Cat vs Mono – Safety & Comfort

Cat vs Mono – Safety & Comfort

One of the earliest pieces of sailing advice I remember being given was about weather and sea conditions.

It was a lovely woman named Susan who was in the slip across from us. She was worried we were rushing out for our first passage because someone else had told us the weather was good. “Always read the weather reports yourself and go when you are comfortable, not when someone else says go”. We were all good, but she was right to be concerned and we heeded the advice all the same.

What one sailor considers a perfect day at sea could be another’s worst nightmare. Everyone’s idea of comfort and safety can be drastically different. So, keep that in mind as we dive into the big catamaran vs monohull debate.

Our friends Nick and Terysa are considering the switch from Monohull to Catamaran and nothing beats first-hand experience. We invited them to come crew with us for a week and at the end sat down to have the big debate.

In part one of cat vs mono, we covered price and performance. You might want to pause and watch that one first: CAT VS MONO – PRICE & PERFORMANCE

Today, it’s all about safety and comfort.

Sadly, it’s not one size fits all…or should I say one hull fits all? There really is no such thing as a perfect boat. Find one that fits your needs and budget and get out here!

What do you think?

Do you have some thoughts you want to share on the great catamaran vs monohull debate? Let us know in the comment box below!

Sailing with Sailors

Nick and Terysa documented the week of sailing and shenanigans with us over on their channel. It’s a unique perspective from a different set of lenses. If you’ve been looking to add another sailing channel to your watch list, check out Yacht Ruby Rose.

jason and nikki wynn with nick and terysa hiking and sailing in french polynesia

If you want to see what life aboard Curiosity is like from a couple of monohull loving but catamaran considering sailors, here is a binge ready playlist:

Monohull for sale! Ruby Rose (the Southerly 38) is indeed looking for new owners. Full Deets Here:

References Mentioned

In the video Jason mentioned our friends Pat and Ali of Bumfuzzle. Pat wrote Cat vs Mono – The Great Debate many years ago and it’s still one of our faves on the subject. It is a well-rounded perspective from someone who isn’t firmly rooted in one camp or the other. And, if you really want to have your feathers ruffled, check out his Trawler vs Sail article.


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