This Upgrade Changes Everything!

This Upgrade Changes Everything!

UPDATE*** Please note, this video is now over a year old and newer/better technology has hit the market.

Picking up the hook and moving on is always a bittersweet moment.  But alas, summer doesn’t last forever and neither does our visa.  Aotea is but one glorious piece of this sweet kiwi pie.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” — Gandalf.

But, thanks to one powerful new upgrade, firing up the engines to pick up the anchor is way more exciting!  We have sooo much more power and Jason is pumped to tell you all about it.

So, we say goodbye to the barrier and set sail for the wilds of the city.  Our new sails are waiting for us (whoop whoop) and a few more exciting new upgrades.  Because this is #BoatLife and the projects never end.

We’ve been using this high output alternator system since mid-December 2021.  So far it’s worked well.  There were a few bugs in the beginning with our setup, but the techs at the company helped us sort it out.

Everything was surprisingly ‘plug and play’ for the most part.  Even the exact wiring guide for our catamaran (with 2 Yanmar 39s) was sent before we installed it.  If you have a good understanding of 12v wiring, and the tools to do the installation, you could probably do it yourself.  I personally don’t own proper big boy wire cutters or hydraulic crimpers for such thick cables, so I knew right away it was best to hire a pro.


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