moving into a new rv

Moving RV’s – What a Pain in the A**

Who knew moving houses only five feet from each other would still be so much work…I take that back, the moving was simple, the organizing (the cabinets are different sizes), purging (the toys we planned on using, haven’t, and now need to let go) and growing pains of learning a new RV (auto gen start, different slides, electrical systems…) are well, way more work that we ever anticipated!  So much in fact that we are still settling in.

moving into a new rv

Before we moved all our junk in, we shot this quick look so you could see our new RV just as it comes…gold bedding and all.

As you can see, I have a decorating challenge on my hands (its really not that bad, just not totally our style “as is”). So, while we continue to put our touch on the place and find nooks and crannies for all of our stuff, you should hit the play button on the video below.  It will give you a little glimpse into what our RV moving day was like.

You never know how much stuff you have until you have to move it all (especially in sub-freezing temps)!  Now, I do realize that by most normal home standards, we really don’t have much stuff at all and that is one thing we love about RV’ing.  When you are living and traveling in an RV you are focused on experiences, not possessions.  So, with that philosophy in mind we plan to ditch some of these possessions we’ve accumulated over the past few years on the road, so we can travel lighter in 2014 and focus even more on our upcoming adventures!

The other task we have ahead of us is naming this RV.  Naming an RV is important, as its a major character in this very long winded story of ours.  The one thing we know for sure is this one isn’t a girl.  The bold black interior and black and gold swirl exterior has it feeling a bit more like a bachelor pad…so we need a name that’s fitting.  If you have any ideas, we’re all ears!  Just leave us your thoughts in the comment box below.

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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Aldous

    You may have been asked this before, but why the change to the new RV?

  • Kelly Roper

    I know you probably already have a name for him but how about Ron Burgandy 😉

  • Derek Wilkins

    Wondering something, how is the washing machine working out for you two? Have heard good, and heard bad. Read reviews till my eyes are crossed.

    Still, anything that won’t require me to go spend a few hours inside of a laundromat on ANY basis can’t be all bad….

    Guessing your unit is the all-in-one washer/dryer? Does the dryer use heat? Or is it one that evaporates the moisture? Are you able to wash while Wild Camping?

    Love to know how it’s working out for you?

    Thanks, Derek Wilkins

  • Laura

    I am so glad I found your site. We just purchased the same RV. We haven’t moved our stuff in yet (it’s in storage till March) but I can hardly wait.
    The one thing I am wondering about is where to put our dog litter box. We have 2 5lb. dogs that use a litter box. We are not full time but spend as much time as possible traveling. We take our grandkids with us a lot too.

  • Bj

    Your post made me chuckle and brought back memories of our first move. We lined up our old 5th wheel door to door with the new fifth wheel. “This will be easy.” we thought and planned to get an early start and be on the road right after lunch. A day and a half later we finished. How could we possibly have so much in here? It just seemed to expand!

    We’re in our 5th – 5th wheel since beginning to full-time and learned from that first move that even though we seem to travel light we sure do fit a LOT into our home on wheels!

    I enjoy your blog – nice to see you doing it while you are young!

  • Oh I so feel for you! When we had to take our Motorhome in for rego we had to have EVERYTHING taken out so that it was a bare weight….oh my gosh I never realised how much STUFF we had in ever cupboard and in the boot!! Then it had to be all put back into the motorhome.
    Funny how much we can fill up a house with over the time, and how much a RV/motorhome can hold. This year I am determined to make it a year of not buying any stuff at all 🙂
    Love your new RV 😉

      • We had fun trying to find storage space!! Never want to think about doing it again, but if we had to move from one RV to another one more suitable to our needs, I would do move it all in a heart beat….or maybe pay someone to help me?
        Sounds like you are going to have fun exploring with your new RV 🙂

  • Jarek and Kadi

    Kadi and I look forward to seeing your new blogs and videos in your Fleetwood. It’s almost like reading a good book; we just can’t wait to see what happens next. Except we can’t keep reading; we’ll just have to wait. We want to buy an RV for full time use and you guys have been a great inspiration to us.

    -Jarek and Kadi

    • Thanks for the nice words guys, we’ll keep making videos and writing articles if you keep reading and watching!

  • Ginny

    We upgraded from our 27 foot 5er to a 36 ft. class A last year. I was surprised the things we had tucked away that we hardly ever used. Did you find that too? I curious, what were some of the things you let go of? Our largest discard was a folding camping picnic table that was a hand-me-down from my dad. I think I sat at it as a kid and so did my now teenagers. It was hard to see it go, but we gave it to a young family just starting camping. It seemed right. 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Lots of great name ideas.I like Wynnston
    best. Looking forward to your posts on the new rig. Happy travels.

  • Pam

    Loved “Wynnston” and “Windy-r” — both are clever and cute!!

  • Norman Retzke

    Well, the specs I saw indicated 33′-11″ so this seems seems to be an upsize.

    Here at my 1321 ft. condo, we’ve decided to simply give things away or throw them out. Can’t carry it all, can we?

    The “Alpaca” which is what I call my 21 ft. Roadtrek is going to take me closer to my roots as a backpacker, but with more than a few luxury touches. In the “good old days” I used a sleeping bag and carried everything. Of course, even a small RV won’t get one into Quetico. and I’d never want to portage with one.

    “No trace camping” is but a memory. But “low impact RVing” remains a possibility to discover.

    Party On!.


    • Norman Party On!!! You will love wild camping with an RV and a quality nights rest will be worth every penny! Safe travels.

  • Ellie Matthies

    Love the new RV! The first name that came to mind was because of each time I get one of your email’s I wonder where you are. So how does WALDO sound? As in “Where’s Waldo?” There’s something fun about that and you guys always look like you are having so much fun!

  • Dawne

    Congrats on your continuing adventures.

    The whole moving RVs is a big pain. After much research, we have traded our 31 foot Fleetwood class C for a bigger 2014 Tiffin Class A. Oh the joy of it all. We picked up our new unit this past Friday and are beyond overwhelmed . There will be purging of some things from our old unit. Never enough space….

    We will be looking back through your posts for hints on storage, as well as advice for a water softener and solar.
    Looking forward to your continued posts.

    Happy and safe travels to you!

    • Good Luck Dawne, let us know if there’s anything specific you need to know…we’re always looking for great helpful stuff to share on our site.

  • mary

    Moving is NEVER fun! Funny thing is that we were moving our offices the same weekend in the ice. We only had to go about 6 miles. It is still the same amount of work, it just takes a little less time because you don’t have to drive so far. Congratulations on your new home!

  • Susan

    I’m with Rick, the name Wynnston immediately popped into my head. 🙂

  • Suzy B

    Windy was really perfect. All the little things done to make it your special place like the hanging herb garden. I can’t wait to see what you do with this big rig. Lots of people have them so there will be a lot of eyes watching to see how that dark interior is made light and fun. Names. Drawing a blank. sorry. Goliath is what comes to mind but it is not cute or fun. It is more descriptive.

  • Michelle

    I was excited to see that you are going to install the composting toilet in “not-Windy.” For two reasons, I am surprised they would let you do it. And that I have our composting toilet sitting in our RV’s living room ready to be installed and if you liked yours so much that you would install it in your new home then you had a good experience. Maybe I missed your blog entry that explains how it is working for you, but I was wondering how much of a pain is it to remove the base to empty it? That is my biggest concern. Are you going to make a new ‘This is how to install a composting toilet” video? I loved the first. Always better the second time around. I even asked my husband if he wanted to watch your first video again to refresh his memory before he starts the install. Wish us (him) luck!

    ~Michelle and Gary “Changing States” (haven’t had time to start our blog …yet)

  • Karen

    It was so obvious in the video how much you…uh…LOVED that bedding. LOL. I guess you’re going to have a bit of a tightrope to walk, what with Fleetwood keeping tabs on you.

    I keep meaning to ask, and would really like to know the answer: Why were you looking to replace Windy with something smaller than 32′? Inquiring minds/prospective fulltime RVers NEED to know. I thought that anything 32′ and under would get you into most parks, even most boondocking sites…

  • mderick

    I think it should be called Windy-r’

  • Kenneth Conley

    I am sure your kids would not mind you calling it the “Cat House”:)

  • Hang in there – you’re almost done!
    Congrats on the fabulous new ride.
    It will seem like home any day now 😉

  • Being a Fleetwood Mac fan and with your new rig being a Fleetwood how about naming it after a Fleetwood Mac song – Gypsy

    “To the Gypsy that remains, faces freedom with little fear”

  • Jenna

    It’s got to be exciting…a bran new RV…
    call it WINDY two…
    The (two) could be Roman numerals …
    Or since you started with Windy, maybe thevnew baby should be called STORM…the storm after the wind…
    Happy Travels…

  • Ken

    The new coach looks like a Quinn.Good luck on continuing your adventure.One day we hope that we can follow in your footsteps that your leaving.

  • Valarie

    We named ours Echo. The colors are similar to yours, definitely Y chromosome dominant
    Ours plans changed so many times
    and finally E-Echo
    Good Luck, look forward to the washer/dryer review.

  • Tom Dussault


  • Connie Schwanger

    I like the name Woody. Chuck and I will be moving into our new Winnebago Via 25p around the end of January. It is currently being built. We, along with our golden retriever Skipper, will start full timing. Oh, you could borrow our dog’s name if you’d like. He’s a sweet old guy.

  • Sunny

  • Sonny

    ELVIS !

    Thankya thankya verrry much

  • Judy Hardiman

    Congratulations on your new addition to the family. Moving is a pain. We were in the military and moved 14 times. Each home was different. Lots of rearranging.

    Suggestion for a new name. How about Jazzy or Jazzie.

    Look forward to hearing and seeing more of your adventures.

    Judy Hardiman

  • Phil

    re: Bumfuzzle

    or better yet take their boat on part trade for Windy (about half) and store the boat on the land in Mexico for the next year and you will have your next adventure conveyance already arranged. Think about how much less stress you’d have in the next year of travels in the Excursion if you had things arranged for when the year is up? then just fly to Mexico and let the next stage of your adventure begin!

  • Phil

    What the heck!?!?! The folks over at Bumfuzzle just bought a motorhome and it wasn’t Windy – how did that connection get missed??? And to think it was Nikki who referred me to their site in the first place!

    The Shultz’s bought a 47 year old motorhome, sight unseen from Craigslist in Iowa of all places. I’m sure it won’t be long before Pat and Ali grow tired of the maintenance and breakdowns on such an old beast. Nikki, Jason, you MUST contact them and convince them to buy Windy!!! It would be perfect.

  • Page

    How about “Sexy”? Love the cat cabinets!

  • Ray and Jeanie

    Hi guys, long time no “C” we move from the 40′ Allegro up to a 45′ MCI towing a 16′ trailer, and still not enough room for it all…Well after 13 years on the road we just bought a 30′ X 60′ Garage with a 15’x60′ RVport,and a “house” came with it. LOL… Next time you are in FL. give us a call. Anyway, back to a NAME, you are “on the road again” so why not call it “Willie”….. Oh yes, by the way, we call our 52,000 pound beast “The Monster” See it on”GOSWAP” #8862. Wishing you all the best.

  • T Harris

    Flynn Wynn sounds awesome 🙂

  • Since it is your home on the road I think… Homer
    It fits its masculine looks and complements Windy in a romantic sort of way.

  • Nikki Anam Cara

    While I love the Wynn nameline, it sure looks like a Tigger to me. 😉

  • Rick


    I was first thinking of Wynndhome, but that led to thinking of how the British would name their great country homes, so that would be something like Fleetwood Manor. But that is too formal and you need a name with more male personification – so it can only be Wynnston.

    Can’t wait to read about your next adventure!

    PS – So have you sold Windy yet? I thought you were asking a fair price so assumed it would be snapped right up.

  • Karen Hoyt

    A few more…Odyssey, Wanderlust.

  • Paula

    ya know…. all the gold bling…. dark & swarthy italian guy
    he just seems like a Guido to me and it kinda rolls off the tongue.

    I can hear it now…

    ‘lets get guido on the road’
    ‘guido’s gulping down the gas’
    go guido go!!


    but I gotta say I also really like Down Wynn or Blowin in the Wynn


  • I don’t know Nikki, you still look unconvinced!
    The outside made me think of a Tiger!

    Go get’em Tiger.
    T for Texas, T for Tennessee, T for Tony and Tony is a ……
    Got a tiger in your tank? sure feels like it at the gas station.

    Goes with the cats too.

    Whatever you decide may it bring you luck and safe travels.
    Missing you guys!
    Karin and Ludger

  • Tracy Prince

    My name suggestion for the new RV is “Mammy”, keeping with the theme from the original movie. Mammy took care of everybody in the house. Maybe she would take good care of the Wynns, too.

  • Jessica

    How about Wynnie, Wynsome or Breezy. Congrats on your new motorhome.

  • Duke of Paducah

    Windy’s big brothers’ name HAS to be,,,drum role please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,INDY !!! The most adventurous man in the world(Indiana Jones)! Rhymes with his sissy,,AND that is where he was born!!

  • Loved the washer/ dryer happy dance 🙂

  • Tom Conces


  • Marc & Julie

    Fun video of you moving – good exercise for the week! As for the new name… Definitely looks like a more masculine rig, especially with the black and gold, looks a bit like a bachelor pad, lots of nice wooden storage cupboards… its a Fleetwood… You have moved on from Windy… Our vote is to call your new rig WOODY! LOL yes we are serious! Hehe

  • Ron

    “Stormy” makes sense to me.

  • Cassie Blake

    With all that black and gold swirling around, and you base in Texas……..’Tex’ comes to mind. Big, strong and handsome! And hopefully, reliable with a good sense of humor! Have fun settling in. Thanks for sharing!

  • Michael

    You may share the name we use for our RV – “The Shire”, after J. R. R. Tolkien’s idyllic and magical place to live, a place in Middle-Earth beloved by its inhabitants.

  • I was thinking Gus, but given your trademark maybe Gusty Wynn?

  • Eric Link

    Keeping your theme going. Winston comes to mind.

  • PhotoRuss

    A couple I know insist on blaming me (in jest) for everything that goes wrong during their day(s). It’s been ongoing for years now. If something drops and breaks “it’s Russ’ fault”. If the forget to pay a bill and are charged a late fee… “it’s Russ’ fault”. If you name your RV Russ and something goes wrong you can blame me too :-/

    If you don’t like that for a name, how about John. I don’t know why, it just came to me.

    Enjoy your new home in any event!

  • Jerry Cummins

    With the frelines and your desire to use the unit for adventure, how about “sandbox?”

  • Jerry Cummins

    With the frelines and your excitement and adventure, how about “Sandbox”

  • Hum ??? Name ???

    How about

    ~ Goldilocks

    ~ Goldilox

    ~ “Home on the Wynn’s”

    ~ “Fleet-wynn’s” (Got to give Fleetwood a plug)

    Let me sleep on it…..

  • Leslie

    Bond. As in James Bond.

  • What you think about (Rhett) Butler tall, dark and handsome would make a great addition to the Gone with the Wynn.

  • Linda

    Wynn Power,
    Everybody Wynns
    Wynn Break
    Wynnfall (which is sounds like it is)
    Wynnsome (as in winsome, all though could be win some, lose some)
    Wynnlass (but it seems more masculine?)
    Someone already suggested Down Wynn which I like.
    Big Wynn (Hurricane?)
    Break Wynn (no, don’t like that one)

    We too are moving out of one RV into another this week. From a 16 year old Pleasureway into a Forest River Solera. Love the idea of the Sprinter van. Twice the space. That said, it is still only 24′ and until we started to move in, we don’t realize how different the storage spaces are.

  • James

    Looks kinda like a “Slider” to me. We named ours “RED”.

  • How about Down Wynn for a name.

  • Ben

    So, the new RV is a boy who goes out seeking “upcoming adventures” in the spirit of Windy….

    My mind goes directly to the name: Peter Pan.

    (i know, that girl’s name was wEndy, but its still a great story to tell when ppl ask, and it honors the last chapter of your story)

    Well Wishes You Guys! Thanks for sharing your journey.

  • David

    Well you had a Windy and the new one is definitely not a Winda but maybe a Windo , for a new view on the world.

  • Bill in Wimberley, TX

    That RV just doesn’t look like it is anything close to what you’d have picked out, but I understand that the deal was just too good to pass up.

  • Dominick Trentacosti

    Names: Candace Wynn, Willy Wynn, Amanda Wynn (A-Man-Tuh Wynn)(what? no good?) Darra Wynn (like Charles Darwin… Ok I’m done.

  • Peg Crowell

    I would suggest putting planks across so you don’t have to go up and down the steps next time. I was exhausted just watching. It will feel like home in no time. Best wishes!

  • Dominick Trentacosti

    Name: Ivanna Wynn

  • Brenda

    Love your new rig. I had a 32 ft Fleetwood Bounder when I started in 2004. They make a nice motorhome. Named mine “The Snoozemobile.” Looking forward to hearing more about life with the new wheels. Sending good vibes for your next adventure!

  • Katie

    Congratulations on your new RV. It looks nice. I like Mac as a name for your new ride. Continue to enjoy your travels. I love your cat’s and Iove hearing about the places you all go.

  • Hmm, I don’t know what happened to my other comment. I thought it looked like it should have a masculine name also and was thinking Wynton sounds masculine, classy and plays off of Wynn like Wyndy did. I like it!!

  • Steve C

    And I thought Windy was huge. What size will your next one be, QE2? I think your first characterization of this Behemoth would be the perfect name: “Beast”, or maybe “Brutus”! 🙂

    I plan on being a little more stealth when on the road with a pickup and a camper on the back. It will suit me as a one person abode, but certainly too small for two people and two cats. Everyone has their limits, or lack thereof.

  • You’re right the decorating as is isn’t really all that bad. (Except maybe the bedspread!)I’ve seen much much worse. I actually really like the lines of that couch and the kitchen space is nice. Was that a big fridge?!?!? That’s my rv dream! Can’t wait to see what you do with it. The RV not the fridge!

  • So Nikki,

    You lost your great custom desk/workstation and chair. Do you have any plans for building on into the new RV – or just going with a portable table?

    The placement of the TV over the dinette table seems to lend itself to only being able to watch TV from the couch or the co-pilot chair. I’m thinking this could present some challenges if you remove the couch and replace it with a desk like you had in Windy.

    Or maybe … does the side/wall table next to the door extend out so that it can become a desk for the co-pilot chair?

    Finding good working space for two of us in our 32′ National RV has been challenging. Curious minds want to know how you’ll solve this problem in your new home 🙂

  • Karen Hoyt

    My hubby suggested Duke or Thor. I think you should keep him nameless until you have been on the road with him for awhile. As you get to know the his character, I am sure you will come up with a name that is perfect for him.

  • Gordon

    It’s obvious …..his name is Bruno. Can’t you see it?

  • Ronda

    Nice ride. How about Wendell as a name as it does look rather masculine. 🙂

  • Mark Beresford

    Over here in Blighty the tradition in naming your RV or Campervan, is after the first place you breakdown… Hence that’s why we drive “Chester “our beloved VW camper..:-)

  • Mo & MIka

    1st one was Windy but this new one looks like a Stormy!

  • John Athey

    I can’t believe no one suggested “Rhett” or maybe even “Butler” immediately. The look of tan and gold and black screams Clark Gable portraying Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind. Of course yall can name it whatever you’d like. . . Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn! 😉

  • Joan and Jeff

    Well, in keeping with the Italian theme for a name, we vote for Guido or Paolo. Also thought Cary as in Cary Grant would be good. He was a suave guy with the ladies in many a movie. Or with all that gold and glittering exterior, Liberace.

    Also, what was the technique to shoot that footage of you moving from motorhome to motorhome? That was very entertaining. Some of us amateurs would love to know how that was done.

  • BF

    Somehow Eddard (like from Game of Thrones Stark, dark and brooding, but oh so respectable.

  • Andrea

    I like your new digs (minus the gold bedspread, that’s be tough to decorate around) and the cats are a crackup. I like the idea of an Italian name like Stefano. Or maybe Spanish like El Macho.


  • Henry

    If you would like to stay with the W theme there is Willy or Wicked. Since the Fleetwood is not as long as Windy Shorty might work unless other 18, 22, 24 footers get offended. Gone with the Wynn’s reminds me of Gone With the Wind…Rhett?? How about Gulliver from Gulliver’s Travels?

  • Mark

    Here’s my thinking, Windy was a nice but small RV. Your new one is bigger (and bad-er?) in every way, so maybe “Gale” as in Gale force winds?

  • Debbie

    Congratulations on your new RV! Moving is never fun but as soon as it’s over, the adventures can begin. Hope you are traveling to a warmer climate by now and enjoying the new space.

    As for name considerations, the University of Central Florida (UCF) colors are black and gold and they are the Knights. Definitely a bold, male image.

  • Debbie from Illinois

    We have had 5 RVs and it is always a challenge to organize everything in a new rig. It will work out. My friends travel with a cat and the first thing they look for when buying a new RV is where they are going to put the litter box. LOL

  • Funny, I was thinking a man’s name too. How about Wynton? I like it. 🙂

  • How about Guido? Love the new rig. How do I get in on a deal like that?

  • Lon G

    How about naming him Mac as in Fleetwood Mac?

  • I love following your blog, never a dull moment! By now you are probably ‘settled’ but my thought is…find a nice warm spot, do a run in the morning, yummy breakfast, then hit a storage space. Pull it all out, then repack with your 6 month rule. Then head to the beach in the afternoon, beverages in hand. 🙂 It may take a little longer, but think of the fun as you go!

  • Ryan

    What you doing with Windy?

  • Bob

    The seat in the shower will come in handy, trust me. Sometimes it’s a good idea to sit down if a lady needs to shave her legs. If that’s well…something to be concerned with…
    You’ll figure it out.
    Somehow along the way, I guess I missed the part where you figured you needed a *different* RV. Is it a *bigger* RV?
    I see you have a cool over cab type of sleeping arrangement. I’ve only seen them on the net, so I’d be curious as to the practicality of that space.
    Have fun getting sorted.

  • Phil

    Here’s my suggestion for a name.

    Fleetwood is a model of Cadillac – the common nickname for a Cadillac is Caddy. It would have a double meaning too as a caddy is also someone is carry’s your bags for you, well golf bag anyway and your motorhome does carry your things around for you. So…Windy to Caddy? Caddy the Fleetwood.


  • Black and Gold ….. Black like a Pirate and Gold like what a Pirate wants….how about “Pirate” as a name???? (Now if ours was silver and black I would name ours “The Raider” real quick since I grew up in Oakland Raider territory.) There are also a lot of “Rappers” out there with Gold Teeth, but I would be afraid of going down that pathway….. Congrats on your new “wheely digs”.

  • Adrienne

    Nice. How about Mac — you know it’s a Fleetwood!

  • Great stuff guys! Going to miss WIndy, she had such great personality. As to a name for the new rig, he kind of looks like a Bruno to me… You know with the black A-shirt and gold chains? 🙂

  • Kevin C.

    That Cat! LOL.
    Your new ride looks great!
    My two cents worth on the name….
    Big Al or Dave.
    I enjoy your blog and videos, keep up the fine work.

  • Bob J.

    What were you guys going to do if you’d moved into a smaller class C like you had planned?
    You’ve got too much stuff! Get rid of everything you haven’t seen or used in the last 12 months…..
    We have a class B RV Sprinter, and we have storage space left over. (Granted we don’t full time in it though)

  • How about ‘Ciao’ … sounds like a tall, dark Italian hunk, which is always a good thing for the girls, plus, as you are always on the road, and leaving places, Goodbye (Ciao) is quite appropriate! Ciao!

  • Hilarious to see the cat in all the shots in the video! Gotta love all the help you get from the felines. 🙂 Super excited for you guys and your new adventures! Wish you didn’t have to move in 10 degree weather, but looks like it will all be worth it for sure! Cheers guys. Hope to see you again sometime out there on the road 🙂


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