The Long Journey Home (back to boat life)

The Long Journey Home (back to boat life)

We’ve made it to Tonga! But, our journey back home to Curiosity is going to be a long one. The borders are still closed and we must quarantine for 21 days before we’re set free. Crazy!

Regardless of our negative Covid-19 tests, all passengers from the repatriation flight are being treated and held in quarantine as if we have the virus. It feels extreme but we also understand. Viruses on these small, underdeveloped, and very remote islands are devastating. So, the Tongan Government is taking every precaution…and then some.

We’ve landed on the main island of Nuku’alofa where we’ll stay for our 21 days of government monitored quarantine. Then we catch a cargo ship to Vava’u Tonga to see Curiosity for the first time in a year! I still have to pinch myself every time I say it because it seems too good to be true: We’re Finally Home!


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