The Shower Situation

The Shower Situation

Living on a sailboat, we are our own floating island.  Disconnected from the rest of the world.  Until recently, we hadn’t realized just how disconnected we’ve been.

Our boat hasn’t docked at a marina or plugged into the grid in 4 years!  That’s 4 years of living at anchor and being self-reliant for all our resources.  We capture, create, and purify our own water, carefully manage our waste and rely on the sun for power.

We prefer life on the hook, but we weren’t aiming for any remote living or off-the-grid goals.  It has simply been a by-product of living on a sailboat in mostly remote locations where marinas don’t exist.

Now here we are, in New Zealand, a civilized and developed country.  CURIOSITY is tied securely to a marina dock and we have access to all its modern luxuries.  And it’s weird.

There are lots of little things, like not pointing into the wind, that reminds me I’m not in my normal element.  But for whatever reason, the shower situation shocked me the most.  Yes, the shower.

That’s when I knew my years of living in the warmth of the tropics, bathing in the ocean, and washing my clothes in the rain had officially changed me.

Showering is something we all do (I hope), so I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this one.

Question For You

Our solar showers are reaching the end of their life.  If you know of a well-made and even more efficient brand, I would love suggestions.  Ours are leftover from our camping days, so I’m guessing there must be a more rugged version out there by now.




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