Sailing is Stupid (and splendid, here’s why)

Sailing is Stupid (and splendid, here’s why)

Being on a boat in a spectacular place on a beautiful day is splendid. But sailing isn’t the fastest, easiest, or most comfortable way to travel or live.

So why do we revel in discomfort? This is a question I ask myself after every sleepless night or rough voyage across a sporting sea (we sailors say sporting so it doesn’t sound like we’re complaining). Because being a liveaboard, is a very mixed bag. It’s completely impractical and yet we think it’s the greatest way to exist on the planet. We love it and here is a theory on why.

We humans crave a good dose of adversity. We need struggle, growth, emotionality, aspiration, and conflict. Because when we overcome, achieve, or reach the other side we feel fulfilled. It makes life exciting and meaningful. AKA, a life of adventure.

adventure/ədˈvɛntʃə/nounan unusual and exciting or daring experience.

So, while we may claim to live simply (because we have less space or fewer things because we have nowhere to put them), life aboard a moving vessel is anything but simple. It is complex and challenging and that is precisely why we are drawn to it. Like a moth to a flame.


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