Banos Ecuador Waterfalls

Baños, Flying High & Getting Wet

Baños is the adventure capital of Ecuador, so we knew it would be a good stop.  We just didn’t know it was going to be this good.

There are waterfalls cascading down massive vertical cliffs and roaring rapids cutting through mountains that give way to lush green forests.  Driving around I felt like a dog wandering into a squirrel infested park.  Distracted from one tantalizing view to another.

Banos Ecuador Adventure

It’s the last hurrah of our Epic Ecuador Road Trip and what a hurrah it is.  Baños does not disappoint.  Flying high above the clouds and going deep down into the Devil’s Cauldron, we get a sweet glimpse of this outdoor junkies’ heaven.

This road trip has been an incredible journey and I feel like the Andes gave us more than we bargained for.  I don’t assume this is ‘goodbye‘, but rather ‘until next time‘.  Packing up the car and making our descent I didn’t feel sad, I felt content.  Jack Kerouac said “Nothing Behind Me, Everything Ahead of me, as is ever so on the road”.   And, I couldn’t agree more.

jason wynn banos ecuador

Adventures in Banos Ecuador

wynns road trip ecuador

We only scratched the surface of the little town known as Baños de Agua Santa.  But, it was enough to know there is a cascading list of adventures to be had (biking, hiking, rafting, tubing, climbing, swings and ziplines…).  It is the premier adventure destination in Ecuador, so the town itself is somewhat overrun with tour operators.  But we found by having a car (transportation) allowed us to stay outside of town (in better, more affordable & more scenic accommodations) and avoid the tour operators all together.  Not to mention it allowed us to cherry pick our timing to avoid the crowds.

La Casa Del Arbol – Tree House

The Swing at the End of the World!  We already mentioned it was $1 per person (plus $1 to park) in the video and it’s best to arrive at 9 in the morning to beat the crowds…and that 9am arrival time was golden advice!  The crowds were starting to roll in full-force as we were leaving.  Entire buses showed up and the lines to swing and zipline were getting long.  People were getting maybe a full minute on the swings before having to hand off to the next person in line.  Barely long enough to snap their iconic photo and not really long enough to soak it all in.  It was great cheap fun, but no way I would wait in those lines for a quick photo opp.  So, avoid the weekends and get there before 10am.

Also as Jason mentioned in the video, it’s not as picturesque as you might like it to be (at least not the day we were there).  One quick Google search brings up stunning imagery of a natural landscape with no concrete ramps, pads or trails.  Over the years it has become more popular and they are beefing up the grounds with more attractions.   The visual has morphed and now there are 2 swings attached to the house, a second swing set, some fencing and a big snack shop just behind the swing platforms.  It’s still unique and loads of fun, but doesn’t exactly look like the advertisements.

casa del arbol ecuador

casa del arbol ecuador

adventures in ecuador

The Pailon Del Diablo – Devil’s Cauldron

An impressive waterfall and a lovely hike!  We had been given more of the same advice for our visit here; avoid the weekend and go early.   It’s a running theme in Banos…and pretty much every big tourist destination I have ever been to.  (And don’t you know, I am sooo not a morning person).

You probably already picked up on this from the video, but it is wet.  Choose your shoes and clothing wisely.  My feet were damp for the rest of the day after that adventure (but sooo worth it).  The hike isn’t long, or difficult, but if there’s a crowd you may want to pack some food for the long waits.  Or don’t, there are cheap local snacks at the top of the trail and a little snack shop near the base of the falls.

There is a little confusion online about where to see the falls.  Apparently one person owns the bridges that overlook the top of the falls, but they don’t get you to the water.  We did not visit that location.  We visited the original location where you hike down to the base of the falls, then hike up to soak in the view from behind the rushing water.  Don’t fret if you end up at the wrong place, both are supposed to be exciting in their own right, and neither one cost more than a couple bucks.

drone views Banos Ecuador

waterfall views Banos Ecuador

nikki and kate waterfall hikeWhat we missed?

Well, a lot.  But in short, and at the top of our return to-do list…

  • Hiking – It’s a stunning countryside that begs to be wandered.  There are a range of hikes with all varying levels of difficulty to choose from. Wiki has a good list:
  • Hot Springs – I can’t say we were impressed with the setting of any of the baths (looked like a public pool), but soaking in hot springs is never a bad idea…especially after a long day of hiking!  We were told the Piscina El Salado, is generally less crowded than the pools in town.
  • RUTA DE LAS CASCADAS – There are sooo many waterfalls.  Renting a bike ($5-8 a day) and cycling this mostly downhill 60km route from Baños to Puyo would be an adventure.  On the route they’ve outlined several adventure stops, tunnels, vistas and snack shacks.  Oh, and if you are too pooped to pedal back, you can take the bus back to Banos (about $2.50 for bike and the ride).

Best Meal We Had In Banos

We haven’t any bad meals on this trip but there have been some stand out faves.  There was a glimpse of our fab meal at Amarelo Restaurant towards the very beginning of the video.  It was by far the best meal we had in Banos.  Creative, great presentation and prepared to perfection.  We were very pleased.

you can't buy happiness

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Sailing Road Trip Report – Baños to Bahia De Caraquez

To see our full map with interactive pins, click here:

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  • Dates – February 19 – 21, 2018
  • Road Miles Traveled – 322 miles (520 km)
  • Rental Car – $29 per day.  We rented a car in Manta because it was half the price of renting in Bahia (where our boat is anchored).
  • Where We Stayed – Centro Ecoturistico Alpinar $60 per night and included breakfast (which was fab!)

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  • Aubrey

    That waterfall was so amazing! Brought a big smile to my face watching.

  • Golden Triangle Tour with Pushkar

    Wow! It sounds cool. What a great adventures. You captured awesome pictures and video in your travel trip. I would love to visit this place in future. Loved your post. Thank you so much for sharing this post and experience. Keep posting!

  • Connie

    I would be careful about drinking in other countries. They might not allow carrying around beer. I know it is illegal to carry around a beer on the street in Las Vegas. I had a friend tell me he was walking to his hotel from a bar in Mexico and the cops stopped him and wanted money or they would arrest him. Also you don’t want to drink and drive in other countries or America for that matter.

  • Alan Solomon

    Alan here.
    I have to chime in. The last video and this one were really beautiful and your activities were exciting. You 3 had me smiling and laughing along with you. Hiking around the lake in the volcano and the altitudes you were at is an awesome experience for me and I am watching it on video? That city Banos, is beautiful, perched on the cliff with the river below. I wonder if the residents know what they have where they live? They probably do. Thanks.

  • Tev

    So fun and enjoyed the video. I will miss Kate as I know she is leaving soon. Laughed at someone calling Kate and Nikki your “sister wives”Jason. 🙂 Please keep up the excellent videos as I love seeing the adventures you have and the places you go. Both of which I’ll never have but live vicariously through you.

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    You people know how to have fun.

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    You three make a perfect trio and bring me so many smiles every week and even some belly laughs. Do look forward to Sunday and thanks, Jason, Nikki and Kate.

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    You meant… “felt like Singa wandering into an aviary”

  • I thought banos was Spanish for bathroom. Its nice to see you are still having a good time. Are you going around Cape Horn or the Cape of Good Hope?

  • Many thanks to you for sharing the world with us! Wishing I was 20 years younger! Ecuador looks beautiful. I love checking in on you guys. Amazing .

  • Brian

    Question: I love the Drone shots, does anyone ever get upset with you for flying the drone or asks you not to fly it at various locations? Have you seem posted signs prohibiting the flying of the drones? Another great video. That is some beautiful country. Loved the excursion to the waterfall. Thanks again for sharing.

    • Curious Minion

      Hey Brian. Nikki has answered this one before so I’ll chime in. They do check with each country they enter for regulations and they get permits when necessary. Very important since some places will just confiscate your drone and that’s the end of that.

  • Trina Draper

    I just finished watching your latest recently posted video: Baños, Flying High & Getting Wet. It is SO very nice to be introduced to all the fabulous hiking and travel areas of Ecuador. It reminds me of the good ole’ days of your RV travel vlogs. Thank you very much for allowing me an intimate look into high mountain hikes, honest weather conditions, and that food – OH MY! This is how I would travel were I physically able to.

    Many cheers,
    “Someone’s Gramma”


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