Since we shared our very first RV solar video we’ve been asked the same question over and over:  Can I run my air conditioner with all that solar power?

We’ve always responded with a “NO” since we felt it wasn’t realistic based on the battery banks and inverters we’ve had in our previous motorhomes.  With our current RV, we installed some serious Off-the-Grid technology and for the past several months we kept thinking, maybe we can run our a/c without being plugged in?!?

An opportunity landed in our laps as we unexpectedly crossed paths with our friends John and Peter The RV Geeks near Joshua Tree National Park. It’s almost like the stars aligned: The Geeks are RV DIY install gurus, the desert temps were rising, the sun was brightly shining and the wind was calm so we could actually talk to the camera.

So, we decided to put the question to the test! Will we really be able to run our RV air conditioner off our solar setup? Let’s find out!

Please remember we’re not RV Solar or Air Conditioner professionals. We’re simply sharing our experiences and I’ve done my best to explain our test results and I hope the information below makes sense.

The Test Location
Our Gear
Can You Run an RV A/C off of a Solar Setup?
Should You Run an RV A/C When You’re Not Plugged In?
How to Wire your RV Air Conditioner to the Inverter
What the Manufacturers Say
The Recommended Gear to Run an A/C off Solar and Batteries
Will It Work on A Boat, Tiny House, Etc?
Other RV A/C Off-Grid Solutions
What about an RV Generator?

Oh yea, and don’t forget the most important part of this equation: We’re only discussing running 1 A/C unit in full sun.  If your RV so large you have to run 2 or 3 A/C units to effectively cool it, or you wish to park the RV in the shade, well…I think you’ll need to tow a trailer full of solar, battery and inverters to handle it.  Or you could just run the generator or plug-in to shore power and say “fahgettaboudit”.

The missing link for us is the Soft Start. After making this video the Micro Air people decided to offer a $25 discount coupon if you use the code “GWTW” at checkout. We think that’s pretty nice so we’ve passed it along to you:

What do you think?  Any plans to install a giant off the grid kit to run your air conditioner?  Think we’re crazy for even suggesting it?  Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below because I know you’ve got an opinion on this RV mod.
Disclaimer – This video and post are solely based on our testing experience. We were not sponsored by or swayed by the mfrs of these items. The soft start discount was offered by Micro Air after we created this video, we receive a small commission and you get a discount so we think everyone wins.