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No Reservations – New Years Eve in New Orleans

We’re in New Orleans, Louisiana to ring in the New Year for no particular reason other than it happens to be along our route (and always a great scene for a party). We didn’t make any reservations or grand plans because well…we don’t typically plan.  But there’s a reason for that…

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.
-Lao Tzu


On December 27 we decided to drive through New Orleans, the conversation to went something like this, Jason: “What are we gonna do for New Year’s Eve?” Nikki: “New Orleans is approximately the halfway point of our route” Jason: “Cool, then it’s settled, I’ll book a campground“.

Our concept with this video isn’t to show off NOLA, or talk about the great food and drink scene, its really to show a little insight into our lives, why we end up where we do, how we decide what to film and share. The conversation on to film or not to film was about the same as the one above, but I’ll spare you the details.

We feel its impossible to plan for what you don’t know exists and we have no intentions of spending our time planning.  For us, it really is all about the journey, we don’t have a specific destination and we don’t see an end date to the adventure. Our only plan is to go until we don’t want to go anymore, for us it’s that simple.

Serendipity may lead us to the right, it may lead us to the left, but it never leads us wrong.
-Jason Wynn

We explore to have experiences, not to tick items off of a list.  There is nothing wrong with a bucket list, it’s just not our personal motivation. Of course we have curiosities that sway us in one direction or the other.  There are times we even let the direction of the wind determine which way we walk down the street.

The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.
-G.K. Chesterton

Sometimes we use an app for inspiration and recommendations but we naturally gravitate towards unique architecture, attention to detail, funky beats and sweet smells.  Match that with our quest for anything small, locally crafted and quality over quantity and we’re rarely disappointed.

new orleans

So, maybe our travel style isn’t for everybody, but we hope to encourage you to leave a little room for serendipity in your life & travels this year.

Happy New Year!


For anyone headed this direction, here are the NYE New Orleans discoveries:

New Orleans, Louisiana

This is the first travel video we shot with our new Sony point and shoot camera, no bulky lenses, no giant microphones and no big tripod. What’d ya think? So far I think it performs well (we’re just getting to know the camera), especially considering it’s compact size. How did it play on your computer, I’d love to know. You can check out all of our camera and computer gear here: Our Top Camera Gear for Travel Videos & Photography

What’s your travel style and motivator?  Start a conversation in the comments below.

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Joe the Computerguy

    Boy we really crossed paths in Texas this year. So bummed I missed you there. Am using this video as I am headed to NOLA on Sunday while making my way to Florida for the winter. Love you guys and hope all is well!

  • Dinah

    This is from last year, right?

  • Shannon

    Thanks for sharing! My husband and I are currently working on paying off our debt and then we will be aggressively saving toward purchasing an RV! Your videos and blogs are great motivators. Happy New Year!

  • Like you we are totally NOT planners! It’s winter and we have reservations nowhere!! We are currently in San Antonio and then heading west toward Arizona, just because we feel like going to the dessert for a while. After that, who knows???

  • Michael

    I am truly envious of your life. I am beginning a strange venture in my own life, by becoming a Uni student again as well as housesitting, essentially for a living. I turned 40 this year, and I realized that I was miserable working 40 hours a week and still never having any savings left over. Working simply to barely exist, I decided that if I’m going to be low income, I’m going to be happy.

    One thing I am curious about is free and low-cost camping. Also, legal and safe places to park and sleep in my own vehicle.

    Any input is most welcome!

    By the way, I’m from New Orleans!


  • Just found your site a few days ago and as a new RV’er I’m loving it. Nice video of NOLA. Was the raging bull in your glass at 7:14 intentional? Great shot.

  • Hi Guys,

    Now that some time has passed, am wondering if you are still happy with your new Sony for stills and video.
    I will be selling my Canon 60D and lenses when I go full-time on the road in October and looking for a small all ’round camera that can fit in a small fanny pack.
    Absolutely love your posts, have learned a ton from you guys.

  • Taya

    Ha! I was just in NoLa after thanksgiving! And I went to the Roosevelt and Sezerac. It was fun to see so many places that I had been, sort of like reliving my vaycay! I am curious though what RV place you guys stayed at while there…?

  • Tracy Hodgins-Lott

    You two just have a great outlook and free spirt about seeing America RV style. Such history and as Nikki briefly mentions the architecture amazing.

    We are in our 50’s, recently retired and purchased our first TT and hope to step it up to a Class A one day,

    A special note….My husband Bill ran into you a few days ago at TopSail where you were filming another video. I can’t wait to see it. We both follow your adventures and take note of your recommendations,

    Happy new Year! Safe Travels!

    Tracy Hodgins-Lott
    Shalimar, FL

  • Patrick

    Jason and Nikki Wynn,

    I just wanted to say Thank You for making so many great videos. The production quality is fantastic and I know that its not easy knock it out kind of thing. Your efforts and time to share some of your knowledge & experiences is really appreciated.

    Thanks Again,

    • So happy you stopped by to say hi, it means a lot to us when we get these fantastic and unsolicited comments 🙂

  • Good timing. I’m at Big Lagoon State Park in Pensacola, where i just met some folks from back home in B.C. We’re heading to NOLA today for a couple days — staying at the convenient but pricey French Quarter RV Park. Should be fun.

    • whew! Have fun in NOLA and wear a coat it’s gonna be COLD.

  • Hugh

    Played great on my old laptop, and enjoyed the informal video style too, you guys do a great job!
    I think Fleetwood should do what it takes to keep you out there doing what you do so well, as your travels and honesty about RV’ing has certainly opened our eyes to the wonderful world of land cruising….
    Hope you have a great 2015, and we’ll meet up again somehow, somewhere, down the road.

  • I recently found your site and really enjoy all of it so much! I’m researching RVs and appreciate all the information you provide.

  • Great post. Looks like a good time – we also rarely plan, which most people do not get. If you get by our way stop by. Mayo FL, Suwannee River Rendezvous. Your smart can snuggle up to our smart….. :).

    • Thanks for the offer Jack, we may have to take you up on it since we’re running so far behind on our FL plans!

  • Pam

    I think you all keep getting better and better. Especially at presenting on camera. Camera looked fine to me. A bit jerky in places but that is normal I would think. Anyway, that was lovely. Thanks. Pam

  • Adorable video of you two! An honest glimpse! And I’m not so sure either of you should have been driving… 😉

    • Stone cold sober…although we were probably pretty darn tired 🙂

  • VP

    Loved the cute video! What a great way to start 2015 and thanks for sharing some of your non-RV time. Seeing the video with its time compression and you getting into the Smart at the end was concerning. Nice to read in the comments that you were a “slow paced” designated driver, Jason. Perhaps an “alcohol disclaimer” at the beginning of the video explaining that, would be appropriate? Happy New Year!

    • We’re pretty darn responsible when it comes to that, but adding a disclaimer seems like too much. We do appreciate the concern from our readers.

  • Another great video. I liked the getting-away-from-the-crowd at the end. That was a huge score, looked like fun. We’ve been to the French Quarter, once. That’s one of those, “been there, done that” places to visit.

    The new camera…small, saw you holding it on some type of a monopod. Works good like that. Image looks clean, a bit of a problem in pulling focus at times, but under low light, not bad. Maybe a GoPro 4 with an external mic. would also work nicely. The big DSLR does getting heavy after awhile, doesn’t it. But, whatever works, works.

    Thanks from all your followers for your consistent flow of vids. It is a pain, I’m sure, but, it’s appreciated by all. Much better than anything on TV these days, that’s for sure.

    • Hey Fred,
      This little Sony seems to perform well in low light, way better than the GoPro, and the flip screen makes self-filming much easier.
      We were carrying it on a little gorilla-pod so we could have some stable shots throughout the night.

      Glad you enjoyed it.

      • haha, nikki and I must have responded at the same time 🙂 oops.

  • Great video!

    Jason, what do use use to record your videos? Also, do you use a tripod for some of the recording?

    Happy New Year to you guys!

  • Bruce G

    Super awesome job on the video, looked like you had some fun! Wifey loves the many hair colors changes of Nikki, but Jason’s hair seems to be the same. Great not to plan.

    Two questions, Was this the new video camera? With the amount alcohol I saw did you pace it enough to not be on the “light” side before getting in that Smart car? If I did that I would be off that bridge 🙂

    Again! great video

  • Deb from Illinois

    Happy New Year! Loved the video

  • Suzy

    I don’t know why we are all not doing this. Those local businesses I am sure are very grateful. 2015 is going to be super exciting. Nikki, You always look great!! Jason, not many men know to open the door for the lady.. good job!

    • i do my best to take care of my love 🙂

  • So fun! You two are a huge inspiration for this getting-ready-to-hit-the-road gal.

    Loved the immediateness of this video. Felt like I got more of the flavor of your experience.

  • Loved it!!! We are trying to be as serendipitous as you two….but family obligations snag us from time to time (Tumble-weeds snagged, not the Tumble-Lees we dream I of). Your travel style is our ideal and we do it as much as possible!
    I watched your video on my iPhone and it was great!!! Clear and great audio. DH watched it on his Windows PC (windows 7 I think) and he said it was fine. He was in the KOA wifi! Amazing!
    Hope to cross paths in Florida! We’ll see how the wind blows us!

    • Thanks Debbie,
      we’re doing our best to understand how this new camera works, so hearing your feedback is wonderful.

  • Love the video guys. I kinda of made me miss our prekiddo days. Not that we’d trade them for anything! Happy New Years! ((Hugs)) PS your hair is amazing Nikki.

  • Happy New Years guys. At first I was thinking you were shooting with a GoPro and having a GoPro I thought wow the video looks really good (watched in 1080p). Seems like a great little camera for that kind of inconspicuous/on the go shooting. I’ve had my eye on that Sony for a couple of generations but haven’t pulled the trigger due to cost.

    I hate traveling on a schedule. We hope to be back on the road at some point in the near future with no reservations.

  • Very cute video, glad you had a marvelous NYE! I like the idea of no expectations since that can easily be done without having low expectations. Happy New Year, looking forward to your 2015 adventures!

  • Nikki and Jason,
    I live in the French Quarter and you walked right past my bar! I would have loved to let you in and buy you some craft cocktails as the bar I manage is the only bar that has fresh cocktails on Bourbon Street. It’s actually the ONLY nice bar on Bourbon.

    Anyway, I’ve been following you for about six months. I did the RV thing in 1995 & 1996 and now saving to go full-time starting in 2020, so I’ve been following wonderful people like you.

    Next time you come through NOLA, let me know so you can visit me. By the way, I’m curious on how you chose the bars you decided to patron.

    Happy New Year!
    Cheryl Charming

  • Jill

    I would love to travel without plans! I say that as I am planning a summer long trip out to the pacific northwest. I am so fearful of not having a camping spot when we need one. Wisconsin is a neighbor of ours and we know from experience that if you want a state park you have to book almost a year in advance.However we went to Arkansas last summer and the place was deserted.

    We are not set up to boondock and must have power to operate a C-Pap machine at night.

    I’ll take any advise that you or others may have to help me give up some of this over-planning! Are there adequate sites when travelling through Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon?

    Your camera seems to be working great!

    • it’s risky not to plan, but it (almost) always works out for us. State parks can be difficult but wild camping is typically pretty easy to find in most states.

  • Steve Varadi

    You really did not used any “steadycam” device when walking with this new camera?? Amazing clear shot! This is only from built-in pict. stabilizer? Great video as usual from you!

  • Angela Gill

    The video is awesome, I love watching your adventures. Looking forward to your future adventures in florida.

  • Chip Osborn

    I look forward to you stories. Each is done with grace, style and humor. You are both very talented.

    You asked about the new video camera. The video is not as sharp as your earlier model and sometimes the audio is not as clear. For computer viewing, however, I don’t think this should outweigh the convenience of the new camera.

    Here is the big difference between the two cameras. You are using the new camera as a “moving camera” rather than as a still camera that takes pictures of moving people and objects. Of course, there are times when a movie camera must pan with a subject, but basically the camera shouldn’t move. Otherwise, the viewer will become motion sick.

    There are exception to all rules. I understand there are exceptions to “never moving a camera”, but movement should be held to a minimum.

    Don’t let my comments take away from the terrific work you do. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks for the input Chip, we are tired of constantly living life behind a big DSLR, hence the testing of this new little camera. I agree some of my moving shots are a little jumpy, but I didn’t really have a plan so i wasn’t too concerned about super stable footage.
      As we understand this new little camera i’m sure we’ll get more familiar with the options and performance.

  • Richard Hubert

    Happy New Year Jason & Nikki!

    Enjoyed your NOLA video – we are totally with you on avoiding crowds & lines – so great that serendipity worked out for you once again.

    As for your new camera – overall this video was very good, especially the audio. At times there was a bit of jerky-cam, but with a small hand-held that can be hard to avoid. But it was obvious that it also has image-stabilization – which seemed to work really well when you were “selfing” yourselves while walking along.

    Also amazing was the low-light sensitivity seen in the night scenes – they all seemed to turn out great. I think you have a great new video tool that will enable you to produce more videos without all the setup work of your other gear.

    • We couldn’t believe the sensitivity of this camera in low light. I will focus next time on using manual focus and walking a little more steady. i think it’s going to be a great addition to our travelers.

  • Edith

    Hi guys….that was fun. I love seeing you in action and the quality of the video is very very good.

    Nikki – your poncho is so pretty. Makes me want to get my yarn and crochet hook out.

    Happy New Year and thank you for all you do for us!

  • Bruce Neumeister

    Love your videos and reports on RVing. My wife and I are researching them now and with your cool information it’s really helping.
    We’re thinking 38ft diesel pusher, full size reefer, washer/dryer, and 11/2 baths. We’ll retire and travel!

    Bruce and Becky from Fairfield, OHIO


    • did you hear the OH-IO chanting in the background of Bourbon Street?
      Good luck with your RV search.

  • Dillon

    That’s a pretty slick camera. Is the EOS M still working well for you?

    • Not in love with the EOS M after using the past couple years, this new Sony had its benefits and downsides but overall I like it a lot!


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