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Costa Brava: Castles, Double Rainbows and Dali

Salvador Dali said “There are some days when I think I’m going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.”  If I were a surrealist painter surrounded by the beauty of Costa Brava, I would say the same.  While we may not be painters we are photographers and the storms, landscapes, architecture and clear blue green waters were more than enough to cause an overdose of satisfaction.


I hate sounding overly positive and gushy but sometimes it necessary…so bear with me, because that’s where we are headed.

dali hometown

Dali’s home town of Cadaqués.

A dali day

If you don’t know who Salvador Dali is, you may want to use the Google machine to look him up after this.  He grew up in Costa Brava and lots of his work is of the area.  There is something uniquely interesting and satisfying about seeing the landscapes that hang on museum walls around the world, especially when some of them still look very much the same.  Dali was a strange character (the kind we like best) and said “I don’t do drugs, I am drugs”.  With scenery like this, who needs drugs!



spanish people

kayak shack

spanish water

castle town


ruins of girona

batchie ball

old fort

Everything was green, lush and lovely.

spanish church

Even the smallest villages had the most beautiful castlesque churches.

castle look out

Believe it or not, we had this old castle all to ourselves for hours before anyone else showed up.  It was a rainy day and while everyone else stayed in siping on Cava and Espresso, we were treated to the most beautiful double rainbow and sunset we have ever seen!

double rainbow

We dotted our way along the coast from quaint villages like Torroella De Montgri to Aiguablava and  even made our way to the Parque Natural Cap de Creus (the national park).

The only thing we need more of was time!  There is still so much we didn’t get to see and places we didn’t make it to like the Gran Canaria (a supposed must see).  Until then, we will just have to reminisce as we will keep rollin’ down the old American highways.

Have you visited the coast of Spain? Share your experience in the comments below.

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  • David

    that isn’t Catalonia’s flag. It is the one independentists use to represent their dream republic. Not an official flag, and quite a divisive symbol in Catalonia and Spain. Don ‘t recommend you to use those images as they may make some people itchy. Although I know this an old post.

  • Grace M Deneke

    These pictures are amazing! Did you learn photography on your own or took professional classes?
    I am new to your blog, less than a month. I love your episodes. I am working on getting an RV, want to pay for it in Cash. I love your mother-in-law’s RV but will have to settle for something less expensive. Keep it coming.

    • Curious Minion

      Before hitting the road, Jason was a professional photographer and Nikki was a makeup artist. They had a thriving business in Dallas and continue to work on the road. You can read more about it here:
      Curious Minion

  • Gunner Peterson

    Hey you two, I’ve been following you two for a couple years I think and now I’m retired and traveling cross country in a small ass Glass C!!! So far drove from San Diego to Connecticut and digging it. Traveling solo isn’t the best but I’m getting use to it. Ive been to Costa Brava Spain once when I was in the Military and loved it. The town was called Llorett Del Mar…BTW – Nikki is so freakin cute!!! Jason snap out of the Pacific Blues you doe doe bird,lol…. Gunner

  • Lucas

    hey remember us? the crazy couple 😉 in the smart car! we’ve been following your blog and travels ever since!! love the site xoxo

    • Lucas and his friend drove a rental smart car up the castle walking path just in time to see the sunset! Crazy Asses! Ha.

  • Sherrie

    I watched you guys on House Hunters RV and just loved your great outlook and had to look you up to see if you were still RVing and here you are still going strong! Love your blog and keep it going, I just think you guys are great!

    • Thanks for stopping by to say hi Sherrie! We’re in AZ now, maybe we’ll see you on the road?

  • Keri

    So beautiful!!

  • What a great adventure – and beautiful images.

    You’ll have the ‘persistence of memory’ to recall those good times forever.

    • Thanks Bruce, can’t wait to go back and explore a little more. I’m still in shock we got to visit Dali’s hometown, he’s one of my heroes for sure.

  • nik

    Cool shots! 🙂

    • Thanks Nik. We’ll be posing more images to the traveling art section soon…..and some will be for sale to help earn us a little money on the road.


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