Why We Did NOT Register Our Boat In The USA

Why We Did NOT Register Our Boat In The USA

This is the story about how and why a couple of Americans ended up with a floating piece of the Marshal Islands. (Fun fact, we’ve never actually been to Bikini or The Marshal Islands)

We did NOT register our boat in the USA and so far, it’s been the best decision!   BUT, (because there’s always a but) it’s not right for every boat.  The reasons why and how we ended up choosing the Marshall Islands has been an illuminating journey.  One including a maritime lawyer, an insurance agent and a CPA.

We’ve spent more time and money through this process than I care to admit…but, at least we can share everything we’ve learned with you…including a recorded video session with our Maritime Lawyer (still can’t believe we got approval for this!).

Hopefully this helps answer the big question, Why Bikini, so many of you had.  If anything was unclear or if it sparked questions about something else you want to see us make a video about, let us know.


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