yadkin valley North Carolina wine

North Carolina Wine Country, Yes it’s a Real Place

Did you know North Carolina has a wine country? No really, they do! It’s the Yadkin Valley and it’s shaping up to be something pretty amazing.

We had no idea this little valley was a booming wine country. These wineries are nothing like the big ones you would encounter in the Napa Valley of California. Most are relatively new small batch wines and run by young families full of excitement and a deep love for the art and craft of wine making.

yadkin valley North Carolina wine
yadkin valley North Carolina wine

The area is beautiful, lush and absolutely down to earth. In fact there was a very hip vibe and crowd we never expected to exist in this rural area! There are no egos at the wineries and I don’t think anyone we met even owned a suit (or not that they would admit to anyway). Each winemaker has nothing but good things to say about their neighbors, “it’s not a competition but a community” they said. They want to see each vineyard succeed, of course knowing that the more they work together, the more the whole valley will benefit.

yadkin valley North Carolina wine

It’s no doubt that this area will continue to grow and prosper to something big. My advice, visit now while it’s still fresh and relatively new. There is something special about watching a place grow and being there in the “beginning”.

McRitchie Winery & Ciderworks  – Thanks for the behind the scenes tour and making some of the best cider ever!
Elkin Creek Vineyard – We are still missing your pizza…and the amazing views!
Grassy Creek Vineyard & Winery  – Liz, your rock!  Thanks for letting us crash in your parking lot for this intoxicating adventure!

Thanks to fellow RV’ers Mike & Lynne Bovender for convincing us to visit the area and finding us the great parking spots!

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  • You’ll have to make it up to Minnesota sometime and check out the wine country up here. It’s getting incredible!

  • Yadkin Valley is the best. We are heading there this weekend to search out new wines for the state’s only online wine store for NC’s boutique wines – About half of our wines are from Yadkin. However, the whole state is filled with wonderful wineries including the coast all the way to the far west corner of NC in the mountains. We are one of the fastest growing wine regions in the country. So glad you had such a good time. Hope you will be back soon to explore and enjoy the wine. Cheers.

  • Your new consideration for travel. We have a Monaco Monarch & A Ford F350 Dually Crew Cab
    Desiel with a Lance 10 ft camper. Park anywhere Generator propane and most of all 15.6 miles to the gallon. Lots of power.
    My suggestion is a View Mercedes 20 mpg and east to live with.
    What were you asking to sell Wendy?
    Hope all is well and good luck to you both.
    We met in Pacifica near Half Moon Bay.

  • mary van

    I’ve driven past some of the vineyards before but never stopped. Next trip, I will. Thanks for sharing!

  • GREAT video … I had no idea this existed!! You know I’ll be stopping next time we’re through there


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