Snowboarding Breck

3 Reasons You NEED an RV Skiing Adventure

We have been coming to Breckenridge, Colorado to snowboard for years.  We like the central location, the diversity of the mountain, the laidback vibe and the fact it’s uber RV friendly!  We like it so much that we made this little video to help show why you need to take your RV on a skiing or snowboarding, adventure.

So, what did you think?  Are you ready to pack up your heaters and head for the snow?

We only spent about 10 days in Breck (this year) and wish we could have stayed for the whole season!  Which is exactly what we recommend doing and here’s our top 3 reasons why:

Board Breckenridge Colorado

One – Best Bang for the Buck

  • Season Lift Tickets – why pay up to $120 a day when you can buy a season pass for as little as $469!  It takes the pressure off feeling the need to get in a full day of boarding and gives you the chance to enjoy the mountain at any pace…ya know like leisurely lunches and après ski…without the guilt!
  • Season Lesson Passes for Kids and Adults – if you are new to the sport or wanting to up your game, why not pay a little extra and get the season lesson passes.  And if you have kids, it’s the best and cheapest babysitting you can buy!
  • Great RV Resort – Tiger Run Resort is your only option as an RV’er so luckily their rates are affordable, the WiFi is free, the amenities are in good clean condition and there is a free ride into town every 30 minutes using the Summit Stage.

breckenridge RVers

Two – Comradery 

There are lots of full time travelers that make their way to Breckenridge year after year and ones that come for the first time.  From pot lucks to ladies night (and guys night) to ski lift rides, I can’t think of a better way to make new friends and spend the winter!

Snowboarding Breck

Three – The Town

  • Breck started out as a gold-mining camp back in 1859 and almost became a ghost town in the 1960s. Becoming a ski resort in 1961 saved the town and it still has around 350 historical buildings which add to the charm and character of the town.
  • It’s refined yet laid back and there is always a festival or event going on for entertainment beyond your powder days.  (like the international snow sculpture contest)
  • It takes time to get to know the local hangouts (and there are lots) but with all the Apres Ski and worker lunch specials Breck gives plenty of reasons to stick around!


Snow sculpture contest

Breckenridge Apre Ski

Breckenridge Colorado

Now of course Breck isn’t the only RV friendly ski mountain out there and you could likely apply these reasons to any of those, Breckenridge is just one of our favorites.

Have you been on a winter RV adventure that we should all know about?  Tell us about it in the comments below!


More Breckenridge Fun:


Disclaimer:  We were not compensated to create any of this content.  However, we would like to give a big thanks to Go Breck for the great local recommendations,Vail Resorts for helping with our lift tickets, Tiger Run Resort for the hook ups and  Charter Sports for the sweet demo boards at a discount.

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  • Mike (my husband) is a ski Instructor at Breck. We bought the RV last week (literally) and plan to go full time in April (as soon as ski season is over. But we do intend to come back for him to teach every winter, probably not the WHOLE ski season, but maybe, so obviously have to figure out the keeping the RV warm in the winter thing. Will definitely be staying at Tiger Run. Anyhow! If you do come to Breckenridge this year let us know… We would love to meet up with you and take you out to dinner (and maybe pick your brain a little) and take a few runs together. Any plans for this season?

  • Paul

    Thanks for this blog
    I’m from Malaysia and planning on coming to the US for 2 mths skiing vacation and was hoping to rent an RV but was unsure if parks would be open.
    I do have a question – I am contemplating renting an RV trailer rather than a motor home.
    The logic being I can park up and have use of the car.
    This may sound silly but are the roads suitable in March / April for such a vehicle. (Colorado/Utah/Rockies – ski areas)
    Please note it NEVER snows where i’m from – the tropics – I’m a total novice winter driver:)
    Much appreciated and thanks again for your site

    • Daniel

      It’s 5 months later now but I’ll reply anyway. Don’t know if you planned (or cancelled) your trip already. So – I definitely do NOT recommend driving a trailer on snowy mountain roads if you don’t have previous winter driving experience. I would definitely opt for a full RV if I were you. Or if you have two people who can drive, rent both. More expensive, but worth it. For the RV, make sure you have winter tyres (if you’re not familiar with winter tyres, google that). I don’t know but I assume few RV rentals come with winter tyres. Also, some RV rental companies may forbid going to ski areas altogether for fear of accidents (and because they don’t come with winter tyres). You may also need to get snow chains and know how to use them. And read a lot, google a lot, read as much as you can about winter driving. I’ve only been driving for three years (but have covered 140k miles / over 200k km in that time, with many cars and different RVs). I’ve driven in winter conditions in the US, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany and Norway. You need to learn, read and watch videos as much as possible and then you’ll be fine! Be prepared, but do it and have fun!

  • mark

    Yes there is a nearby RV resort, but for boondocking or overnight parking, breckenridge is the least friendliest anywhere USA, including telluride, aspen & vail. Breck is a fun town, lots of restaurants. plenty of other ski resorts in the area. you can legit park on BLM / national forest property less than 1 mile from Keystone ski resort (with cell service). not so daily commutable to breck, but might be useful to someone. Nearby Copper Mtn by contrast was pretty rv friendly, and town of Frisco 5 minutes away offers lots of restaurants and such, especially tuscano had great apres menus. It would be nice if Breck would set up a small camp area like vail did good for about 10 days stay for free or low cost. (I suspect Tiger Run fills the need for them or has enough influence to kill that idea, but it worked well in Vail). FYI Wolf creek ski resort gets the most snow in CO and offers free parking, although it is literally in the middle of nowhere, but you CAN camp as long as you like, just dont get burried by plow else you will be there until spring thaw. I hear snowsquamie near seattle in Washington state has RV hookups on their ski resort .

  • I follow your blog entries and love them all! I use to work at a ski resort for the winter in CO several years back. Me and my wife are in our mid 30’s, live in FL where we are from and own our own online real estate business. Within the next 2 years we will be full timing/rv and running the business from the rv and can’t wait! This sounds great to go from ski resort to ski resort. I see that Breck offers an annual pass for about $560 for resorts in CO, UT, and CA. That would be great to just go from resort town to resort town for the season with this pass.

  • Cliff and Joyce

    We are at Tiger Run now for the month of March. It has been nice. This resort is comfortable and convenient.
    We have a bunkhouse class a rv Thor Palazzo and it has the space we need for all of our stuff. We are trying out full time rv travel/living. Of course, we had to make some modifications. The hubz is very handy and with the extra cabinets, better floor, creative use of the over cab bed and some other upgrades, we are sooooo comfy. We love following your adventures and tips.

  • Gary Lee

    Hey I love your adventures. I didn’t get up to snowboard last year. The local area didnt get snow until late in the season, there wasn’t much of it at that .

    Now that I’m retired I’m looking forward to trying other venues.

    We recently traded or travel trailer for a M/H.

    I’m wondering how you deal with driving in snow. Do you use tire chains ? Or ?

    I brought the trailer through the snow from Lousiana to Washington state but that’s a little bit different than a motorhome. Anyway I was just wondering how you guys go about it. I did see that you mention you check the weather reports and travel up when the roads are clear but you must run into snow now and then ya?

  • Cliff

    I have fond memories of the Tiger Run resort. About 11 years ago, my wife and I were on our maiden voyage in the 23ft class C motorhome we bought with the intent of being able to find places off the grid to spend long weekends in the Rockies. We got off to a late start, and as it began to get dark, those plans were thrown out the window. We thought we might end up spending the night in a parking lot somewhere, but saw signs for the Tiger Run resort as we got closer to Breckenridge so thought we’d head there. It was the complete opposite of how we thought we would be spending our first night “camping” in our RV. The last thing we expected on this trip was having hook ups and cable tv but it was pretty darn nice. The next morning, we explored the resort and was really impressed with how nice it was. I haven’t been back there since but will always remember that first trip and will probably spend time there again sometime in the future.
    Our RV is gone now. It was lots of fun but not big enough once we had a couple of kids. We’ve been trailer camping the past few years mostly up around the Rocky Mountain National Park (hard to beat when it’s only an hour from home), and are thinking seriously about trading it in for another RV so we can start spending the summers exploring the country with our kids.
    Thanks for all your great stories. They are that much more inspiration for my wife and I to become full timers at some point in the future.

  • Jeanne

    Looks like a freakin’ hoot, guys! What a wonderful time that would be. I’ve never skied or snowboarded in my life. This makes me wanna do it, though! Maybe next year, eh? 🙂 Take care, you two. Thanks for the update and keep having fun! Most of all, safe travels for you guys. You’re in my prayers. Hugs, Jan and Dave Mackenzie

  • 3 perfect reasons for a RV skiing adventure – would love to be staying somewhere so pretty and with so much fun to be had!! We are trying to decide if we should do a Snow Season in our Motorhome, mind you we are not set up for cold weather 🙂

  • Rob M

    Where are your cats? Hope they’re okay.

  • Cooper & Molly

    Hi. Do you rent your boarding gear, or do you have your own, and if so, do you have enough storage for all your recreational gear? Just curious…storage is a prime consideration as we are starting to look at Class A’s. We’re just up the road in Grand County…sorry to have missed you!

  • Casey King

    Sorry we didn’t see you guys at SxSW. It was a crazy week! Hope you had as much fun as we did.

    Imagine my surprise when I saw Breck on your website today. We’ve stayed at Tiger Run many, many times in our RV. And we even bought a place there last year and a cabin should be in place very, very soon. For us the combination of downtown Austin, Breck & a RV is the perfect setup.

    I’m sure we’ll run into you guys at one of these locations in the future!

  • Ted Borstad

    We stayed at Tiger Run last summer while doing some work in Vail. Tiger Run is the closest RV Resort to Vail and we wanted the full hookups since we were actually working. We’re newbie MHers so everything is an experience, including our first drive into the mountains to get to Tiger Run.

    We were also able to do some biking on the local trails. We love Summit County.

  • We enjoyed meeting you and hanging out! It was great seeing you and I hope our paths cross again sometime soon!

  • Jacques

    Thanks for the recommendation and for the great post! Although I don’t miss the Canadian snow when wintering in Arizona every year, I do miss the occasional skiing trip. Have a great week!

  • Randy

    My prom date moved to “Brek” after college, so I was a regular in the early days. She joined Ski Patrol and would freak me out with her love of Double Blacks. Once took me on a hike over a 14000 foot pass to a place where hikers and take a break from the weather. The Army was delivering firewood, one of those HUGE helicopters, but they needed someone to carry it inside from where it was dropped. Being in LA for college I did NOT have the energy with so little O2. Barely made it back over the pass, but I remember it like it was yesterday. And everywhere we went in town she knew everyone. “We going hiking on Wednesday??” Everyone.

    Do they still have the season pass that is for ALL the local resorts, not just Breckenridge?

    What happened the the Wynns? Where is their map?


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