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I love this thing.  I love all the gadgets in my tiny kitchen but this device I use almost every day (going on 10 years now). I fry eggs on it and make toast in the mornings.  I grill up fish, make panini’s, french fries, tortillas and well, anything that needs grilling or griddling.

I don’t have a lot of pots and pans and I don’t need them with this grill.  It serves so many purposes and fills so many of my searing/grilling/cooking needs.

Like many of my kitchen faves, it fits the following criteria.

  • Heat’s up fast.
  • Provides even cooking and steady temps.
  • Clean up is easy.
  • Doesn’t break the bank.

We don’t use propane for cooking. Thanks to our Solar & Lithium set up, we have plenty of renewable electricity.  So, we use electric gadgets for cooking.  Because it heats up quick and holds temperatures, its very efficient cooking.

There are two models of this grill and I recommend either one as I have owned both.

Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe:

What makes this griddler different (or deluxe) is…

  • Dual-zone temperature control (each plate can be at different temps)
  • Sear function – can sear at 500 degrees F for up to two minutes at a time
  • larger grilling surface – 240 square inches open
  • 1800 watts

Cuisinart Griddler –

  • Slightly smaller for even tinier kitchens – 200 square inches open
  • Floating cover to adjust to thickness of food
  • 1500 watts

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  1. Floyd Bright

    No review, just a question. On one episode you were baking a blueberry coffee cake in it, or at least it appeared that way. However none of the descriptions lists baking as a function. Please educate me 🙂

    • Curious Minion

      Hey Floyd. It’s actually a different device but they look almost identical. The countertop oven was also made by Cuisinart but has been discontinued. You can sometimes find them at close-out sites and stores, and one commenter recently posted that Home Depot is offering them for sale. Maybe Cuisinart is producing them again!

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