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Q&A – Zombie Apocalypse, Gulf Stream & Traveling Cats

We’re continuing with our Q&A session where we asked our crew over at Patreon what they wanted to know.  It’s super casual and this round includes some very creative questions.

If you missed part one, you can catch up on that one here: 

I know that was a long one but hopefully you found something in there of interest. Below are the questions answered in the video along with the additional notes and links we mentioned in our ramblings.


Favorite Movies

  • Shane:  What is your favorite movie?

Adventure, travel, love stories, imagination and great cinematography…you can’t go wrong with any of Wes Anderson’s or Tim Burton’s films.  I might say to start with Wes Andersons The Darjeeling Limited and Tim Burton’s Big Fish.

Other movies that inspire us to travel:

  • Into The Wild
  • The Motorcycle Diaries
  • Revolutionary Road
  • Midnight In Paris
  • Chocolat
  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona (ladies, Havier Bardem’s performance will seduce you into a trip to Spain.)

Foreign Films that will make us want to visit that country:

  • Talk to Her (specifically the scene with Julio Iglesias singing is magical)
  • Amelie
  • Priceless
  • Volver
  • Y Tu Mama Tambien
  • L’Auberge Espagnole

Side note from Jason:  I think about a scene from Once Upon a Time in Mexico almost every time I eat at a new place.  I can’t help but judge a familiar dish, and when it’s horrible or amazing, I think about Johnny Depp walking into the kitchen and bringing order to the hierocracy of his favorite dish.


Time Travel / Words of Advice

  • Henry:  If time travel existed, what advice would you give to yourselves 7 months ago?
  • Sailing And Fun: In hindsight, what are the top 3 decisions you would have done differently to reach your goals?

We rarely end up in situations where we look back and wish we had done something differently.  Mostly because we learn so much through every experience we don’t look back and think, “that was a mistake.”  We are not the type to dwell on the past, we focus on what we can do now and in the future.  On top of all that, we still feel way to new in the sailing world to have much hindsight, so ask us again in a year or two.

That said, related to our sailboat experiences so far, we’ve lucked out with meeting and getting to know some key characters who have helped guide us.



Zombie Apocalypse / Cameras / Composting Toilet

Ben:  If there was a zombie apocalypse or something and you could only choose one, would you…

  1. keep your composting toilet, but do all your recording using cell phones
  2. keep your A6000 setup, but go back to using an RV/marine head.

Ben, that was an awesome question!  Extra brownie points for really making us think about the important things.



  • Marivic:  Conch Burger? How was it?

Sorry Marivic, maybe we can attest to that burger later, and maybe a conch salad too.


Ice Cream / Freezer Situation

  • Sue:  How is the ice cream supply holding up? Does that freezer help?

Our freezer has been an excellent addition, works like a champ and its not too energy hungry.  We installed a 12v outlet for it, but it comes with a 120v standard plug too as backup.  You can see more about it and find links to purchase here:


Gulf Stream Crossing

  • Paul: Only question (for now) is – what were your conditions crossing the Gulf Stream? Winds, sea state, etc. What was your decision matrix?
  • Laura:  Congrats on your crossing. Any scary moments?
  • Connie:  What does it feel like not seeing land? I love that picture of Niki, what were you thinking? Do you sleep in shifts? You have some sort of alarms right? Are you seeing a lot of dolphins? Catch any fish to eat? Can’t wait to hear about the conch burgers! How’s the kids doing?
  • Harold “George”:  How did Jason do with at sea movement (seasickness)?

A recap of what we learned about crossing the stream:  No winds over 15knots, especially any northerlies.  Give the seas 12-24 hours to calm after any strong winds, longer if they are strong with a northerly component.  You can watch our crossing here:


Health Insurance

  • Jeff & Pat:  How do you handle health insurance and health care? I’ve heard stories of people that set out to sail the world learning how to set bones, etc. And how do you handle exercising or do you get enough with everything you do.

We’re not sure what we will do about insurance just yet, now that we are traveling abroad.  Here is what we have done while RV’ing:


Water / Living Off The Grid

  • Laura:  Ok so this could be a dumb question, but what the heck…. Tell me about your fresh water situation. How much fresh water can you store? And how do you get it on board? And, do you shower with fresh water or use sea water?
  • Carlin:  I saw a fresh water question, my question would be, with sailing, and solar for power, what do you expect to be the limiting factor? How long can you stay out before you run out of something, like food, water, etc? I’ve seen in the videos you setting lines for fishing, is that something you could expect to catch a good eating fish most days? Have you ever looked into some kind of electric drive? I have no idea if there is anything practical, but I’m wondering, you already have the solar, would something like a trolling motor move a boat the size of yours?

Another video you might find interesting:  Eliminating Gray Water – Ideas From Burning Man


Traveling Cats

  • Mike:  I saw a question on the cats already, but I’d like to second it. Are there any restriction you must adhere to as you take you animals from country to country? Or are they okay (as far as quarantines and shots go) as long as they always stay aboard Curiosity?
  • Kellie:  I also saw the question on the cats and would like to know. And I second the question on one place you’ve been dreaming of going, and the question on if you are still doing your other job you had before.
  • Cathy & Ian:  We were just wondering what you do for the cats litter, as we would be taking two of our babies along for the ride also? What do you do about the availability of the same food along the way?

RV Traveling Cats Post which also mentions crossing borders: 
The cats litter and food preferences are listed in our Gear Store:


World Series 

  • Brandon:  How happy were you that the Cubbies won the World Series?

Go Cubs!
Thanks for tuning in and big thank you to everyone who shops through our gear store, has bought us a drink and/or simply offered up words of gratitude and encouragement.  Just like supporting you favorite local coffee shop, we appreciate each one of you who stops by and keeps coming back!

Not sure what Patreon is or what all this support talk is about, check out our Thank You page for more info.

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Kathy Harrington Sullivan

    I am sure numerous people have suggested that you might consider adding an ice cream maker to your repertoire of kitchen electrics on the boat, but it really could save you serious money ($10/pint for ice cream!?!?) and freezer space. I highly recommend the Cuisinart ice cream maker, and also recommend that you invest in an extra bowl so one bowl can be kept frozen at all times. You don’t have to keep milk or cream on hand and use up your precious fridge space (and worry about where you’ll get your next supply of ingredients), you can just stock up on canned coconut milk (I recommend the highest fat content for the creamiest ice cream) and use that for your ice cream base instead! We actually think it tastes BETTER than ice cream made with a milk base, and you can substitute it in any ice cream recipe for absolutely delicious results! When I’m ready to make a batch, I just pop a can of the coconut milk in the fridge to put a chill on it & then rock on with my recipe! 🙂

  • Jess Clayton

    Hi Nikki and Jason,
    I was wondering if (the next time you do a Q&A session) you might share with us the aspects of your new sailing life that you like best – especially those aspects that surprise you! Thanks for providing me with a peek at paradise once a week – it makes my day! Jess

  • Valerie

    Oh, one more think about cat litter, back in Ukraine, where I grew up, nobody ever heard about cat litter (at least at that time) and everybody was always using regular sand. It worked just perfect, cats loved it and it is free and abundant.

  • Valerie

    Thank you for your inspiring videos!
    You mentioned that while RVing you were able to leave on 50g of water a day! This is the perfect goal that seem to be impossible to me! How did you do it? We have the watersavers on all our faucets, but can not get any less then 75g a week. We have regular toilet though and continues water heater, are those the big offenders? Any other water saving advice? I so miss the water maker from the caramaran! ?

  • Page

    Check out Skyroam when/if you get a chance. Might help with your wifi issue(s) when sailing around. Safe travels.

  • Scott and Shannon

    Greetings from OKC
    Your bio gives me hope for my own attempt at writing for online and other publications.
    I do have a degree in journalism but have never used it. As you put it,
    “I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar”,
    yet your writing seems to be done well.
    I love watching your videos and look forward to them each week.
    Maybe sometime soon my wife and I can attempt to do the same thing.

    Scott and Shannon

  • Enjoyed the q&a -both of them! It is great you answer our questions and we enjoy “virtually” traveling with you!

  • Marie

    Jason and Nikki, Hubby and I are living in our RV for the next 4 months, so watching your videos requires finding wifi, so we’re a little behind and just did a binge watch of your last 4 vids. Loved them and love you guys! Keep them coming as you make it so much fun. We are blessed to be able to wander with a destination but no specific itinerary to get there, so I appreciate when you talked about your sailing plans. Its my first time traveling this way and its so hard to not have a “plan”, but sure has gotten me out of my comfort zone and we’re having a great time. I don’t think we could have done that without you as an inspiration. Thanks and keep it coming!

  • Hello Wynns!!
    Miles and I are making the transition from RV to Sailboat also! Such parallel lives we live, although, I’m grateful that you are one step ahead of us so I can see parts of my future via you’s two. I’m feeling confident and ready but there’s one topic we keep coming back to discussing…

    Question: We never felt unsafe or a need for personal protection in the RV community, however, we are wondering if the boat community will be the same? We are moving into a 43′ sailboat in Jan and we’ve heard other boaters talk about being boarded. We have also been given the advice to buy mace or a taser in the case that we encounter an intruder. Can you talk about what (if anything) you have settled on…or what your thoughts are when it comes to being savvy / smart in keeping yourselves safe? Thank you! Cheers.

  • Excellent Q&A, Did you guys install your watermaker or was it on the boat when you bought it? If you installed it what brand did you get, we’re looking for one soon and were going back and forth with a fully installed one or a “portable” one like the Rainman system. Keep up the adventure!

  • Margie Daniels

    Sailing is wonderful but it’s good to have the Q&A for all. Even us who have been on boats. Truly love the videos. Fun to check in each week to see how you are coming along. Best wishes and safe travels.

  • Dave

    Electric drive: total waste of time and money. Diesel electric does not get bettr mpg then straight diesel/marine transmission.
    Forget about solar powered motoring.

  • Roeh

    I love you guys. So interesting to follow you.

  • T C Spencer

    Nikki – If you want to ration ice cream, buy ice cream bars or dixie cups

  • Richard MacLennan

    Did you check out the RV (Airstream trailer) in the movie “The Accountant”? Of course the art-work would be amazing to have.

  • Nikki Newman

    Maybe you’re familiar with Bailey, but if not, you might want to take a look at his blog. He’s a French Siamese cat who writes his own blog. He has a rope ladder for when he “falls” off while watching Fish TV. You’ll find a picture of his rope ladder here:
    I have a lot of appreciation for the work that goes into your videos, having spent a number of years producing videos myself. Your charm and skills make them a great watch.

  • I LOVE the Q & A sessions, lots of good info as well as insight into how you are doing it all. Keep living the dream!

  • Terri

    Love following your adventures..met you both up at Mt Rushmore..about a year and a half ago….when you passed through.. good luck with your travels and thanks for sharing them

  • Nancy Fernandez

    Lots of great questions and Love your candid answers. I think Singa wanted in on the Q&A. Funny Jason “Do you have to clean yourself right here?” Enjoyed both Q&A’s and look forward to more and of course more adventure videos. They’re all exciting to watch especially with you two. Enjoy!

  • Jim Fox

    Hot water? Most boats route the engine cooling system through a heat exchanger that is built into the hot water heater before ejecting the water through the wet exhaust. The heat from the engine heats the water. The sailors I know, heat water for showers by turning on the engines and letting them idle a few minutes. Not only will the shower water be warm but also the batteries get recharged. Like your Q &A and enjoy riding along on your adventures via video.

  • Laura Kuhn

    Thanks folks great information. Loved it!! Hope to meet you some day.

    Cruzin cooler is doing well, entertaiing a LOT of people.

  • Just wanted to say that while I love your normal “edited” videos (and that’s saying a lot because unlike so many these days, I’m *not* really a “video blog watcher”), I REALLY love these unedited Q&As. You two are so natural together, it’s a real joy to watch. This is not actually all that common among the RV/boating video gang (some being at the extreme as almost unwatchable) and I just watch every video with a smile on my face, wishing you well. (We are long-time/long-time-ago cruising sailors, so this new direction of yours has been very interesting to watch!) Anyway, just wanted to say congrats on it all, and keep the videos coming, including these charming, off-the-cuff Q&As.

  • Jerry Cummins

    Nikki . . . regarding your favorite song, why not: Up, Up and Away.

  • Jason and Nikki: I’m sitting here in my RV (a 2016 Bounder, chosen in large part because of your videos), in a small place called Keremeos, BC, Canada. It is 15 degrees F outside with a howling wind and snowing but am managing to keep everything thawed out and (mostly) warm. I felt compelled to mention the weather here because of the graphic difference to the weather where you folks are!
    I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this Q&A session as well as the previous one. What you two do to keep all those ‘following’ you in the loop is really, really outstanding. My very best wishes go with you both (and the cats too!).
    Looking forward to following along with all your adventures.

  • Brian

    Along with the adventure videos, I love watching your Q&A Videos as well. Always something new to learn, especially for someone like me that is a land locked. Keep em coming.

  • Bob Cochran

    Did you consider a monohull and if so, what was your decision process?

  • Bob G

    I know this might be left field for you, but have you ever felt the need to be armed? I’ve known a couple of small boat owners (boats big enough to live on) and never thought to ask that question, but that subject did come up with one guy who mentioned a time when a couple of guys were eyeballing him from a smaller boat and he got his rifle out. Just wondering.

    Here’s a question for your q&a vids: do you ever feel the need to try to unfocus on the boat? In other word, do you find yourself having to immerse yourself into something so absolutely non-nautical just go “reset?” Or have you gotten to that point where boat life is the new norm for you?

    Last q&a question: have you guys ever been creeped out? I mean hair-standing-on-end, WTH, “ghost ship,” kind of creeped out?

    Love your vids.

  • Sue

    Can you still use Amazon?

  • Harold "George" Hofmann Jr

    I thank you both for the Q and A. You are inspiring, rewarding and make it worth being a Patreon subscriber. I will watch as long as there is input from you. You are both organically good people.
    I feel as though I need to explain my naming, I was given my father’s name at birth and the people around me chose to use the middle name. That’s why I write out the whole name. I prefer being called George by my family and friends.
    You were asked about being at sea, not in view of land and Nikki’s response is in my experience. I’m a U S Navy retired sailor with 17 years of service at sea. A total of thirty years service. Personally when people say, “Thank you for your service”, that’s when I breathe deeply and say, “You don’t understand! It was all my pleasure!” I had the best career I could have had. It was totally fun but, I was never abused or just a fixture. Where I went and what I did was similar to your life. I loved every moment of it, and was reticent to leave it. (I say that I had to be taken to the front gate and was told Not to come back!) there’s more truth than jest to that. That being the background, being at sea was the best experience I ever had! Feeling small and respecting the enormity, and being humbled at the beautiful world, will stay with me forever. The joy of pulling into a new port and exploring that alien society, people and communications was my “Key Note”. I was never bored or at a lose for inquiry. I could wax philosophical but I’ll save that for my memoirs. It’s enough to say that I know the feeling.
    I hope the Wynn’s live long and prosper.Thanks for sharing!

  • Carlin Comm

    Wow lots of great questions and super detailed answers, thank you!
    A quick hot water trick for you, if you have a black garden hose onboard, lay it out in the sun for a nice supply of hot water. Careful, you might end up with water that is too hot for a shower! I’ve done this a few times, and it doesn’t take very long to get hot water. Just shower fast, depending on the length of the hose 🙂


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