Q&A – Zombie Apocalypse, Gulf Stream & Traveling Cats

Q&A – Zombie Apocalypse, Gulf Stream & Traveling Cats

We’re continuing with our Q&A session where we asked our crew over at Patreon what they wanted to know.  It’s super casual and this round includes some very creative questions.

If you missed part one, you can catch up on that one here: gonewiththewynns.com/q-a-working-travel-wifi

I know that was a long one but hopefully you found something in there of interest. Below are the questions answered in the video along with the additional notes and links we mentioned in our ramblings.

Favorite Movies

  • Shane:  What is your favorite movie?

Adventure, travel, love stories, imagination and great cinematography…you can’t go wrong with any of Wes Anderson’s or Tim Burton’s films.  I might say to start with Wes Andersons The Darjeeling Limited and Tim Burton’s Big Fish.

Other movies that inspire us to travel:

  • Into The Wild
  • The Motorcycle Diaries
  • Revolutionary Road
  • Midnight In Paris
  • Chocolat
  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona (ladies, Havier Bardem’s performance will seduce you into a trip to Spain.)

Foreign Films that will make us want to visit that country:

  • Talk to Her (specifically the scene with Julio Iglesias singing is magical)
  • Amelie
  • Priceless
  • Volver
  • Y Tu Mama Tambien

L’Auberge Espagnole

Side note from Jason:  I think about a scene from Once Upon a Time in Mexico almost every time I eat at a new place.  I can’t help but judge a familiar dish, and when it’s horrible or amazing, I think about Johnny Depp walking into the kitchen and bringing order to the hierocracy of his favorite dish.

Time Travel / Words of Advice

  • Henry:  If time travel existed, what advice would you give to yourselves 7 months ago?
  • Sailing And Fun: In hindsight, what are the top 3 decisions you would have done differently to reach your goals?

We rarely end up in situations where we look back and wish we had done something differently.  Mostly because we learn so much through every experience we don’t look back and think, “that was a mistake.”  We are not the type to dwell on the past, we focus on what we can do now and in the future.  On top of all that, we still feel way to new in the sailing world to have much hindsight, so ask us again in a year or two.

That said, related to our sailboat experiences so far, we’ve lucked out with meeting and getting to know some key characters who have helped guide us.

Zombie Apocalypse / Cameras / Composting Toilet

Ben:  If there was a zombie apocalypse or something and you could only choose one, would you…

  1. keep your composting toilet, but do all your recording using cell phones
  2. keep your A6000 setup, but go back to using an RV/marine head.

Ben, that was an awesome question!  Extra brownie points for really making us think about the important things.


  • Marivic:  Conch Burger? How was it?

Sorry Marivic, maybe we can attest to that burger later, and maybe a conch salad too.

Ice Cream / Freezer Situation

  • Sue:  How is the ice cream supply holding up? Does that freezer help?

Our freezer has been an excellent addition, works like a champ and its not too energy hungry.  We installed a 12v outlet for it, but it comes with a 120v standard plug too as backup.  You can see more about it and find links to purchase here: gonewiththewynns.com/product/dometic-portable-electric-fridgefreezer

Gulf Stream Crossing

  • Paul: Only question (for now) is – what were your conditions crossing the Gulf Stream? Winds, sea state, etc. What was your decision matrix?
  • Laura:  Congrats on your crossing. Any scary moments?
  • Connie:  What does it feel like not seeing land? I love that picture of Niki, what were you thinking? Do you sleep in shifts? You have some sort of alarms right? Are you seeing a lot of dolphins? Catch any fish to eat? Can’t wait to hear about the conch burgers! How’s the kids doing?
  • Harold “George”:  How did Jason do with at sea movement (seasickness)?

A recap of what we learned about crossing the stream:  No winds over 15knots, especially any northerlies.  Give the seas 12-24 hours to calm after any strong winds, longer if they are strong with a northerly component.  You can watch our crossing here: www.gonewiththewynns.com/bahamas-sailing-crossing-gulf-stream

Health Insurance

  • Jeff & Pat:  How do you handle health insurance and health care? I’ve heard stories of people that set out to sail the world learning how to set bones, etc. And how do you handle exercising or do you get enough with everything you do.

We’re not sure what we will do about insurance just yet, now that we are traveling abroad.  Here is what we have done while RV’ing: gonewiththewynns.com/rv-questions-residency-mail-health-insurance

Water / Living Off The Grid

  • Laura:  Ok so this could be a dumb question, but what the heck…. Tell me about your fresh water situation. How much fresh water can you store? And how do you get it on board? And, do you shower with fresh water or use sea water?
  • Carlin:  I saw a fresh water question, my question would be, with sailing, and solar for power, what do you expect to be the limiting factor? How long can you stay out before you run out of something, like food, water, etc? I’ve seen in the videos you setting lines for fishing, is that something you could expect to catch a good eating fish most days? Have you ever looked into some kind of electric drive? I have no idea if there is anything practical, but I’m wondering, you already have the solar, would something like a trolling motor move a boat the size of yours?

Another video you might find interesting:  Eliminating Gray Water – Ideas From Burning Man

Traveling Cats

  • Mike:  I saw a question on the cats already, but I’d like to second it. Are there any restriction you must adhere to as you take you animals from country to country? Or are they okay (as far as quarantines and shots go) as long as they always stay aboard Curiosity?
  • Kellie:  I also saw the question on the cats and would like to know. And I second the question on one place you’ve been dreaming of going, and the question on if you are still doing your other job you had before.
  • Cathy & Ian:  We were just wondering what you do for the cats litter, as we would be taking two of our babies along for the ride also? What do you do about the availability of the same food along the way?

RV Traveling Cats Post which also mentions crossing borders: gonewiththewynns.com/traveling-cats
The cats litter and food preferences are listed in our Gear Store: gonewiththewynns.com/store

World Series

  • Brandon:  How happy were you that the Cubbies won the World Series?

Go Cubs!
Thanks for tuning in and big thank you to everyone who shops through our gear store, has bought us a drink and/or simply offered up words of gratitude and encouragement.  Just like supporting you favorite local coffee shop, we appreciate each one of you who stops by and keeps coming back!

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