Yuma RV Resorts – The Land of Snowbirds

Yuma RV Resorts – The Land of Snowbirds

Yuma, Arizona is a wonderland of history, off beat adventures, fresh summer time produce, patio dining in the middle of winter, and a great place to cross the border for cheap medical!

Yuma Arizona

When you visit you could park your RV out on BLM (we did that too)…but, if you’re lookin’ to live it up or just make some new friends, Encore has several RV resorts in Yuma to choose from.  The resorts are all age qualified but considering we were filming the properties, we got a special pass.  Now keep in mind this video was filmed for Encore so we focused on giving an overview of the parks and the area but what makes each park unique is the different kind of people who stay there.  Some are more relaxed while others are action packed.

We have to admit that the people at Araby Acres and Foothill Village were the craziest and our cheeks were sooo sore from excessive giggling.  Those guys know how to have a good time and if you watch the video below, you’ll see they are willing to do anything for a laugh!  The Araby Acres annual talent show just happened to be while we were in town and to sum it up in one word: wow!

If you’re planning a winter trip to Yuma, book early.  It’s their busy season and it can get difficult to get a spot if you wing it.  Also, call the resort ahead and tell them what you’re looking for and let them guide you to the right resort for you. Some are more fun and spontaneous, while others are activity based and some have motorcycle and ATV groups.

After hanging out with these guys for a week, we can understand why the resorts are age qualified.  It’s like reverse teenager syndrome around here and retirement is like an endless summer.  This isn’t a group of people looking to unwind for the weekend before heading back to work…It’s a lifestyle.

Have you ever stayed at a 50+ resort? Whaddya think? Share in the comments below.

Disclaimer:  While we were compensated to film the campground (thanks Encore!)…all of our experiences and opinions are not purchased and are still our own.