The Shower Situation

Living on a sailboat, we are our own floating island.  Disconnected from the rest of the world.  Until recently, we hadn’t realized just how disconnected we’ve been.

Our boat hasn’t docked at a marina or plugged into the grid in 4 years!  That’s 4 years of living at anchor and being self-reliant for all our resources.  We capture, create, and purify our own water, carefully manage our waste and rely on the sun for power.

We prefer life on the hook, but we weren’t aiming for any remote living or off-the-grid goals.  It has simply been a by-product of living on a sailboat in mostly remote locations where marinas don’t exist.

Now here we are, in New Zealand, a civilized and developed country.  CURIOSITY is tied securely to a marina dock and we have access to all its modern luxuries.  And it’s weird.

There are lots of little things, like not pointing into the wind, that reminds me I’m not in my normal element.  But for whatever reason, the shower situation shocked me the most.  Yes, the shower.

That’s when I knew my years of living in the warmth of the tropics, bathing in the ocean, and washing my clothes in the rain had officially changed me.

Showering is something we all do (I hope), so I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this one.


Question For You

Our solar showers are reaching the end of their life.  If you know of a well-made and even more efficient brand, I would love suggestions.  Ours are leftover from our camping days, so I’m guessing there must be a more rugged version out there by now.





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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Chrissi

    Thanks for the interesting web site, videos, etc. Re showers, I have found a manual pressurized spray bottle often used for things like spraying insecticides or fertilizer, works wonderful for a boat shower. Paint it black, put a shower nozzle on it, or a simple garden hose spray nozzle, and voila, best boat shower ever. Many sizes available, from 5 liters to 25 liters, I have used this with great success. Excellent for conserving fresh water.

  • Sean

    Our boat came with a “12 volt, 15 gal spot sprayer”. Its painted black and sits on deck. Couldn’t find a name but its made in China (surprise) and the item # is 9583. Specs on pump are 12vdc/3.5A, 1gpm, 40psi. It had it’s own dedicated small engine battery with one of those tiny clip on solar panels which kept it charged. I used it until I installed an electric water heater. It worked great in September/October in North Florida with a perfect water temp for me.

  • Suzanne

    Is the video no longer available? Unable to access

  • Bernard Schaer

    ok, video came on after all…. very funny story guys! Great video! Bernard

  • Bernard Schaer

    No video there? What happened? Cheers, Bernard

  • Tom

    Crazy way to subtly introduce fans to the new Curiosity Only Fans Page!!!! LOL. Great stuff guys-never miss an episode.

  • Cindy

    I don’t think the camping solar showers have improved much. (And, like I think you said, already pretty darn great.) Seems like what folks are moving to are those portable, propane, on demand set ups.

    Sure – they work well. As much temperature controlled, hot water as you want (though still need to “feed” it). Ready to go anytime night or day. Probably doesn’t use a ton of propane. Feels like an on-the-grid shower.

    But in my book, for a light ecological footprint, those solar shower bags are the best! I live off grid. Plan my shower around the sun. (Have never used a rain shower. Just too undependable). If I need to shower early, can heat the water on the propane cook stove and fill the bag that way.

    Unfortunately, despite the obvious effects of all our first world consumption, people are still moving towards faster, easier, on demand solutions (mobile propane water heater being one example) rather than the simpler, more inconvenient, ecological ways. Just human nature, I guess.

    And I do get people working long hours and/or taking care of kids and/or older folks really need everything to be as easy and on their schedule as possible. Just not enough hours or energy in the day.

    But I also appreciate all the Wynn’s efforts to tread as lightly as possible, while still living their best life. Composting toilet, pescatarian, kid-free, etc. Have learned a lot, as well as getting a peak into a ton of amazing places on this amazing earth. Enjoy your videos! Thank you.

  • Roger Cox

    I have used the women’s side to shower with a former wife. She preferred to be on the men’s side with me. She has a strong preference to be seen rather than not seen. That is natural in women as long as they feel safe. It is tied directly to women’s need to be admired. Natural and good in my view. But, feeling safe while being seen is the pivotal issue. But natural does not mean the standard view of the matter. To each their own. I loved this video. Cold showers in cold weather? Yikes. But getting clean is important. The cost comparison was interesting as well. TY to both. Showers are essential for health and social continuity.

  • Alan Solomon

    Awesome and great video. What a surprise to be watching our weekly video about showering!
    I think that was good thinking to shower in the men’s shower instead of the woman’s shower.
    I can just imagine the look on a guys face if he would come in and see naked Nikki there.
    I work in a major global retailer 5 days a week. I talk with many, many, people each day.
    The other day I met 2 RVer’s and I raved about my friends Nikki and Jason traveling the globe on their boat in New Zealand.
    I hope they watched today sometime. If they did, this would be a unique episode to come in on! 🛀.
    As always, Safe, Well and Best..

  • Dean Allen

    Wow!!! An article about Nikki showering.

    If I was in the Men’s showers and saw Nikki, dressed or not, I would not be offended. I would offer to be helpful.

    Hey, us little boys never grow up. A beautiful lady in your shower has always been a fantasy. Nikki is beautiful.

    At least Jason thinks like me and offered to shower with her. Unfortunately, they forgot to video that segment.

    I have been vicariously traveling the world, with the Wynns and other You Tube sailors. However I like simple pleasures like a nice hot shower.

    You kids are hilarious. Keep posting those videos!

  • Craig

    How many people are staying in their boats full time at your Marina?

  • Fred Malkin

    Great editing for your shower scene. I’ve told a few people about your blog and how family oriented the production is. And except for the shower puddle…you have still got a PG rating
    Also…how’s the ear/vertigo going?

  • John

    How much does it cost to shower on the boat?

    Well you did break that down for us but did not add the costs of fixing the break downs.

    Good episode – and I would have trouble on 1 Litre a day. I drink more water than that on a summer day.

  • Cathryn

    Nikki, what was the powder that you used to wash your face?

  • Patricia Earnhart

    Three broken showers! Lol
    That makes the $2.00 seem reasonable 😂😂

  • Mike Smith

    I hope after lockdown that we can meet up as like my partner to talk to you about doing this type of lifestyle as she has to many questions. Hopefully in level 2 we can come down to you lol love your story’s / ventures.

  • Judy Goodson

    Loved the shower stories! I couldn’t believe your boat had 3 showers, and all of them were broken. Bummer! It does make for fun memories though.

  • Karen S has good reviews and recommendations for solar showers: Their explanations for how they tested and made their recommendations always provide useful information that can help inform your choices.

  • Jim H

    You both are so much fun to follow! Thanks for sharing your adventures. Sorry if it isn’t always fun on your end!! I haven’t thought of how much of a pain showering can be for many years! At one place in the middle east, all the shower stalls drained to an opening in the middle of the room. So you had to squeegee the floor after showering!!

    Wondering – is it feasible to install in-line flash heaters to keep from heating a whole tank of water? I’m not sure of cost to purchase or to use. Probably lots of amps.

    In any event, hope you both are safe and blessed! Looking forward to your posts!

  • Doug

    We use the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower on our rafting trips and it works great. No hose so it will only work for your outside shower. It’s also round so you will have to tie it to something so it doesn’t roll away.
    Good luck with all the projects.

  • Jason de Mos

    You are both very informative and a great insight and education into the realities of the cruising daily life. Great content.

  • Michael

    Actually, $1.43 USD, so could do 10 minutes pretty cheap. But you’re right, your boat has what it needs when connected to shore power. Life is good!

    I think you’re getting to the point where you will be agreeing with me that a heat pump is great for hot water, cold water, etc., and only needs a few watts of power. I’m also afraid the using a prop engine to generate electricity will be fuel wasteful. But that’s just me.

    Have fun in the shower. 😉

  • Dorene

    Thanks for sharing your adventures. We bought a Monaco Vesta in 2015 because we loved your MH videos. You sold us and we’re still enjoying it.

  • Barb

    Love your podcasts! I’m a fellow cruiser and have done all the shower types you mentioned, even the shower together to save $! Luckily, a lot of marinas we have been to have free showers.
    I am interested in what type of environmentally friendly products you use, if you are willing to share the names.
    Keep sharing your adventures! Love to see them.

  • Ember

    Love the shower together story! Just goes to show how any little thing can become an adventure. You guys are hilarious!

  • Pat

    That was extremely funny and glad you shared it.

  • David

    Five of us shared a shower in Yosemite’s climbers campsite. Got to know each other real well. 4 guys and a girl.

  • Alexander Racho

    You guys are just so fun to watch. Now how to get that security camera footage of Nikki bolting out of the mens room…

  • Ken Knopp

    Hi guys, I lived on and off a boat for 20 years most of which was off the grid. There are 2 methods of heating fresh water that may help. The first is a heat exchange system where your motor heats water from it’s cooling system while under way. Not really convenient but free and costs nothing. (One learns to shower when there is opportunity) The second is on demand Propane. I know that you are trying to get away from propane however this system in very good and can sure be helpful during extended time on anchor. It is inexpensive, easy to install and very reliable and if you are careful uses very little propane. The only other method is solar and I hear that they can work quite well even during somewhat cloudy days. And last of all, just to for it, cold water works well and sure beats no shower at all and can be very refreshing. Good luck.

  • Bill

    Hilarious ‘together shower’ story! Hey, but you saved $2, AND you have a great memory to share!
    About four years ago, my wife and I retired into our class a motorhome and soon found your channel on YouTube. You shared stories of enduring problems and triumphs that we shared and found that we had a lot in common.
    We were somewhat saddened and apprehensive when you started looking at sail boats, but once you started sailing, we found your adventures intriguing and yet foreign, since we were not sailors nor did we often go on/in the water. We hated to lose sight of your experiences in the motorhome, but soon found that we could dream of being on the ocean simply by watching your videos!
    The last few years of watching you sell the tropics has been just that. Dreamy! Each week you were in another place and doing something else that we could only dream of!
    Now that you are in New Zealand and taking care of a plethora of maintenance issues, we can relate to reality of your videos once again.
    As always, your videos are very entertaining and we look forward to coming home from church each Sunday just to watch them! We look forward to you returning to the tropics, but nevertheless enjoy the wholesomeness of watching and being entertained by seeing places will never see you in person; and enjoying life vicariously through your eyes.
    I wish you well, and look forward to many more years of watching you explore the world!

  • Jeanette Brennan

    Wow! You guys are amazing – you always find the most efficient and eco-friendly way to do things. You are an inspiration to us all. Great video – as always. Stay safe and good luck! 💖🙏 🚿🧼👍

  • Tom Fitch

    Okay, so this is the “G” rated version of Nikki showering…awaiting the good stuff! Actually, I do have a constructive comment. I’m sure you have experience with a “Solar Shower” – the gallon or so bag that you hang in the sun to heat up and then have warm water for a shower. I love my solar shower! I would think that would be the go-to for a boat.

  • Greg

    Why would they restrict you to a 5 minute shower?? There should be no water shortage in New Zealand as it rains a lot. Maybe they worry about the energy to heat hot water?? If this was Australia where water is scarce it would make sense. Or are the showers busy in the summer and they want to restrict how long you shower so others can use them?? Good news, it will start to warm up soon there as you head into spring. Very nice marina though.

  • R Jahn

    You need a product called ” Emergency tape” good for leaky pipes it really works.. safe travels from Colorado!


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