Composting Toilet Install on a Fleetwood Excursion

Composting Toilet Install on a Fleetwood Excursion

When we moved RVs, from Windy to Roy, we only took one of our major mods with us: The Composting Toilet. When I told the service manager at Fleetwood Headquarters that I could install the toilet he said jokingly “I saw your last install video, I think we better do it for you!”
Since you don’t get to see another one of my handy man videos I thought I should at least share how the composting toilet install in our Excursion turned out.

I was impressed with the attention to detail from the service team at the Fleetwood factory in Decatur Indiana.  Originally I told them not to worry about building out the platform wall for the toilet to sit on, but they wouldn’t hear it! Since we’ve been living with the toilet install for a few months now I am glad they talked me into extending the platform as it does make it easier to use the toilet, and it gives us room to put the our vinegar/water solution, the stool and some extra toilet paper.

To access underneath the toilet the service team pulled up the tiled floor on the platform, this gave them easy access to connect the power supply and drill the hole to run the vent hose. They used my same PVC pipe from the original toilet install to extend the vent hose supplied with the toilet. I love what they did with the PVC pipe install here securing it to the basement wall, I will use this same method for the next time we move our toilet.

If you’re wondering about the folding stool, at first it was a little bit of a pain, but now it’s just second nature to grab it and set out…it’s now all part of the ‘ceremony’. For me being able to stand and pee is a nice bonus, not that sitting was a lot of trouble.

Building out the platform took a few hours of R&D but everything else went pretty seamlessly. I think the total time billed was 5 hours to install the toilet, considering it would have taken me a few days I’d say it’s cheaper to let the pros handle it.

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I’m thinking I should take on the next install myself.  What do you think?  Did you install your composting toilet differently?  Start a conversation in the comment box below.