Sailing Fiji and it feels GOOD!

Sailing Fiji and it feels GOOD!

Who’s ready to go sailing Fiji!?! We may not be able to get back to our own boat, but it doesn’t mean we can’t commandeer someone else’s!  Ok, so maybe we aren’t the commandeering type, but we never pass up a good invitation. Which is how we’ve found ourselves back at sea!

It’s been months, upon months and there’s just no denying that being out on the water is where our souls ache to be.  The sense of freedom, peace and endless horizons is unbeatable.

One thing we couldn’t help but think about on this sail is how much suffering and turmoil is going on in the world right now.

But…people are inherently good, and humanity is alive and well.  If you get nothing else from all our stories, we hope you can see that much is true.

Ted, Kim and the rest of the Neal family befriended us during a scary time.  It’s been a gift and one we’ll never forget.

Being in a foreign country, or anywhere new and different, puts our senses on high alert.  We don’t see familiar faces, signs, or roads.  Things smell different, even the moisture and the feel of the air changes.  So naturally, we become more observant of our surroundings.

And one thing we’ve noticed here (and continually experience through travel) is how compassionate, generous, and hospitable people are when they sense you are out of your element.

Most people here in Fiji are aware that any new face isn’t a tourist right now. Its someone who is stuck…away from the comfort and support of home.

Our first few weeks were tough. Rules and regulations were changing by the hour, people were scared, anxious, confined to their homes and we were even turned down by a few accommodations who were afraid to rent to foreigners.

But, despite the down spiraling economy, bankrupt businesses and lost jobs, the Bula spirit and hospitality haven’t stopped.  People we have never met or spoken to, who don’t follow our channel and didn’t know of us before, have offered up their assistance, homes, cars, food, and companionship.

People are inherently good and want to help.

First, it was the Neal family and since the restrictions have eased, it’s been a steady stream of new friendships…and even ships!  We’re excited to introduce you to all of them.  So stay tuned friends, we’ve just started a whole new journey.


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