No pane, go gain.  Really Nikki?  Yes, it was too appropriate, I couldn’t help myself.  Because if the whole hard-work-pays-off mantra remains true…we’re going to be rolling in the rewards of strong, clear, and leak-free everything for the next 15 years.

This week we’re locked and loaded with fully charged batteries on all fronts.  We’re taking no prisoners and leave no window, caulk, or rust stain behind.  Everything must go!  Sail, Sail, Sail!

Sorry, I’ll stop there.  Enjoy the video and thanks for joining us.


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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Jacquelyne D Kinsey

    We love your channel and have binge watched from the beginning!
    We have finally realized our dream with your inspiration and have just purchased a 2005 Leopard 43 – charter version! The front windows and hatches deparately need to be changed, but we aren’t having any luck finding the hatches or replacement windows. Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated!

  • John Peloquin

    I’m new to this series and thus I have to apologize for asking questions which likely were asked before in other videos. None the less, I will ask them again and hope that people will be kind enough to tolerate a noob’s likely naive questions.
    1. do you live on your boat when it’s on the hard like it is in this video while doing your refitting and renovations?
    2. is there a reason you choose Milwaukee tools over say Ryobi, or Makita etc?
    3. where do you store your tools? In particular as I see you have a “little giant” foldable ladder- do you store that on board in addition to your other tools? And how do you do that- do you have a specialized tool locker(s) in one of the cabins?
    4. what do you do if you need a tool you don’t have? Do you rent them and if so how do you find a place to rent them?

    I hope I’m not out of line asking these questions and hope to see some folks answer them

    • Curious Minion

      Well I can’t answer the tool questions, but I can send you this link to a post that’s all about living on the boat on the hard!
      Curious Minion

  • Patrick

    There is a better blade to sue on your oscillating tool that is far less damaging when you slip. Check out Scraper blades. The have no teeth but will still get the job done.

  • Alan Solomon

    Thanks. Another awesome video.
    I do not have much technical stuff to say about this video but, I would say that is a ton of caulk on those existing windows. After reading some of the other comments it seems that is over doing it on the caulk.
    It would be cool if you can find the recommended amount of caulk to use on your windows to prevent leaks or other hazards when you are traveling in open ocean. Which would be the time that the most stress is put on your windows.
    One source that you could inquire with would be the guys at Just Catamarans. I bet you they have recommendations on amount of caulk used in these instances. I am sure you thought of that already.
    Keep smiling. Have fun. Get goofy. 🤪 P.S. I liked your choice of music throughout this video. Thanks..

  • Mark Krajcar

    The original inventor f the multitool is Fein of Germany. They have a lot of specialty blades including some for removing caulk. I use one to do the same project as you and never damage the windows. If you have a teak deck boat they make size specific blades to remove the caulk from all 3 sides a at once. Their blades will most likely fit your tool.

  • Raven Loon

    Just commented on your channel because I’m a frazzled genius. So I’ll keep this short ….🤣

    Your boat at the moment is exactly our RV. I’m crying & cursing right along with you.

    And for the record, I am Pippi Longstockings. Having goats and chickens in the house with the Great Dane & cats got a bit insane. (Horse was too big to fit in the door) We’re down to two pony sized dogs in an RV now, & with any luck we’ll be building a treehouse on an island here soon. Things could get very weird with my animal addiction in a treehouse.

    Hang in there you two! You’re young & free, & have discovered the magic of Barkeepers Friend! Nothing can stop you now! Not even hard caulk & cracked windows.

  • Paul & Karen

    My wife and I love watching your channel. We were watching your latest episode “no pain no gain“ and I have a suggestion which might help with removing the caulk. I do not own a boat but I do quite a bit of home remodeling and I own an oscillating tool which I love

    There are blades that are specifically designed for caulk removal which I will post the links to. They do not have aggressive teeth and should not damage the fiberglass as easily.

    Good luck and keep up the great videos.

    Paul & Karen

  • Michael Wodzinski

    I always find your videos interesting and inspirational. You mentioned that you might go back to South Africa to visit friends. You might want to talk to Lawyer about South Africa libel laws before you visit since you mentioned your sail sellers by name in a previous video. It has been my experience that there are no length bad people will go. They could make your life difficult if the South Africa laws are like US laws. The sail “sellers” might try paint you as rich Americans taking advantage of a South African company during a pandemic. Hopefully the sail sellers will be up to their eyeballs in a class action suit.

    I’m not trying to be an alarmist but I have seen such nonsense in the US. I’m and engineer, not a lawyer.

    Best wishes. Be safe and enjoy New Zealand – one of my favorite places to visit.

  • StevieDV

    You know, I noticed two things. First, to remove the windows would be a bear of a job all by itself. And with a list as long as your list is, it would start to become a challenge to your marriage. Second, adding camera work, is like having friends over while you are trying to accomplish a job. Viewers act like a marriage counselor, keeping you civil, but my bet is the cameras double the time it takes to accomplish anything. Sidebar: On a rainy Kiwi afternoon when you can’t really get anything done, I’d like to suggest a video on the basics of flying your drone. You seem to have built a strong skill base, and would like help shortening my learning curve. Best Wishes from Kansas. PS. If you can get the windows made out of Lexan, the stuff is almost indestructible.

    • Michael

      I totally agree. I do not know how they do it.

    • Brett

      YES…a video on drone flying basics would be great!

  • Lisa Bee

    Don’t know why, but the last few video posts won’t open on the page. I need to go to YT to see them. Just thought I’d mention it, in case there was an tech issue.

    • Curious Minion

      Just FYI, only a few people seem to be experiencing that issue so I suspect it is caused by a conflict with your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc.). You might try opening the post in a different browser to see if that fixes it. Or just keep doing what you’re doing!
      Curious Minion

      • Michael

        FYI, I have experienced problems a couple times. I just went to YouTube to solve the issue and watch the video there.

        Browsers are hardly ever the issue. The standards for using the WWW are put out by the World Wide Web Consortium. When a page and a browser are in sync with the standards, there never are any problems.

        Experts never design web sites base upon the browser they expect people to use. How would anyone know which of dozens of browsers a visitor would be using? Sticking to the standards with good programming skills separates the experienced from the ignorant.

        • Curious Minion

          And yet it happens all the time as software updates often lag behind browser patches. Whatcha gonna do?

          • Michael

            Never, ever use Microsoft products directly or thru services one purchases. That’s a good start.

            Second, design web sites to comply with the standards as they exist. New standards will not break old ones.

            It will not be an issue of patches.

            Feel free to contact me directly anytime. I’m always glad to help.

  • Rob Anderson

    Wow … hard to follow up on the comments already posted. From technique to the proper usage of the word “caulk” … you certainly have an erudite group of patrons! (hope I don’t get chastised for my use of erudite!)

    Seriously though, I know that your videos are curated to be positive (you succeed wonderfully) Having done a similar project, I know it is truly miserable job. I commend you for surviving it intact!

    It is a shame that builders don’t give enough thought to the poor schmuck that will have to undo their work when replacement is required. (The 6″ of caulk below your forward windows is crazy!)

    Anyway …. thanks for another great video. Sure hope the New Zealand summer brings nothing but great weather for you guys!

  • Michael

    Well done!!!!! You’ve done a great job and deserve many kudos.

    And you’re right about grunt work. It just takes time. There is no doubt that you two have great stick-to-it-ivness.

    By the way, I mentioned before not to use screws on the instruments. Just drill the holes and use stainless steel bolts with locking nuts on the back. Saves a lot of time, and you can always drill out the heads to put in new ones.

    Another tip is to always specify Torx-head fasteners. Much better grip.

    And the final tip is not to use so much caulk compound on the windows. That is way too thick, and totally unnecessary. Consider redesign improvements as you go. Every situation where there is thru-hull sealing issues should always specify a stainless steel trim ring with bolts and locking nuts fastening it down. Holding things down with adhesion is not as good as both adhesion and a fastening plate. Always.

    Good luck. You’re all doing very well.

  • Mark Dykeman

    I used a straight knife blade in my multi tool to remove caulking. It has a very small curve and is around 1.4 inch wide. I believe it was made by Dewalt. Much less chance of damage.

  • John Schretlen

    Glad you got the job done; and the marriage is still intact.

    A comment about caulk and caulking:
    Caulk is both a noun (the goo in the tube) and a verb (the art of applying the goo in the tube).
    Caulking is (mostly) just a noun. As in “Today we are going to remove enough caulking to get the windows out.”
    However caulking, being an english word, has also taken life as a verb “Whatcha doing dear hubby?” “I’m caulking!”

    In all honesty there are more than a few times when one or both of you have the slightest hesitation when saying caulk. It’s like your mind’s eye sees the ‘ul’ as an ‘c’ and your brain wants to stay really far away from that word but knows how caulk sounds so does a million calculations before operating the vocal system. Thus the short caulk hesitation.

    So, it might be easier for you to use ‘caulking’ whenever you want to refer to the goo in the tube AND/OR working with it.

    Happy to help 😉

  • Craig Knox

    Thank you for showing us the “glamorous” side of sailing. That caulking is just “nasty”. There must be something that dissolves the caulk without dissolving the fiberglass? I noticed you didn’t film the screaming. I would have had to just stand up and scream about every 20 minutes. You two are a great.

  • Hope Evans

    I like the Innuendo between you two with a boat named Erotica in the background 🤣

    • Hope Evans

      Sorry meant to say “with the boat name similar to Erotica in the background.” 😬


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