Florence, Oregon – Exposed

Florence, Oregon – Exposed

Making our way along Oregon’s central coast we had heard lots about Florence.  So, naturally we were expecting to be blown away with its small town charm, picturesque beaches and sweeping dunes…and we were.

adventure in florence oregon

What we weren’t expecting was a micro culture of adventure junkies!  Somehow in all my searching and quizzing Oregonians, nothing gave the impression that this was the place to get your adventure on!  Oh yes, this quiet little town is much more than just pretty beaches.

Florence oregon scenic beaches

Don’t get me wrong, the miles of beaches and hiking trails are lovely and very much worth exploring.  But if you really want to make your time in Florence memorable, you have to dive into the adventurous side!

While we didn’t have the time to take advantage of all of the adrenaline inducing activities, we had enough fun to know: (read this in a schwarzenegger voice) “we’ll be back.”

Here’s our take on the must do’s, the worthy of visiting and our Florence, Oregon bucket list.

Must Do’s:


It is similar to snowboarding…in the fact that it is a recreational activity that happens on sand dunes rather than snow-covered mountains.  However, IT’S NOT SNOW and any sandboarder will be quick to correct you should you try and make the comparison (I got the full spiel).

jason and nikki wynn sandboarding in florence oregonsandboarding in florence oregon

sandboarding in florence oregonsandboarding in florence oregon

And if you’re going to try it out, it should be at the world’s first sandboard park! Sand Master Park was started by sandboard pioneer, Lon Beale and is 40 acres of private, sculpted sand dunes (we mention private because when you “bite” it you don’t have to worry about onlookers) and a full-time pro shop.

The best part is…its way more affordable and far less booty pain than snowboarding!

You can rent a board for as little as $10 for 24 hours and lessons (ask for Becca) start at $45 per hour.  The lesson rate includes a board for 24 hours and 1 hour lesson is good enough for your first go at it.  If you like it and want to learn more, you can always go back.

A Helicopter Tour!

Why keep your toes in the sand while admiring the Oregon coast when you can hover above it all!  Now this is where you’ll want to bust out the wallet and spend that money you saved on sandboarding instead of snowboarding!  We took a beautiful and exciting 20 Mile South Coast tour with Apex that runs $99 per person.  However, they do run specials so don’t hesitate to ask before you book!

helicopter tour florence oregonhelicopter tour florence oregon

helicopter tour florence oregonhelicopter tour florence oregon

Worthy of a Visit:

Sea Lion Caves is kinda touristy but like most, it’s for a reason:  where else would you go deep inside a cave and spy on hundreds of sea lions?  You’ll be in and out in about an hour and at $14 per person it’s still cheaper than dinner and a movie.

sea lion caves Florence oregon

Cape Perpetua Scenic Area is stunning and reminded us of some of our favorite beach spots on the Mediterranean!  Bring your hiking shoes and hit the trails that wind through old growth forests, historic sites and of course those lovely Oregon beaches!

Florence oregon costal beacheshiking in florence oregonFlorence oregon scenic beaches

Bucket List:

Kiteboarding and/or Windsurfing!  The coast of Oregon is well known for being a Kiteboarding and windsurfing hotspot and I am almost ashamed to admit we didn’t try it once this year!  So, it’s officially on our bucket list!

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is over 40 miles of the Oregon coast line and brings out any OHV’er within a 100 mile radius!  Several local companies provide dune buggy tours and rentals…which we will be taking advantage of next time!


Oh and let’s not forget about where we parked it!  We stayed at South Jetty RV Resort and Campground because we were filming the campground.  We were tucked deep in a fern lined and tall tree heaven.  This campground definitely has a state park feel…just with full hook-ups and a few extra amenities.

There you have it, Florence’s adventurous side exposed!  Have you had any adrenaline inducing adventures in Florence or maybe one that’s on your bucket list?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

Disclaimer: While we were compensated to film the campground (thanks Thousand Trails!)…all of our experiences and opinions are NOT purchased and are still our own.