We Almost Didn’t Make It! Canceled Flights, Detained & Lost Cats

We Almost Didn’t Make It! Canceled Flights, Detained & Lost Cats

I must have run through a thousand “worst-case scenario” scenes in my head.  Living on a boat and sailing around the world?  You don’t make it out of an adventure like this without a few good stories, right!?

Like most people, I expected wild and crazy storms at sea to be the worst of what we would have to survive. Maybe some half-delirious hallucinations after weeks of isolation on the vast open ocean.

But never, did I ever, think that our biggest challenges would be on land.

What a trip!  It all worked out in the end but sheesh, we gained a few grey hairs over that one.  Hopefully, the return trip back to the boat will go much smoother.  Or at the very least, we’ll go into it prepared for chaos!

jason and nikki wynn hauling out their sailboat in tonga

Speaking of chaos, prepping the boat for cyclone season and storage was a “fun” new task.  We didn’t show much of it in this video because we’re more interested in the return.

Will Curiosity be filled with bugs, rats, and mold or will our “tricks” have work?  Only time will tell!

Until then, we’re happy to be back in the USA and in the land of seemingly never-ending hot water, great coffee shops with free wifi and tacos…lots and lots of tacos!

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  • Curiosity Hauled Out & Left: The Boat Yard / Vava’u, Tonga
  • Flights – 26 Hours
    • Vava’u to Nukalufa
    • Nuku’alofa to Fiji
    • Fiji to California
  • Date: September 2019