stuff breaks, we fix it, hooray boats

Stuff Breaks, We Fix It, Hooray Boats

It’s been said death and taxes are the only two certainties in life.  Obviously, the person who said that wasn’t a sailor. Because let me tell you, it’s a 100% guarantee stuff on a sailboat will break. It’s only a matter of when.

But, if we’re going to make repairs, let it be in an exotic location! Que the monkeys, flying fish, pelicans and let the adventures begin.

I can hear Bill Withers singing in my head…it’s just the two of us, building castles in the sky sand, just the two of us, you and I.

I thought there might be a feeling of silent pause once it was just the two of us again. But there was no time for that, we had problems to solve!

Boat Yoga

Boat Yoga: noun; Uncomfortable positions often used when working on a boat. It’s not practiced for relaxation or health but rather out of necessity.

Sharing life, the boat and everything in between has been an unforgettable experience and I expected a mini version of empty nest to settle in for a couple of days once everyone was gone.  But honestly, there’s no sadness in it.

We’ve been full time travelers for almost nine years. We are accustomed to change and saying, “until next time” to friends old and new.  This unsedentary life we lead has a way of bringing people together, and more often than not, we meet again down the road. It’s exciting knowing everyone is off to start another adventure.  It’s the beginning of a new chapter, not an end.  Farewell Dan, we will meet again!

s/v curiosity crew

Linton Bay

Linton Bay in Panama has treated us well and has turned out to be the perfect place to get a boat load of work done.

This tiny blip of a town has become a cruiser refuge. It’s the combination of an inexpensive marina with a good lift plus a solid anchorage that can hold a crap-load of boats.  There isn’t much going on here at first glance, but given the fact we were a bit stuck while we tackled a long list of boat projects, we had some time to scope things out.

sailing linton bay Panama

sailing linton bay panama

At the end of the road that passes by Puerto Lindo lies a village called Nombre de Dios.  From there one of the biggest local weekend hotspots in Panama is just a dinghy ride away:  Isla Grande.  Locals come from all over Panama to visit this little island.  We speared, we swam, we hiked the trails and found sloths, monkeys and plenty of exotic birds.  If you find yourself in this area, the weekends are insane, and the weekdays are dead calm!  It’s a great escape from the boat, especially when you’re buried in chores.

sailing linton bay panama

sailing linton bay panama

sailing linton bay panama

sailing linton bay panama

puerto lindo veggie truck

Ah, the veggie truck! These guys drive through a couple of times a week with a fresh load of fruits and veggies from the mountain farms. The produce is fantastic, prices are reasonable and the guys are always friendly. I am going to miss this!

Panama City

We were told Panama City would take us by surprise with its stretched out skyline and European influences…and it certainly did!  Bumper to bumper traffic, quaint shops, cobblestone streets and loads of pirate history.  The entire neighborhood of Casco Viejo is a UNESCO world heritage site and has a rugged charm that is worthy of experiencing should you ever get the chance.

historic streets of Casco Viejo

historic churches of panama

panama city skyline

Wilford showing us a map of where the coffee we tasted was grown. This is Bajareque Coffee House, owned by the gracious Lamastus family whose farm we toured in Boquete. When in the city, make sure to stop in and get a cup of Geisha!

Sailing Report

To see our full map with interactive pins, click here:

Sailing Linton Bay Panama

  • Dates: 10/8 – 10/24/2017
  • Anchorage:  Linton Bay Anchorage.  The bay has lots of room and the holding is good.  We would get some swell and chop when the wind picked up but nothing too bad.
  • Cell & WiFi:  Claro and Masmovil both worked well here.

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  • Robert Jensen

    Wynns, that monkey you filmed in Panama during this episode looks like it could have been the critically endangered Black-headed Spider Monkey. That was good luck seeing one.

  • Dean Frank

    You guys are SO good at this.
    We are heading here before we go through the Canal, on your recommendation. See you do have an effect on the world. 😁🐬

  • Aubrey

    Do you sell the totebags with your Curiosity logo on them? I’d love to help support and represent my favourite bloggers!

  • R Traska

    after a lifetime of “you Cant do _____” compass i simply have to say…you CAN’T give up Ice Cream…
    sorry Nikki just had to do it…Fair Winds

  • Linda Lukens

    Love your videos please keep them coming! I am a huge admirer! Safe sailing ⛵️ Linda

  • Roger B

    Working on our classic cars we use synthetic grease to hold a small fastener in place while connecting it to whatever. Jason, thanks for the details on your mechanical and electrical repairs. I always learn something from you and I’m a fix-it myself person also so I really absorb your information in detail. My friends call me “anal” analytical. I say, “I can ‘t help it”. Thanks for the drone videos.

  • Howard Morton

    Really underestimated the time employed fixing the boat when it decides to throw a wobbler, you guys ever wish for a bathroom and garden!.. would be a nice break eh. Think it would get me annoyed fixing stuff all the time (and I’m a ex mechanic too) like the life style but not the graft. Your videos are top notch YouTube is great for giving you/us a peak in to your world thank, I raise my glass!

  • Kevins

    Nikki, bleach mixed with water will work better on mold than vinegar.
    Jason, when disconnecting battery terminals, always disconnect the negative terminal first to prevent sparks on the positive terminal. When connecting, always connect the positive terminal first then the negative. It’s a safety precaution to prevent sparks and a possible battery explosion. Enjoy.

  • Inspired by you all< I bought a used MB Cruiser from folks in NH – they had visited 49 states and wanted to visit the 50th, but couldn't take the RV (to Hawaii) so I took it on a cross country adventure a month after I retired. Crossed from NH to WA, Mt. Ranier Natioanl Park, to be a volunteer campground host for a few months – fabulous trip. Lots of amazing hikes around Mt. Ranier, met so many new friends and the campground rangers were wonderful – all way younger than me, but included me in their lives as park rangers. Left in September to wander my way home on a southwest route that included Florida for a visit with old high school buddies! My dog and cat rode with me the whole trip, making friends of their own and introducing me to many new "on the road" friends. Following your sage advice to include boondocking in the mix or RV parks and campgrounds, we had a blast – I learned more about hook-ups, generators, and water pressure that I ever intended to. Campground hosting was an amazing adventure, and seeing west coast family and friends was a real treat. Thank you for your inspiration. While I love boats, mainly canoes and kayaks, I will stick to the RV…I now know how to fix most of those problems, or who to ask for help….2018 RV adventures not confirmed yet…but want to wish you all more safe and fun adventures. Sandra

  • Nancy Fernandez

    I love following you two and videos are awesome but when I see current posts on FB I just have to remind myself you’re out almost 3 months. I’m starting to show my age lol 🙂 Be safe and try not to work to hard, watching that made me tired.

  • Mike

    For the boat cleaning I would suggest a pressure washer. There’s lots of small ones you can easily stow on the boat. I’m sure you are running a salt line as well as a fresh water line. Use the salt line to blast your mold off and then rinse with the fresh. Saves your osmosis filters. Keep it low pressure so you don’t damage anything. Should save you a bunch of time.
    Nice work with the inverter. All your experiance from the RV days is paying off.
    Have fun and stay safe.

  • Barry Echols

    After watching your videos on You Tube I always come over here to your website to see a more detailed explanation of events. Always well written and informative. Thanks for taking the time to update it each week.

  • Mary

    Whew, I got tired watching all of that work you both were doing. There is a lot of maintenance going on! Hopefully, that doesn’t happen too often!!

    Wish I had some of that warm weather. It is winter everywhere!!!

    Safe travels!

  • Doug Carsey

    Love to watch your videos, look forward to Sundays to see what your up to the past week, you said you will be in the area for about a month before you start thru the canel. When do you pick up the next crew members? You do a wonderful job on your presentations of videos and comintary of what is going on each day. Love you guys & keep up the good work!!

  • Joe Slowinski


    I noticed that you are driving in this video but when you went on the roadtrip to Boquette you noted that you cannot drive because your TX license is expired and you need to renew it in person in TX; what changed?

  • Colin Fowler

    And I thought RV’s were always breaking….

  • Michael Williams

    Good to see you both are doing well. Flu epidemic in Dallas/Ft Worth area currently, one of the worst I’ve seen in over 30 years of practice. I have all elderly patients and they are getting hit hard. The worst of it should be over soon. Your exposure to communicable diseases is very low, you’re lucky. It is cold in Dallas, freezing nightly. Fat Stock Show in Ft Worth is on and we are going 3 times to the Rodeos with friends.
    Stay safe. See ya.

  • Donna

    As always, another great video & blog.
    I am very appreciative of you sharing the history & culture of the areas you are in.
    It’s so true that no matter where or what you live in, there will always be chores. While I envy your locations, there is added time and expenses for your chores. I do admire your attitudes, you love of what you do is so evident in them! Until next time…

  • Bill Hamilton

    Looked at the video again and by gar your scrapers are plastic so disregard my earlier comments..
    Happy trails.

  • Bill Hamilton

    Hi Guys….. I have a suggestion that may help with the fouling of the hull… Instead of using those steel blade scrapers which look very similar to drywall muding knives. (They have really pointy corners) I would suggest some plastic scrapers… I live in Toronto and we get them locally. If you would like I can obtain a couple of assorted packs for you. There are 3 from narrow to wide.. In the mean time if you haven’t already, blunt the corners of those scrapers you have so you don’t accidentally dig into the gelcoat of the hull. Not good.

  • John

    For the mold have you tried a weak solution of bleach and water instead of the vinegar? works real good

  • Tim Nagler

    Are you 2 going back through the canal. What happened?

  • David Bunten

    I repaired my garage door, garage electrical system, kitchen faucet, and dryer heat implement and vent system in the last month. Repairs in exotic places would be nice.

  • Theresa Hodgins-Lott

    My husband reads your blogs and follows your journey religiously, be it your previous RVing or now Sailing. He actually came out to meet you when you were here in Destin area.

    My question to you is this. From the two different full time life styles which do you favor the most personally and why.

  • James Heitman

    I’m confused. If you are in Panama City, you must be on the Pacific side of the Canal. What happened to the videos of the passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific through the Canal?

    • Curious Minion

      They took the rental car to Panama for this video.


    This blog was another quality way to spend some time on a sunny warm Sunday afternoon (wink to the RVgeeks). Wonder how many more Sunday videos till we get the Nikki-Jason-John-Peter one hour docu-video-blog of that epic week! Expectations are high!

    • We’re looking forward to seeing Nikki & Jason’s video about our visit, too! 😛

  • Jamie Dillon

    Hey Guys. A hearty Canadian Happy New Year. Jason , I envy your ongoing great attitude and your “awe shucks” disposition. It is truly an inspiration. The editing and video quality gets better all the time and the incremental professionalism is great to see in real time. I wish you safe travels with great winds and currents to propel you forward in your journey. All the best in 2018. Keep up the great work. Jamie

  • George Hofmann

    I know I shouldn’t be offering my advice; because you two are the quintessential ‘we can do it people’. That said, I offer this for thought. In your cabin, get small low draw (electricity) dehumidifiers and condense the humidity. In the salon get a big 120volt AC demunidifier and keep the passageway closed as often as possible. That’s a lot of water being collected in staterooms which has to be monitored or plumbed overboard. The salon condensate could be used for dish washing or laundry purposes.

  • Looks like you’re getting close to the Panama Canal. 😉

    • Joe the Computer Guy

      LOL, I can’t anything straight anymore. Patreon, Facebook, Youtube. It’s all over the place!!!!

    • Mary

      I was thinking the same thing!


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