Iridium Go & PredictWind


We’ve been using the Iridium Go for two years now and while it is basic communications and connectivity, we couldn’t imagine sailing about the world without it.


Why?  Because being able to download the latest weather, send photos, text messages, emails and make calls from the middle of an ocean is pretty freakin’ incredible!

Ok, what is Iridium Go.

  • A compact, rugged and portable device that provides global SAT voice and data on up to five different devices (smartphones, laptops or tablets).
  • Simple operation – flip up the antenna and it auto connects and creates a wifi hotspot.
  • Once connected to the hotspot we can use the Iridium apps to: make voice calls, access our iridium specific email, tweet, send photos, send SMS (text), create GPS tracking, send an SOS alert…and most impressive/important…use our Predict Wind Offshore App!
  • Small and made as a standalone unit. Water, sand and dust resistant, it can be tossed in a backpack and taken on any adventure.
  • Works with PredictWind Offshore App – Hands down our fave feature and go-to for weather forecasts.  PredictWind is off the charts fantastic for all things sailing/wind/water-related.  Detailed PWG/PWE, ECMWF, GFS, and GMDSS forecasts. GRIBs, satellite imagery, weather routing…seriously, it’s nuts.  We are our own meteorologists with this much info.

Sailors Need The Marine Package

Because we’re out on the open seas and not just going on a remote mountain trail, we have the PredictWind Iridium GO! Marine Package.  It’s an outdoor antenna that is essential for connecting while sailing.

You can buy the Iridium Go from lots of places including Amazon ($1150) but…and a big but here, you’ll need the monthly service too and PredictWind has the best customer service, most flexible, and most affordable options across the board.

Iridium SIM Cards from PredictWind have no activation fees and open term contracts that can be canceled any time (they even pro-rate). This is very important!  Because we can turn on and off the service as needed.  If we are going to stay in one area for a month (or more) with good connectivity, why pay for a monthly service we won’t use!?

We activate our service just before each offshore passage.  We always go with the unlimited data plan which is US$139.95/month.  This gives us 150 min of voice calls and unlimited data.  So, we can send photos, emails and download the weather as much as we want with no worries.

Plus, if you purchase through PredictWind, they offer a GPS tracking page for your boat. It can be embedded into your own blog or simply shared with family and friends. It has automatic hourly updates, so others can monitor your progress.

If you stop or have a drastic change in course, friends can see you may need assistance…and send you a text message.  Like the time my uncle wondered why we had just made a sharp left turn.  That’s when I had to explain that sailboat’s tack.



  1. Steve Ironside

    Hi, I would like to ask question with your navigating. I was not trained though a course but though my Dad who was Halibut fisherman and Commercial fisherman for 30 years in the Bering Seas. Later in life he bought a salmon Troller and fished the west coast of Vancouver Island this was where he taught me to navigate with a parallel rule and the compass. We would navigate between buoy or lighthouse on our charts and log our time and weather in log book. We only had back then loran “C” at the time, this was way before GPS. Do you just navigate using your instrument or do you also chart your course using charts,Parallel rulers, separators and/or time speed distance calculator as I saw you being taught?

  2. Sheree Willems

    Hi! I have a question about data minutes. Downloading a weather data report, twice per day, how many data minutes would that typically use in a month offshore?

    Or are data minutes highly variable? Trying to make a decision between a prepaid plan or a post paid plan! Thanks in advance!

  3. Dennis Dickson

    I have traveled in 27 nations for business and adventure. The Wynns have impressed me tremendously in their communication style, videography, story line and helpful tips plus just being who they are and transparent.

    Love the sea cats and the tremendous sense of adventure…better than the Discovery Channel

    Dennis – Oregon

  4. SV Fernweh

    Hey guys. Love the show, you’re an inspiration for all of us in an adorable and well dressed package.

    I bought and used the iridium go and the predict wind off shore app. The use with the app was very good and we had a flawless 2500 NM sail. I sure had trouble though with the other features. Text seemed to work sometimes, but other times the app didn’t recognize the number, and I was actually locked out, lucky my daughter used her earring to push the factory reset pin and it worked again. I also had geo tracking half way, but then it suddenly stopped. I had very little luck with calls, and zero luck with photos or larger files.

    Would you consider a TED/geek video on the iridium “Iridium Go for Dummies” style? Customer support was very good, but I think you could really show the benefits of the device, how to set it up, how to get the geo tracking working etc.

    SV Fernweh.

  5. Lynn Thomas

    Hey guys,
    I tried to purchase the iridium go using your Amazon affiliate link and it goes to, well, nowhere. Maybe it’s me (or my silly computer) but I’ll wait to purchase it using your link.
    Thanks for all you do,

    • Curious Minion

      Hmmm. I’ll make sure Nikki sees this message so she can investigate. Thanks for letting us know!
      Curious Minion

    • Curious Minion

      Hey Lynn, I just tested it out and didn’t have any issues. You might want to try a different web browser? I’m letting Nikki know JIC.
      Curious Minion

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