do (and wherever you go), I’m really happy for you.

    P.S. Any thoughts on a name for the Fleetwood?

  • Lou

    Congrats!! Go to Alaska ASAP :). Send those great videos !! Can’t wait!

  • Lesley

    I think you two should head up to Duluth Minnesota – just not in the winter! Imagine – beautiful Lake Superior backdrop and a fantastic Blues Festival! Can’t beat that!

  • Sally

    Congratulations sounds like a wonderful opportunity…I think the decor is ok!’s way better than those ugly blue and beige interiors….it is dark, but Hey, you guys will know how to brighten it up!!….Maybe for now I would head south…but come spring…go to the Smokey’s….North Carolina and Tennessee…beautiful place to check out…you can even tour the Biltmore Estate and do a video!

  • Karen

    Yeah!!! (Clap clap clap) I just started following your adventures and I, too, think you make the COOLEST VIDEOS EVER!

    Questions: Are you taking along your composting toilet (is that why it wasn’t included with Windy)? And are you going to immediately/yesterday install a mondo solar panel system?

    When we go FT I need to focus on boondocking, so I’m most interested in anything you do that facilitates that (your life-in-a-day video about living on solar was most hilarious/instructive.)

    Sorry that you wanted something 30′ or under and now you’ve got something even longer than Windy, but I’m glad you’ll be on land for a little while longer.

    • Cindy

      Karen, have you checked in to Thousand Trails? (GWTW endorses). We just signed up – 2 zones for the price of one, with tax is $48/mo. In for 2 wks, out of TT system the next week….will fill in with nat/state parks in that week.

      We’ve been FT for 14 months, about 25% boondocking, rest nat parks and forests, COE. This TT will save us so much money, plus, my teen daughter may meet some other homeschooled kids! CBreaze Ontheroad FB

  • Congrats to you guys!! can’t wait to hear & see more. I would always recommend any where in VA. my home state. super great fun too!! ( :

    I wish I could get the hubby into doing something like this .. he is ready to travel the world. we use our Roadtrek 170 all the time. love it but wish it was bigger. can get small after a 30 day trip which we have done for the past 2 years. out west both times. Grand Canyon, Tetons, Glacier, Texas, Alamo, House On The Rock, Zion, here & there … loved it & can’t wait to go again. love you guys!! keep up the fun!!! can’t wait to see how a smaller rig works out for you guys. ( :

  • Debbie

    Congratulations! How exciting for you! Is that a FRED (i.e.,front engine diesel)? So glad you will be staying on the road for a while longer. I think you should consider visiting St. Augustine, FL, the oldest city in the US. Let me know if you do.

  • WHEW! I thought you were leaving us or something crazy like that. Congrats on “Windy Too”. You deserve it.

  • Michael

    Congratulations Guys. Consider heading for Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Regardless I’m looking forward to some wild whacky times and learning something useful in the process.

  • Jessica

    The Kentucky Derby! Fancy horses! Fancy hats! Fancy drinks!

  • Should have asked for a pony.

  • Valarie

    Best wishes for your next adventure in the new coach! We are getting ready to hit the road in a few months with a new coach too. Maybe our paths may cross, love your videos, happy holidays 🙂

  • Bill in Wimberley, TX

    The photos of the Fleetwood are nice and all, but the interior is definitely not anything I could see you guys ever choosing or looking comfortable in. But an opportunity to “test drive” a $200k motor home for a year for next to nothing is hard to pass up. But I look forward to you guys getting your “sea legs” and taking us on some new adventures.

  • Katie

    This is great news for you guys. I hope you like the Fleetwood Excursion. Ya’ll need to come to Tennessee. I guarantee you all would have a good time. Just think about it. Kelp having those adventures. I love reading about them.

  • Randy McCoy

    Congratulations on the great opportunity you were given. Will enjoy following you both at least for another year in your travels. Did Jason negotiate a compost toilet? Enjoy all your videos..etc..Good Luck!

  • ruben

    Almost jealous here! I agree about the dark colors but loving the Bedroom storage area! Kudos on getting contacted by Fleetwood, enjoy!

  • Jay

    So the big question, is there now going to be a ‘how not to install a composting toilet Mk 2’ for the new RV?!

  • Thom Colby

    Exactly what I thought was happening! I see why you asked for a “non-black, non-gold” unit…… Has Windy sold as yet?

    • Thom Colby

      BTW, Congrats !!

  • Bill in Wimberley, TX

    Did I miss something ? What’s going to happen to Windy ?

  • Must say i’m a bit surprised! but sounds like great news for you guys! congrats! wish you coukd head down Baja and we could join you! Good luck in your new adventures, I know you eill have fun! xox Karin *sniff was sure hoping it woulde ge Europe

  • Karsten Askeland

    You need to do the Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland if you haven’t already.

    I have a 4-6 months adventure planned … probably more time than you would want to spend … for 2015 and can’t wait!!!

  • Nice. I thought you might of sold out to Camping World/Good Sam. Lol

  • Pat M.

    Far out, was afraid your adventures were over.

  • So awesome you guys!!!!! And can I say I’m selfishly glad you guys are staying in the states (or at least in North America) for the time being although I look forward to reading about your sailing adventures when they happen in the future. Lastly, I really REALLY think you guys should head down to Florida this winter. I know four full timers who would love to see you guys again. 🙂 Hugs and congrats again!!!

    • Also I totally agree with your strategy of asking for something really crazy!!! It made me literally laugh our loud. 😀

  • Mark

    Awesome, a new adventure now awaits you and us lol. Was hoping it was going to be a 43 ft RV, but your closer now than you was before.


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