sailing across the pacific ocean

We Sailed Across The Pacific Ocean! (Real Time Update)

Hello!  It’s been a while since our last video or post but we’re back.  At least we hope.  We’ve just spent 24.5 days at sea and have made landfall in Hiva Oa, Marquesas, French Polynesia.  Don’t know where it is?  It’s a tiny speck in the Pacific Ocean.  Check it out on Google Earth, it’s a spectacularly lush and rugged island.

Or, get a sneak peek of it in this short update and we’ll fill you in on what’s next.

Now that we’re here, we have a ton of catching up to do and it’s going to take us some time to get in the groove.  So, please be patient with us.

If you are bandwidth poor like us, here are the highlights of what we covered in the video.

Fun Sea Stats

  • Hours At Sea: 585 Hours at Sea
  • Days At Sea: 24.5
  • Nautical Miles Sailed: 3588
  • Average Speed: 6.14 Nautical Miles Per Hour
  • Best 24 Hours: 182 Nautical Miles
  • Worst 24 Hours: 101 Nautical Miles
  • Hours Motored: 42 (or about 7%) engines were mostly used during picking up anchor, dropping anchor and sail changes.

What’s Next

Our plan is to get back on the editing bandwagon and get the videos flowing again.  Sadly, we didn’t get much editing done at sea.  Jason’s focus was on the daily sail checks, his watch time at the helm and not getting sea sick.  I focused on feeding us, keeping the boat tidy, my watch time at the helm and thwarting the cats plans for mutiny (although, I think the cats have the best sea legs of us all, they did amazing).

We desperately wanted to get caught up on videos and have them all scheduled to post while we were at sea, but it didn’t happen.  There were simply too many logistics, boat projects and preparations that took priority.  So, here we are, further behind than ever.  Yikes!  We’re going to work around the clock to get back in the publishing groove.  So please send us your caffeinated, creative, workhorse vibes!

What About Internet?

The internet here on Hiva Oa is a new level of intermittent and slow.  All the more motivation to get ahead so we can upload when we do find a half-decent connection.

What About Satellite Internet?

We do have an Iridium Go which is the most affordable satellite connection we can afford ($145 a month).  It provides us basic communication and weather.  We love it, but it is not a typical internet connection.

We can’t load regular web pages, access our regular email accounts or send anything larger than a small, compressed photo.  We have to use special Iridium apps to send emails or make a social post.  We were able to email low resolution photos (less than 200kb) to Kate while we were at sea to post to Instagram for us (each photo took 3-5 min to send).  That is about the extent of our satellite bandwidth capabilities.

The Iridium Go is a form of communication and it works with the Predict Wind Offshore app to bring us the most accurate and up to date weather information (our primary reason for wanting this gadget).  Being able to send a small photo, send a text message or make a phone call from the middle of an ocean is spectacular.  But, it’s still a very long way off from real internet use, much less uploading a YouTube video.

There are very expensive satellite internet options available.  It requires large, expensive and complicated equipment and the data plans are enough to send most sailors into cardiac arrest.  We met the chef of a super yacht chef in Ft. Lauderdale who said they could stream a YouTube video on their satellite connection.  He also said the data was so expensive the crew wasn’t allowed to use it and on average they paid well over $4,000 a month for data alone.  It’s way, way out of our league.

One person recently commented “why so long since your last video, even S/V Delos uploads videos from the middle of the ocean”.  We love us some Delos too but, even they aren’t uploading videos from the middle of the ocean.  They use the same Iridium set up we have.  However, they are a group of superhumans who have managed to get ahead on their editing enough to schedule videos to post while they are at sea.  We’re hoping one day we can get ahead too.

Speaking of getting ahead, we better get back to it.  Hope to see you soon!

Curious about our camera set up?

See a full review of all our camera gear here:

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Leopard Catamarans Canada - Larry

    Hi Jason & Nikki,
    Nice following your journey. This is great for “newbies” to ATG around the globe sailing. I’d like to friend you on Facebook, Coastline marine our Leopard dealership facebook here in BC Canada. I have many questions. I did not follow from the start and would like to go back to your decision on the purchase of the 2005 Leopard 43.

    I have watched a few of your Youtube reports and you have invested a good few $$$$ in repairs and upgrades. Not knowing what you finally paid for Curiosity (asking $359k) spikes my attention. Why not a later model L44 for around $440k with 220hrs not requiring, new sails, water maker repairs, new electronics, solar panels and guess you have spent in excess of $75k to date

    Your video is great, I would like to email…. text .. or what ever the broader details of your expenses to date, comment and hopefully you can then compose a video on this subject. I am passionate about buying newer rather than investing in older boats until they cost you more than the newer yacht, possibly even brand new. The cost of maintenance may contribute to all the payments of the loan should your funds be limited.

    Fantastic that you presenting the fun of sailing. Try getting some avomine for the seasick, its the best, hard to buy, but available on ebay.

    Are you broadcasting your InReach map to public?

    • Curious Minion

      Hey Larry. For the Wynns, not having a loan was key when they were boat shopping, thus buying new and then doing repairs over a 2 year period as funds became available. The final cost for Curiosity, plus other goodies like insurance and registration, can be found in this blog post: There’s a whole series on the blog called “sailboat shopping” that outlines the whole thought process.

      Oh, and no, the InReach map is available only to Patrons. They would love to make it public but there is a charge for making the map public and it’s based on the number of hits or requests each month, so only paying Patrons have access.
      Hope this helps.
      Curious Minion

  • Steve

    0.02 MBps is 20 kB/s or about the 3x the speed of a dial up connection circa 1985
    1 minute of 1080 HD require about 150MB, Video of 25 min= 3.75 GB >> 43 days of upload time
    Add some HQ pictures for Insta etc, and we have 2 months …
    Solution #2
    Put that into a micro SD, Micro SD in an envelope and Air Snail Mail: 4 to 6 days later it’s uploaded. Ubernormous 4K videos and all the beautiful pictures we need to follow your adventures 🙂
    @128GB in 5 days, you’re still much faster than spending few days grinding your face uploading at 20KB/s
    Because of the time saved, you can make more videos! for us!

    To recover the SD card, while in Fr Polynesia, use the option “Poste Restante” your letter will wait 15 days for you at the post office.
    This service is free for private boaters/yachtsmen

  • Lisa Anderson

    Nicki and Jason,
    Ahoy there! Glad you made it to French Poly…I love to watch your cats and how they react to the boat. We are still RVing but would love to sail around the world…what fun. Thanks for all your videos and your information. I came across an old Harvest Host ad starring…The Wynns! Who’d a thunk it? May the wind always be at your back…can’t wait to see the videos! PS what are your cats’ names?

  • James K

    Well done, Yall are doing a super job and we can’t wait to see more of yalls adventures. We are starting to plan for full time travel life and yall are a wealth of information and insperation! Post when you you can,smooth seas and good winds, play with the kitties when you can,

  • Great post, great youtube channel. Just stumbled across your channel and you are infectious (in a good way). Keep inspiring. Rock on !

  • Ross

    Hi Guys, Recently came across your journey whilst stuck in bed recovering from the worst “man flu” known to mankind ? Was able to binge watch from start to the latest upload. My wife would also like to pass on her gratitude as it kept my “can you get me …..” and “on your way back can you bring me……” to a minimum.
    We live in Australia and have recently returned from a journey around Oz by air. We spent five months hopping from place to place in a single engine aircraft. Like you, we came across some spectacular places but it was the people we met that made our experience memorable. I hope you get to travel some of the Australian Coast line. The Kimberly (north west of Oz) is, to quote Nikki, “super awesome “. Perhaps we will join you for a sundowner one day as we are in the early stages of a catamaran purchase.

  • Congradulations on your crossing, so glad to hear that all went well and can’t wait to hear all the stories. The longer we have to wait, the better they will be!! People have been sailing for hundreds of years and it used to take years sometimes just to get a letter. You guys should be soooo proud of yourselves to have crossed the Pacific so soon after learning to sail. Take lots of time to enjoy yourselvfes, your work will be all the better when you are rested and having fun.

  • Michael

    Is this a rerun?

  • Ken Slattery

    Congrats on your successful passage. Recommend you rent a car or sign up for a car/truck tour of the Hiva Oa back country, especially to see the “Big Tiki” site. I sailed there two years ago on a friend’s boat from Mexico. As for the anchorage, you just have to shoehorn yourself in and put out a stern anchor. When we were there, we lucked out and were next to the Reilly and Elana on the original La Vagabond. Enjoyed sundowners with them. You will have a great time in French Poly. Don’t expect decent internet speeds until you get to Papeete and even there, it ain’t that great.

  • Lou Iserhardt

    We lived aboard for four and a half years in the BVI and Bahamas and Florida keys almost thirty years ago.
    We found you guys on youtube and have watched nothing but Curiosity vids for the past week and then ran out! Holy mother of pearl what are we going to do now?
    We now live on a thirty acre farm in the North Carolina mountains and there is no way we could afford another boat at this stage but you sure have rekindled that spirit in us.
    We have even been looking at the catamarans available for sale.
    Keep up the adventures and keep up the videos so we can continue to live vicariously through your travels, we love it and you guys.
    Here’s to the wind and the seas,
    May they always be at your back.

  • Fred Carpenter

    How you thought about uploading audio files? You could give us some running commentary. Most of us know what the islands look like. Sort of like a podcast.

  • Jim Gray

    J and N:
    Decided to make a return to the BVI’s in 2020. Bringing my brother and two sisters and spouses with me as a family trip. We will all be 65 to 72 y/o. Thanks for all your videos, they have taught me so much. They also helped me decide to move up to the Leooard 50. Will be there for 10 days. Good luck and don’t listen to any of the downers!!

  • Seems like everyone should be aware of “island time”. I first encountered it In the Caribbean, where minutes become hours, hours become days, etc. Quite relaxing once accepted, and reality is that we tend to overpace ourselves for no really good reason. You have accomplished a great sailing feat and I for one am happy to know you made it safely and are enjoying the scenery on “island time”. Congratulations, well done!

  • Jeff

    Every time I visit your site I think of Henry David Thoreau, who advocated living off the grid long before there was a grid. Your adventures remind me of one of his more famous quotes “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he as imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.”



  • We love you guys and it was an epic journey! Many thanks to Kate for helping us all follow along. Don’t worry about the internet, we’ll all watch your videos when you are gracious enough to upload them! Congratulations on a major accomplishment!

  • Tracy H

    So excited for you both. A true accomplishment, courage, and determination. You two are such adventurers, its awesome that you let us all in on it. Enjoy those islands, the food and people. We’ll be happily watching. Have fun, be safe.

  • Sid

    So happy for my fellow north Texans out in the South Pacific. Great job and so glad to see you make landfall.
    Well, I’ve finally decided to dabble at boating. Nothing so elaborate as y’all, but I am deciding to get a Four Winns 264 Funship. Can go offshore a short distance in good weather or even cruise between marinas and stay in some quaint cabins. It is 26’ boat with a 2’ swim platform, carry 15 passengers, 6.2 Penta 300 Hp motor, dual props, a head, Bimini and lots of storage. Not much but a start. Thanks for the kick in the rear.

  • Michael

    Well done and totally awesome!!! Y’all did very well indeed. What a great adventure.

    And thanks so very much for taking the time for the update. Much appreciated.

    Now was that megabits per second or megabytes?

    • Curious Minion

      Bits! It is 1/2 half of dial-up speed. Sad.

  • Christine S

    Screw the video complainers. SO SO happy to see my favorite sailors happy, safe, sound, together, and on land!! I hope you know how much you are loved. Massive congratulations! Such an accomplishment. I’m sure I speak for many that we’re so proud of you.

  • Blue Boats

    Yes, not reasonable to compare to Delos. They have 4,5,6 persons constantly building their stockpile and they are currently on a release delay of 8 months! In a Live Q&A this week they said it takes 40-60 hours direct work time per each weekly video. Compared to other 2 person boat-vlogs you do great! (I only don’t understand how even Katie could not help you understand the internet blackout you were going into.)

  • Alan Solomon

    Hey Nikki and Jason — You Guys Are AWESOMEEEEEE. I have been missing you also. During my daily and weekly routines I daydream “I wonder how Nikki and Jason are doing”. “Is Nikki Steering as usual and Jason filming as usual or what”? I don’t have kids but, if I did, I would encourage the heck out of them to follow the path of you guys. What amazing possibilities and terrific FUN you have provided for so many!!!
    If you were not celebrities before you left Ecuador, things may have changed now?? I know that some Higher Power (God perhaps) is onboard watching out for you both and the kitty’s.

    Happy Travels, Happy Days,

    Alan from Palm Desert, CA

      • Ann

        Did you and Jason have any crew when you sailed across the Pacific? If not, how did you handle your watch schedule?

        • Curious Minion

          Hi Ann. Nikki will probably be back on here tomorrow, but in case they have internet issues I thought I’d go ahead & answer with the basics. For this crossing they did not have crew, it was just the 2 of them. For the majority of this crossing they stuck to 6 hour watches. That gave them each one day shift & one at night, with nice long naps in between. It seemed to work out well.

  • Jimbo

    I’m hoping the chambongs came out shortly after you dropped the hook. Probably followed by 24hrs of solid sleep.
    If so, both were well deserved.

  • Ed Grant

    Finally! What a great accomplishment for you kids (& the cats) to have achieved. Trust me, you have been missed. Nikki, you are literally glowing with beauty and we are so glad you are all safe & sound! So looking forward to viewing your upcoming postings about this Big Voyage!


    Congratulations on achieving your first big nautical milestone!

  • Patrick Campbell

    Nikki & Jason,

    Fantastic journey you are on & thank you for the update that you arrived safely.
    Truly appreciate your artistry, the willingness to share the journey, the teachings you can give and the passion for adventure!
    You sound so apologetic for not posting I hope you don’t have negative feedback that you’re not doing enough. 21st Century isn’t in all places.
    Question Once you have edited content and made a copy Would it be a benefit to mail (if at port) back to third party helping you like Kate did while you were at sea?

  • John Curtis

    MISSED YOU GUYS!!! Really missed my regular fix of your great videos, but SO happy to hear you made it to your destination none the worse for wear. Enjoy the adventure, as you always do, and I look forward to your great videos… internet access will allow. 🙂

  • Congrats! You two are amazing!

  • Brian

    WOW, WOW, and WOW !!! Just think awhile back you two couldn’t spell Sale’N and now you’ve sailed across the wide Pacific. What an accomplishment. You two are amazing. Have missed the videos, but looking forward to future ones. By the way Nikki, I think you get cuter ever day.

  • Rob Fordham

    Missed you guys. Been following on Instagram. So glad you made it safe and sound. Look forward to seeing your latest adventures. You guys are an inspiration.

  • J.Erin Rossi

    i am just so happy you two made it safe and sound(the cats as well) i thought of you often and like others worried a bit but as we all know how competent you are glad you arrived safe. let the new adventure begin so excited to see your travels from half way around the world.

  • Tony

    Nicely done
    You guys are setting the standard for beginner sailing. I have been sailing for two years at lake Carlye IL I only wish I was as confident as the two of you

    Thanks for the adventure

  • Nick Bigney

    I/we missed you! I found myself worried about you and like any parent worth their salt, imagined all of the unlikely things that could happen out there. So happy to see this video and both of your shining faces.

  • Awesome! You guys are safe! I thought about you frequently. Very exciting news and a load of admiration for your accomplishment. I am leaving for Eastern Europe on my own adventure on June 5 from DFW, returning June 20. You guys rock!

  • Pamela Mederos-Streetz

    OMG!!! We are absolutely and totally in awe of your sail to The Marquesas!!!! WOW 24.5 days in the Pacific is a HUGELY daunting feat!!! Congratulations.
    When I was very young there was a TV series called “James Michener’s Adventures in Paradise” which aired from 1959 – 1962 about a character named Adam Troy who was an American Korean War veteran who stayed in the Pacific after the war. As captain of the schooner “Tiki III”, Troy drifted from adventure to adventure while carrying passengers and cargo anywhere from Hong Kong to Pitcairn Island.
    Although my memory of those shows is somewhat fuzzy, I understood the allure of the South Seas at an early age.
    Happy Adventures!!!
    Pamela & Victoria

  • Bernard Schaer

    Congrats guys!! Great accomplishment, very courageous !

  • Awesom job! Congrats! And honestly super impresed you even kept up with IG photos while you’re out there (I’ve been in my butt on land, and barely ke ping up LOL). Can’t wait to see the rest…sending supersonic caffeinated vibes to you now!


    • Curious Minion

      Hi Nina! They’re still having trouble with connectivity but I know they’ll want to see this so I’ll e-mail it just to be double sure.

  • Toby Self

    Great to see that you made it safely and are in good spirits…was watching the video and just realized that Nikki has a serious Audrey Hepburn look going on with those shades on…just lovely…you guys are just fantastic to watch and really informative…a real pleasure and thank you for sharing your adventures with us…

  • Ward

    As a non-sailor (so far…) who’s glued to his phone watching your journeys, when did you choose to/have to run the engines on the trip across? Bad weather? Loss of wind?

    • Ward

      PS congrats on an amazing accomplishment!

    • Curious Minion

      Nikki & Jason are still struggling with their connectivity (it comes & goes) so I’ll try to answer in case they don’t get on here again for awhile. Mostly they motored during loss of wind. They had a lot of light wind days when they could get by on the spinnaker but they don’t like to run it at night because if a squall pops up it can destroy the spinnaker in no time and it’s also a 2-person job to stow it. So light wind nights = engine time.

  • Rixanne

    Looking forward to the scoop about what ice creams can be found in the middle of the islands!

  • Scott Cowap

    Blood well done! You now belong to a very small and select minority – very special people! Really pleased you’re safe and well (if a little over-excited, but that’s to be expected!). Your vids are fantastically enjoyable and informative but it’s so important you get some good quality rest and everyone realises that the problems of a very poor connection gives you the best excuse not to post regularly. Warmest congrats from the UK.

  • Uncle Bob

    Guys, congrats on your accomplishment, but… you haven’t “sailed across the Pacific Ocean.” You’re only half way across. Your average speed mentioned on the video doesn’t jive with the printed one on your page. 6.14 NMPH sounded more accurate than 14 NMPH. Since the internet speed is so slow there, how did you manage to send a sharp, 4:48 segment to your web page? These issues aside, hope to catch up with the rest of your videos. They should be informative and exciting.

  • Mr. Positive aka Jim Hummel

    Per your little mini-bio at the end of this post…”you can’t have any ice cream.”

    P. S. You’re welcome! 😉

  • James Heitman

    Sailing Doodles has just completed your same route and put out daily videos. You might check with them to see what they used. Not complaining, just FYI. Glad you made it safely. ?

  • Wow Wow Wow…..You did it!! Way to go Nikki and Jason. Love it when y’all reach your goals. Looking forward to the video catchup.

  • Treva Putsche

    Congratulations!! You both made it.?? now’s probably a good time to have a celebration drink and a walk in land. Hopefully you can get in soon.

  • Jamie Dillon

    Great Job Folks!! So happy to see that you are safe and well! Greeting from the shores of Lake Huron- Sarnia , Ontario- Canada. ENJOY and Best of Luck!! Jamie

  • Whom

    I saw you listed “Average Speed: 14 knots”, which seemed insanely high for your boat. But the math of miles/hours suggests you only averaged a little over 6 knots. Which seems more rational (but still well done). Perhaps the 14 knots was your maximum speed?
    Regardless, glad it went well and look forward to the report.

  • Pam McClure

    Loved following you on our Patreon map. So glad you did so well. Exciting!!!!!!!!

  • Excellent update! Congratulations! You two are amazing! I hope you don’t get tired of hearing that because I’m going to use it often. In the midst of your catch up mode I hope you get plenty of rest and recharge yourselves. The videos can wait, stay healthy.

  • So happy you made it safe and sound! Looking forward to the updates! @FlyDriveDevour

  • Venice

    Wow – I really missed you both!!! A lot – not that my life is not crazy busy, but I love sharing your adventures. I have to correct myself when I refer to you as my friends LOL (blogging friends) right

    • Anita

      Umm…I’m the same. I call them “the kids” to my husband as if you are our children. And if you were I would be so proud. He thinks I’m a bit mad. Honestly, I was a little worried a few days ago so this actually made me so happy. I also want to know all about the food, is it French, Polynesian, what??!!??

  • Connie

    So happy to see you and wow only 7% engine…way cool! Go enjoy…will be looking for you…..Freedom!! Go run Jason???Nikki happy y’all!!

  • Rooikranz1

    Great going


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