We’re going loopy and it’s not the diesel fumes.  The days are all starting to blur together, but progress is being made!

Our goal this week is to get the boat livable again.  We love our little bungalow away from it all, but we’re ready to really make it home.  Which means cleaning, servicing, replacing, and more cleaning (did I mention cleaning?!?).  Because after a year of sitting all alone in tropical conditions, we have leaky hatches, corroded electronics, and a boat full of mold.


Diesel Tank Saga

A huge thanks to everyone for chiming in with all the suggestions, tips, and expertise on our diesel tank conundrum.  We are underway with the repairs and will hopefully have a success video coming soon.


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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Jan and Dave MacKenzie

    Great catching up on your videos this morning, Nikki and Jason! Man. You guys have really been working hard at getting Curiosity ready to live in an to sail again. I’m very very curious as the name of that delicious soup (although I heard it said a few times and I really loved Jason’s take on the name!). I’d really like to know what it is so I can find a recipe to make it!! Missing you so much since we breakfasted together with you two in Bar Harbor, ME, eons ago. Keep safe and healthy and may you be on the road … well… on the sea again soon!

    Lots of love, Jan and Dave (Jason’s birthday twin)

    • Curious Minion

      Nikki & Jason will still see your comment, but I can give you the name of the stew: I believe it is encebollado de pescado – Ecuadorian fish stew. Others have asked Nikki to post the recipe so maybe she’ll get it from Adrianna. There are bunches of recipes online too.
      Curious Minion

  • Tracy H

    I truly love your videos. Beautiful, breath taking. But I have to say, there is just something about your vids with your cleaning, repairing etc. on your RV and now on your boat that just is so satisfying. It must be my OCD. ; )

  • Rusty Sailer

    Hi Nikki and Jason,
    Long time viewer, first time poster.

    Glad you made it back to your boat. Kinda fun watching other people clean:-) Did you consider using an Ozone machine in your boat to kill off mold and everything/anything else that is alive or organic? I just got one to run in my motorhome before I put it in storage and intend to do another treatment after getting it out. If used properly (let it run in closed, unoccupied space and allow to air out fully) it sounds like a perfectly safe and effective thing to do. My concern is that you could have mold growing behind panels or in bedding and this seems like the simplest way to fix?

    Happy journeys! It was so much fun to see you meet up with Zatara crew. Real life soap opera….

  • Yvan D

    You guys are a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  • Steve

    You guys are so upbeat, you are disgusting. No, really, anyone who doesn’t love you both has neither a heart nor a brain. I know your videos are curated, but this is who you are. I was blessed to meet you in Fredericksburg, and thank God you came into my life.

  • Mike Emerson

    You two are amazing. Keep up the hard work. I love the motor bikes.

  • Ric Ulloa

    You guys are so inspirational! I wish there was a way I/we could help. It makes me feel bad, but I still get inspired by all you’re doing. Can I send you fans?? What’s the specifics and I’ll get a couple and ship them to you! Seriously!

  • Alan Solomon

    Thank you so much for this video.
    You both are doing a terrific and tremendous job as anyone would on something they love, Curiosity, your lifestyle, freedom, time.
    Multiple, great achievements every day.
    Thanks for bringing me along every week.
    I like da Bloops.
    Watch your step.
    Be safe and stay well.

  • Penny novak

    I love how you show the hard, hard work of doing paradise!
    But I do remember hearing you say as you were locked down on Figi “ can’t wait to get back and do boat projects “!!!!!!
    Love to you both

  • Beverly

    Enjoying your videos. What products did you use to clean the mold and mildew? Living in Florida always looking for something great I use with elbow grease lol

  • Diane L Merck

    Hi Nikki and Jason,

    So glad you are back on your boat, and cranking on the projects. We appreciate that you share the nitty gritty with us, we have learned a ton from you and we are actively looking now, and may be read to make an offer on our own cat (L43) very soon.

    Just curious, what happen to your Blix bikes? Did we miss something? We noticed in the last couple of videos you had different bikes? Also was wondering about the portable A/C, is that a loaner? or do you have enough solar to bring something like that along when you sail?

    Diane and Dave M

    • Curious Minion

      They talked a bit about the bikes 2 episodes ago when they made their debut. Basically the Blix bikes are just too big to fit in a storage locker aboard Curiosity. There are links to both bikes in this blog post:
      Curious Minion

      Oh – and they mentioned that the portable AC is a loaner unit. Not sure if they could run it off solar/batteries or not.

  • Nick

    Nikki comparing your RV videos to the sailing videos, you have toned up aka added alit of muscle. Is the boat life that much more physical or have you started a workout routine? Jason has toned up some to.

  • Burt Thompson

    It’s always a pleasure to receive notice of a new video. With all the politics, pandemic and self quarantining, watching your videos is such a breath of fresh air. You have done such great things especially stepping-in when you see a need…a person, the environment, underfunded charity or even a sweet little kitty. If I could back up about 70 years, I think I would totally change my path in life. Somehow, I’ve really “missed the boat.” Thank you both for allowing us to “ride-along” on your adventures. And, oooooh, that soup looks so good!!!

  • Laura

    Making major progress! YAY!

    Hang in there.

  • Tricia Kelly

    SO much work and you have such great attitudes. There is something very satisfying about watching this journey. We will all be celebrating 🍾 when Curiosity gets back in the water and your amazing adventure continues. Thanks for bringing us along. We’re still pretty much in quarantine here in NV. It will be worth it to come out the other side with our good health intact. My passport is very bored!😊

  • Martin Buinicki

    If Nikki says it’s clean, your baby could nurse on it!

  • Andy Windsor

    Your brushed fan motors probably have electrolytic corrosion on the surface of their commutator. In English, this means that the little copper bits in the motor that rotate as part the armature in the motor and are contacted by the carbon brushes have a build-up of Copper Oxide on their surfaces, maybe green (Verdigris) or sometimes still clear.
    This can be cleaned off mechanically with a butchered toothbrush, or wiped off with a cloth on a stick (cocktail stick, bamboo skewer etc.) and using a solvent such as ‘Electrical switch and Contact cleaner’ or a SMALL quantity of Isopropanol or other alcohol such as methylated spirits aka Denatured alcohol.
    Really try not to get these substances on the copper windings, they are insulated in Varnish and I haven’t been brave enough to see if it will dissolve! Clean the Carbon brushes as well, and try one to see if it fixes them.
    In such a small motor I personally wouldn’t try and use the usual trick of cleaning a commutator with sand or emery paper, too much copper dust, and really tiny places to extract it from are not good bedfellows.
    Of course, you may probably have this trouble in the switch assembly as well, but at a push, you could probably bypass a faulty switch to have constant fan when powered up.
    Try a camping or chandlery store for Isopropanol (used in alcohol stoves) it may be the cheapest option. If you end up only getting one fan to work, and only then from parts of two, you will at least have a Frankenfan!
    Worth a go, you are in a hot country and need those fans.
    Love from a very wet and windy West Cornwall here in the UK.

  • Paul Reynolds

    Hi Nikki n Jason,

    Curiosity is enjoying your attention after so long without you, as it has been a year, it must be hurricane season again, so do you have a date for the splash ?
    I can spell Curiosity now because it’s written on my newest T-shirt 🙂
    I am six foot three and a similar build to Jason, What size does he wear ?
    It is very dark, cloudy, rainy, dull, today in England, so thank you both for brightening things up a bit.
    So looking forward to the splash, I will be with you, in spirit at least.

    Kind regards


  • Michael Magill

    Morning Jason and Nikki,

    Thank you for lettingus tag along as you clean and disinfect the entire boat inside and out. It looks like a massive job, but as usual you two will get it done. Your friends as really nice and for them to keep your crate for so long shows what kind of people you know and , heres hoping you get back on the water soon. I hope the “Diesel Tanks work out and you can start preparing to sail again. Great Video, and thank you two again!!

  • Mitchell Barnow

    I always look forward to seeing a new video in my in my YouTube notifications!


    The mold on the cabin walls & ceiling did not look as bad as I would have thought. Your preparation, your being on the hard and your choice of where it was for 8 months all made a difference.

    You posted this on November 1st. What were the filming dates?

    Also: When is ‘spash-2’ happening? (Or did it already happen?)

  • dona cardenas

    Hey guys, I’m glad y’all are back in Tonga but it must be so frustrating to be so close but yet not there yet. You obviously have a strong relationship to get through all this. Keep it up and thanks for sharing the ups and downs and sideways. Love watching your vids and your thirst for life. For your sake, hope move in day is soon!!❤️

  • Marjorie Nehlsen

    So much work and you both keep on smiling. The boat looks better and better. It must be really hard to wait to launch it in the water. You both are totally amazing. Thanks for sharing 🌴

  • Tim Murtha

    I can’t believe it’s been four years since you traded in the RV life for sailing! You two are inspiring! Thanks for sharing your lives for so many years. I admire your commitment to each other and your lifestyle, both of which shine through your videos.

  • Peter M

    You guys are doing a great job!!
    But I’m jealous up here in New England. I started the sad process of winterizing our sail boat.
    I think I’m adding to my bucket list to never be cold again. LOL
    Keep up the good work!


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