Best Electric Bikes For Boat Life

Best Electric Bikes For Boat Life

A bicycle is sailors best friend and the best way to explore land. But getting them to land is typically the issue. Well, that and the harsh marine environment.

We've had many folding bicycles over the years. First through our road trippin' years and then aboard Curiosity 1. But, before we get into what works best, let's talk about what didn't.

Folding Bikes

Most folding bicycles are simply not cut out for boat life...much less electric bikes. Weight is a big issue. It’s a challenge to move them from the storage locker, to the tender, and onto land without damaging something along the way. And then there is all that much rust! The bikes below came over with us from our last RV and only lasted one season before they got the boot.

Most Electric Folding Bikes

Then came along e-bikes and the temptation to have bikes was back again. So we ended up with some Blix e-bikes for our 2019 trip back to the USA. They were the perfect car replacement for while we were in the city and living Van Life. Once again, we were hooked on having bikes. But after a few months, we realized they would still be to heavy and potentially too much maintenance (rust) to live on a boat.

Bike Weight: With Battery: 55lbs Without Battery: 47.5lbs

But, if you're not a boater and just looking for a great looking and great performing bike, then I would still recommend them. Get An Extra $100 off if you use the discount Code WYNN100: Blix Website

Lightest Folding Eclectic Bike In The World

For CURIOSITY 2, we knew we were looking for a needle in a haystack. We wanted versatile, compact, low maintenance and lightweight.

So, we searched out the lightest electric folding bike in the world. Thankfully, Carbo makes such a bike. It weighs 29 lbs (13kg) including the battery! They achieve this with a belt drive and carbon fiber construction.

Carbo Electric Bike

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Buy From Carbo

The carbon construction and belt drive (less metal) is what really makes this bike so boat friendly. They don't have even a speck of rust and there is relatively nothing to maintain other than checking tires. It’s sooo easy to move them around the boat as is. But, pop out the seat (which is also the Li battery) and it’s feather light.

The bikes are so light that when not powered on, you forget they are electric. Power them on and choose your level of power assist pedaling or hit the throttle if you are tapped out and want a free ride.

General Specs ↓

  • Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Belt Drive
  • 250W Motor (optional 350W)
  • 36V, 7Ah (optional 10.5Ah)
  • 40-65 km Range
  • Schwalbe Big Apple tires
  • Speed + Torque sensor
  • Hydraulic Disc brakes
  • 13.3 kg

We have been very happy with our Carbo bikes and still haven't found anything that can beat them. So, we signed up for their affiliate program. Which means if you use code WYNNS100 you get $100 off per bike PLUS you’ll still get any bonus incentives/discounts they’re running on the website. And we get a few pennies too. Don't worry, you can sign up too and pass the discount along to all your friends. Or, just send them our way.😉

You can see where we store them in this video:

It seems every other day we notice a new leak, chaffing, missing screw or something that is a little off kilter. And, as it seems to go with boat life, while trying to fix or diagnose the initial problem, we find another.

Catch them in action as we put them to the test with a brutal cross island trip in this video:

Turning Inconvenience Into An Adventure
Our week takes an unexpected turn when our efforts to renew our visas fail. We must make a mad dash to civilization or risk being in the Philippines illegally. Because no matter how far away we sail, or how remote the destination, bureaucracy is the one thing we cannot escape.