BOAT SHOPPING: Better Than Expected!

We made our way around the only Multihull boat show in the world with one mission, to see what’s new and innovative in catamarans.

BOAT SHOPPING: Better Than Expected!

We made our way around the only Multihull boat show in the world with one mission, to see what’s new and innovative.

The show is held in La Grande-Motte France, which was just a day’s drive from where we were in Italy. And with our new boat being so close to being finished, we couldn’t deny the opportunity to do some last-minute idea shopping. To see which catamaran builders were being innovative, thinking modular, and getting creative with how to best use these tiny spaces. Because we sailors are a varied bunch with different needs, jobs, passions, and hobbies. One size does not fit all.

As for these sailors, if you’ve been with us for a while then chances are you already know what our priorities are. If not, we made a video about the top 10 CRUCIAL FEATURES OUR NEW BOAT MUST HAVE.

Because we are world cruising sailors who like spending extended time in very remote areas. Not because we’re hermits (ok, maybe a little) but because we generally like the natural beauty and unique people that inhabit such places.

So last year when we decided to put our life savings (and then some) into a new boat, it was because finally, there was a boat that ticked all our boxes.

  1. Sub 50 Feet
  2. Performance Cruiser (for light wind sailing & less motoring)
  3. Hybrid Electric Propulsion
  4. Huge Lithium Battery Bank (no need for marina or shore power)
  5. Renewable energy – Solar & Hydrogeneration (enough so we don’t need a generator)
  6. Rain Capture (saves water maker energy & filters plus a good backup)
  7. All Electric Galley (no need for searching out propane & safer)
  8. Forward Facing Nav Desk (best location for foul weather, night watch & working full time)
  9. Workshop (because the reality of sailing is fixing things in exotic locations)
  10. Comfort (protection from the elements, good air flow, quality furniture)

The HH44 still is the only boat that ticks all these boxes. But, if we were looking for something a little bigger, there are a few exciting new options hitting the water! The execution may or may not hit the mark depending on how discerning you are, but the ideas are marvelous and that’s what we’re focusing on.


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