No Reservations – New Years Eve in New Orleans

No Reservations – New Years Eve in New Orleans

We’re in New Orleans, Louisiana to ring in the New Year for no particular reason other than it happens to be along our route (and always a great scene for a party). We didn’t make any reservations or grand plans because well…we don’t typically plan.  But there’s a reason for that…

On December 27 we decided to drive through New Orleans, the conversation to went something like this, Jason: “What are we gonna do for New Year’s Eve?” Nikki: “New Orleans is approximately the halfway point of our route” Jason: “Cool, then it’s settled, I’ll book a campground“.

Our concept with this video isn’t to show off NOLA, or talk about the great food and drink scene, its really to show a little insight into our lives, why we end up where we do, how we decide what to film and share. The conversation on to film or not to film was about the same as the one above, but I’ll spare you the details.

We feel its impossible to plan for what you don’t know exists and we have no intentions of spending our time planning.  For us, it really is all about the journey, we don’t have a specific destination and we don’t see an end date to the adventure. Our only plan is to go until we don’t want to go anymore, for us it’s that simple.

Serendipity may lead us to the right, it may lead us to the left, but it never leads us wrong.

We explore to have experiences, not to tick items off of a list.  There is nothing wrong with a bucket list, it’s just not our personal motivation. Of course we have curiosities that sway us in one direction or the other.  There are times we even let the direction of the wind determine which way we walk down the street.

Sometimes we use an app for inspiration and recommendations but we naturally gravitate towards unique architecture, attention to detail, funky beats and sweet smells.  Match that with our quest for anything small, locally crafted and quality over quantity and we’re rarely disappointed.

new orleans

So, maybe our travel style isn’t for everybody, but we hope to encourage you to leave a little room for serendipity in your life & travels this year.

Happy New Year!

For anyone headed this direction, here are the NYE New Orleans discoveries:

New Orleans, Louisiana

This is the first travel video we shot with our new Sony point and shoot camera, no bulky lenses, no giant microphones and no big tripod. What’d ya think? So far I think it performs well (we’re just getting to know the camera), especially considering it’s compact size. How did it play on your computer, I’d love to know. You can check out all of our camera and computer gear here: Our Top Camera Gear for Travel Videos & Photography

What’s your travel style and motivator?  Start a conversation in the comments below.