The least romantic anniversary ever?

The least romantic anniversary ever?

So it’s our anniversary and while this isn’t how we expected to celebrate, being practical can be kinda sexy. 

Anniversaries, birthdays and holidays started to blur when we became nomads.  Because between weather, inaccurate charts, bureaucracy and equipment breakdowns, we never know where we will be or what we will be doing.  Over time we have learned to write our schedule in the sand at low tied.  Because that’s about how reliable a schedule is for us. 

Of all our years together, and all things considered, it's not our most romantic anniversary every.  But it’s been highly practical and productive. ❤️‍🔥


As promised, here is the very first video we ever made. 🙈 We didn't understand framerates (or most of the video features of our camera) and we were terribly uncomfortable in front of the camera. But now you know, we've been nerdy about nature from day one.