Nikki and Jason Wynn on the Isle of Wine in New Zealand

Boat Life On The Isle of Wine

My fingernails are peeling off in layers, sort of like an onion, and together with the caulk residue, it looks like the remnants of a french manicure gone bad.  I also managed to bash my pinky toe on the last batten just before we slid it into the mainsail.  I will no doubt lose that toenail.

And then there is Jason’s thumb, which had an altercation with a razor blade.  It’s the lingering physical evidence of the last three weeks of boat projects.  Clearly, this round was particularly harsh on the extremities.

These two sailors are parched and our bodies and minds are in need of a little R&R.  So, we set sail for the Isle of Wine.

It’s been called the Martha’s Vineyard of New Zealand, the honeymoon destination and the Aucklanders escape from the city.   It’s the country’s 11th largest island but the second-most densely populated at a whopping 7,689.

It is none other than the island of Waiheke.


Arty Trails

There are hiking trails all around the island but you’ll only catch the art every 2 years as it’s a biennial event (only every 2 years).  How lucky were we!

Sculpture On The Gulf:

Our Tiny E-Bikes

The e-bikes in this video are NOT perfect and I would hesitate to recommend them.  We also have an e-bike we DO recommend.  Here is the scoop on both.

Tiny Jetson e-bikes: We’re thrilled to have them and they are better than nothing.  They are the smallest, lightest (34 lbs), most compact folding e-bikes we could find at the time (circa 2019).

  • The Bad – The bike is not ideal for taller or heavier individuals. It struggles to maintain speed when climbing hills and depending on your weight, slows to almost a stop if it’s really steep. It has a responsive rear brake but is not reliable on a steep downhill. The seat is uncomfortable for long rides. It has a limited range of 17 miles (because of no pedals).
  • The Good – The E-Bike doesn’t have pedals, a chain, or cassette (less to rust and maintain). The bike can fold down and fit in almost any of our large storage lockers (main deciding factor) and is easy to load up in the dinghy.  They are really affordable for an e-bike…but you get what you pay for.
  • Buy Jetson Bolt –

GREAT e-bikes: If we had a bigger dry storage locker that could have fit our Blix E-Bikes…we would have loaded those up in our crates.  We absolutely love those bikes and miss not having them.  If you have the room, go for a Blix or similar quality.  You will never need to rent another island bike and they are a helluva good time!

Full Blix Review:



  • Artlist, Get 2 Months for FREE:
    • Artists – Sean Magwire, Niahn ft GRP, Jamie Rutherford, Evert Z, Alex Makemusic, Stefano Mastronardi, Sean Twomey, Luc Allieres, Anthony Lazaro, James Forest


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Comments (17)

  • Judy G.

    It’s about time you guys took a break and just enjoyed life for a whole day! All that constant repairing has even worn me out, and all did was sit there and sympathize. Now-get out there and have a ball, and if you ever come back to Knoxville, TN, let me know.

    • Melanie M.

      Ah!! I got so excited when I saw that another East Tennessean is watching! Maryville here!

  • Jessica Herron

    This is one of my favorites of your videos!

  • Alan Solomon

    This video was a very nice experience for me.
    For some reason this video gave me a sense of you guys being more grown up or more mature. I mean that in the nicest way.
    I got that impression when I was watching you both at the winery. Suddenly that idea or feeling popped into my head. It was some of the things you both said, and just how you acted at the winery that gave me that impression. Just an observation. Positive, I hope.
    I liked the winery a lot. I liked your travels to the winery. I liked the views. I liked the landscapes. I felt the ambiance through your video. The food looked amazing and incredibly tasty. Definitely something to experience and not to be missed. I have not had any R&R in a few years! Can you tell?

  • OjaiLynda

    Simply overenjoyed how you both fill so much into each and every day. Heartfelt wishes for so many more days just like this one!


    LOVED those art installations

  • Steve john Gibbons

    Every body deserves a treat now and again. The Kiwis certainly have so much to offer. Winters coming and the swim to the boat will become the ultimate challenge at days end.

  • Jean and Eric McBride

    Wow…it looked like a whole lot of fun….but we know that a tramp around Waiheke Island art trail is quite exhusting. So sad that the NZ climate let you down for the Wine adventure . We would like to shout you the cost of the meal…if you let us know we can add it to your Tip bottle. Hoping that the rest of your trip around NZ is good. Best Wishes.

  • Pam McClure

    Beautiful. Glad you treated yourselves.

  • MJ Kramer

    Lovely. Traveling with you two is my Sunday treat.
    and the curmudgeon roars forth:

    Scarf on bike = BAD idea.
    Even a low speed spill or snag put your life risk.
    Rove your scarf back and forth behind your neck and tuck in the ends. NEVER cross your throat.
    I am a bikee and an EMT. I have seen “scarf on throat” go very bad. PLEASE be more careful.


  • Pat

    What a special trip it looked like fun

    • Michael

      I agree. Beautiful setting and wonderful view. Lovely! Thanks for sharing, Wynns.

  • james konet

    Thank you for the fun day. I enjoyed the ride on those overpowered vehicles and the winery was just awesome. Thanks again

  • Bob

    My envy has just jump up another 50%. How cool is it to do what you are doing! To me you are the most blessed couple I know! And we’ve traveled a lot as well. But to see it from my favorite view, the ocean, thank you for the scenic sites you are seeing!

    • Bob

      By the way, I’ve had my Blix bike, for about a year, didn’t know you guys like them so much, it’s a great bike and no trouble up or down hills, and I’m 6’2” 215 lbs…ha ha

  • Pete Crosby

    Everyone needs a little R&R from time to time. Glad you got yours. 😎

    What happened to the map link that shows where y’all are?

    • Curious Minion

      The Garmin link is no longer active. They do have another link available for Patreon subscribers. If you’d like to become a Patron, check it out here:
      Curious Minion


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