Nikki Goes Solo – RV Road Trip For One

Nikki Goes Solo – RV Road Trip For One

I’m not afraid of much, and perhaps it’s because I read too much Pippi Longstocking and watched Annie growing up. I love nothing more than a good challenge.  Someone thinking, much less saying, I can’t do something ensures that I must do it and prove them wrong.

i can do anything

The idea of traveling solo, especially in an RV, as a woman and a married woman at that…well, you know I had to pounce on that opportunity while Jason was away!

I don’t drive the RV nearly as much as Jason does (maybe 10-20% of the time) but that’s mostly due to the fact that I can work while in route. Jason has a tendency to get car sick if he tries to do anything other than sing like a rock star while rolling down the road.

I also don’t handle much of the setting up and breaking down tasks outside the RV either.  Jason and I like to divide and conquer most everything in life together.  So while he is busy dumping the tanks and bringing up the jacks, I’m taking care of the inside stuff like putting away the booze, cleaning up after the cats and so on.  We truly split all things 50/50…unless we ever get a divorce…then its 80/20 in my favor. 😉

Even though I don’t drive or handle certain tasks around the RV often, I make sure to go through the whole process with Jason every once in a while.  Why? Because life is not predictable. I believe it’s incredibly important to feel independent, capable and most importantly not afraid to take on life even if I’m solo. Our life at the moment is living and traveling in an RV.  So, I want to know I can keep rolling down the road in confidence should any curve balls be thrown our way.

We experienced one of those curve balls this past week.  Jason had a family emergency and needed to go be with his family.  Sure, I could have just stayed parked at the campground and waited for him to come back…but I saw it as an opportunity to strike out on my own.  A solo RV road trip and wild camping, yes please!

I have traveled solo in the RV a few times in the past but it’s been a couple of years.  So, not only did I hit the road, I grabbed our little Sony and added in the challenge of shooting and editing a video solo for the first time. While I don’t have Jason’s mad skills, he has taught me a lot over the years. Give it a watch and let me know what you think in the comments below!

What a trip right?! Can you believe I had to disconnect the car twice and find a different wild camping spot in the dark? I felt like the poster child for murphy’s law. But in the end I made it!

I ended up at Joshua Tree South BLM (here’s how we find free Wild Camping) and I have to say, it’s pretty fantastic. It’s obviously a well-loved location as I have seen campers coming and going each day, the sites are well established and some, like the one I am in, even comes with a mail box. GPS Coordinates: 33°39’45.1″N 115°47’17.6″W

free camping joshua tree
free camping joshua tree
free camping joshua tree
solo rv travel as a woman

Now, I realize there are a lot of bad a** solo RV travelers out there and plenty of them are women (Vespa and a Laptop, and The Lady is a Tramp just to name a couple). I’m not exactly doing anything revolutionary and I realize this. I simply set out on a mission and accomplished it.

I set a goal and achieved it…that is the part that’s exciting!  No matter how big or small the goal, accomplishing something I set out to do is a rad feeling that never gets old. In fact, its addicting and I highly encourage it.

Plus, I think this video should put a few of these common questions to rest “Does Nikki drive the RV?” “Does Nikki use the cameras?” “I’m a single woman, is traveling in an RV safe?” “I’m afraid to drive a Motorhome by myself, is it even possible to do solo RV travel?

What about you?  Are you one of those bad a** solo travelers? Maybe you recently accomplished a goal or need some encouragement to make it happen.  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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