RV For Sale: 2011 Monaco Vesta 32 foot PBS Motorhome 06/2014 - We're happy and sad to say our Windy sold early this month. We didn't get what we wanted for her but at least she has a new home with a nice German man who is excited to hit the road. He's considering keeping a blog so the story of our Windy can live on during his travels! We have listed our much loved Windy for Sale on RV Trader, you can get the VIN # and all the other details on the listing page: If you want to know why we are selling our beloved Windy, you can read all about it in our Dear Windy letter. monaco vesta for sale You all know our Windy, she is a 2011 Monaco Vesta 32 foot PBS model (if you don't know her check out the Windy the RV Page for extra photos and videos).  She's 32,000 miles young and just hitting her stride.  She has been a fantastic coach and most definitely unlike any other coach on the road.

Unbelievable claims for fuel economy or MPG for RVs, including the Monaco Vesta, are being tossed around by dealers, blogs, online videos, and a host of other sources.  Products claiming wild results on How to Get Better Fuel Economy or MPG in your Motorhome.  We've tracked our fuel economy in the Vesta for the past year and there is more to it than just seeing what your on-board computer has to say.  RV Manufacturers love to toss around MPG numbers but these numbers aren't backed by ANY research or track testing, so the only way to get accurate information is to track the MPG yourself.