Cat vs Mono – Price & Performance

Cat vs Mono – Price & Performance

This might be one of the greatest debates of all time. To be quite honest we had no desire to add our opinion into the already mile high pile.

But back when we were still in the dreaming phase of moving aboard a sailboat, it was the first big question we had. Catamaran or Monohull?

We must have read a few dozen articles but the one we found most insightful wasn’t from a sailing expert. It was written by cruiser who had sailed a catamaran around the world and a monohull around the west coast of the USA and Mexico. It was a well-rounded perspective from someone who wasn’t firmly rooted in one camp or the other.

The article: Cat vs Mono – The Great Debate, was written by our friend Pat and if you really want to have your feathers ruffled, check out his Trawler vs Sail piece.

So, when we saw that our friends Nick and Terysa were considering the switch from Monohull to Catamaran we invited them to come crew with us for a week. With each sundowner we shared, the conversation seemed to circle round to the benefits and downsides of life on a catamaran compared to their monohull. We tried to fight it…but it seemed crazy not to share our thoughts on The Great Sailboat Debate: Catamaran vs Monohull.

In this round we’re covering PRICE & PERFORMANCE. The great debate continues in part 2 when we compare: CAT VS MONO – COMFORT & SAFETY

There really is no such thing as a perfect boat. We all agree that the best boat is the one you can afford, maintain and get out cruising in. If you have the cash to purchase a small monohull now, then don’t try and wait till you have that 5 million saved up for the latest HH. At the end of the day we’re all anchored in the same beautiful bay with the same million dollar view…its just some of us get knocked around a little more while enjoying that cocktail. 😉

It’s your birthday!

Ok, perhaps not. Unless it is, and in that case, Happy Birthday. But around here your opinions are special, and we want to hear them. Did you find this insightful? Would you like to see more off the cuff chats? Do you have some thoughts you want to share on the great catamaran vs monohull debate? Let us know in the comment box below!

the wynns and ruby rose go sailing

Nick and Terysa documented the week of sailing and shenanigans over on their channel. So, if you want to see what life aboard Curiosity is like from a couple of monohull loving but catamaran considering sailors, here is a binge ready playlist:

Monohull for sale! Ruby Rose (the Southerly 38) is indeed looking for new owners. Full Deets Here:


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