Sundowner Q&A with Mom

Sundowner Q&A with Mom

Before Jason’s mom (Mary) said goodbye in Tahiti, we sat her down, gave her some beers and asked her your burning questions.  We curated the questions from Instagram, Facebook and of course from our Patrons.  She was only given two rules: Answer honestly and don’t hold back.

Your questions ranged from the experience of visiting Curiosity to the fear factor of having kids sailing around the world, to Jason’s worst behavior as a child and even what she thought of me (Nikki) the first time she met me.

So, grab some beers and prepare to be surprised…because these are probably NOT the answers you were expecting.

Below are the questions we hit her with in this vid.  From stanky sailing perfume to composting toilets and millionaire trust fund babies, we covered a lot of ground in 20 minutes.  Hope you enjoy.

  • 01:34 Are Nikki and Jason still crying because they miss Kate?
  • 02:04 How long did it take you to swim (travel) to Tahiti from Dallas, Texas, USA?
  • 02:54 If you had to name a perfume for sailing across the Pacific Ocean what would it be called?
  • 03:36 Have Jason and Nikki inspired you to live more of your own dreams, or have you inspired them?
  • 03:52 Mom announces she’s buying a class B motorhome and going Van Life in 2019!
  • 04:21 I have never seen Jason angry, does he ever get upset?
  • 05:12 How much do you honestly worry about your kids while traveling and sailing?  Where did everyone sleep when you had the whole family on board the catamaran?
  • 07:28 When did you meet Nikki, and did you think their relationship would bloom into this?
  • 08:30 What did they ask you to bring them from the USA?
  • 08:59 When jason was growing up did you see him choosing this traveling-sailing lifestyle?  The Wynn’s are such a unique mix of personalities.
  • 10:06 What’s the best way to keep in touch on a day to day basis with your kids traveling across oceans?  Sat Phone?  Plane Tickets for birthdays?
  • 11:23 What is your workout routine to stay so fit and trim…#JasonsMomIsAMILF
  • 12:01 What is hotter: Texas or the South Pacific?
  • 13:56 WE WANT TO LIVE A SIMILAR LIFESTYLE as Jason and Nikki.  As family what helps make their traveling easier on you?  What is the hardest part?  Any advice for a young couple that can’t wait for their traveling lifestyle but worry about family staying stationary?
  • 15:00 Do you have a signature cocktail you like when on the sailboat?
  • 16:00 Where does Jason get his adventurous spirit from?  If there’s one thing about Jason that drives you mad, what is it?
  • 17:18 Jason goes to jail?!?
  • 18:04 Lightning Round
    • Beard or No Beard on Jason?
    • Long hair or short on Jason?
    • How did you like the mattress in your cabin?
    • Snorkel or SCUBA in Tahiti?
    • Vacation in Tahiti or Moorea?
    • Would you prefer to visit us at a National forest (national park) in the RV or a Marine Park on the sailboat?
    • Better boat drink: Beer or Margarita?
  • 19:01 Out of all the places you traveled to meet up with the Wynns where has been your favorite destination?
  • 19:14 Do you ever get sea sick while sailing on their catamaran?
  • 19:17 Do you have a favorite cabin on the sailboat?
  • 19:22 What’s your favorite meal that Nikki cooks on the sailboat?
  • 19:44 Are you retired or just able to take lots of leave?
  • Did you travel much before Jason and Nikki went adventure seeking around the world?
  • 19:56 I’m starting to believe the Wynn’s are smugglers and their mom is being used as a transport mule, is there any truth to this?
  • 20:06 What was Jason like as a young boy?  Did you ever dream he would live on a catamaran sailboat and sail around the world?
  • 20:24 How do you really feel about using a composting toilet?
  • 21:05 Do you miss the RV Geeks?
  • 21:24 The most important question of all…We’ll put the conspiracy theories to rest:  You traveled in an RV around North America, now you’re sailing around the world.  Is your mom super rich and does she pay for everything?

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