We’ve all settled into our routines here on superyacht Millennium, which means its time to shake things up.  The winds have shifted and it is time to move.  Join us for a week of life onboard sailing, surfing, and a big SNAP!

Next up, we finally dish on Mark Paarman’s story.  How he ended up on Millennium, why he is selling the boat and what keeps him charging at life.  It’s the biggest, most intimidating story we’ve ever attempted to tell.  Send us lots of good editing juju, we’re going to need it.



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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Lee (Oakham U.K)

    Hi Guys,
    I’ve been catching up and following your story for a few months now and love what you do, I really wanted to post something about Mark, if you want an example of how to live your life he is it, what a legend! Really hope you can get back to Curiosity again soon as we can all see how much you miss her! Are you planning a trip to Europe in the future?

  • Jason Ostermayer

    I just loved this one guys. Mark has been one of my favorite characters to grace your videos yet. I’m so happy you have found each other and boy has the scenery aboard Millennium been spectacular! May the tides bring you great fortune in the weeks to come. Cheers!

  • James Pierdon

    I love you guys! I think you are great! I enjoy your videos very much and wish I had had the guts to do what I really wanted – learn to fly. However, I am stuck at home with disabilities but enjoy living with my dreams and your adventures. I have always had a close attachment to water. Being on it, in it, and near it has always been a big draw for me. My dream of flying entailed a bush pilot’s life flying small float planes to Canada’s north serving out-of-the-way settlements. I am a 4th generation Canadian. I especially like your vids when you are out at sea in Curiosity. I dream of being with you. Keep up your good work and life. I enjoy your weekly video no matter what you are doing. Thank you Nikki and Jason for sharing your adventures. James.

  • Pat

    Wow what a beautiful place and sure glad you are helping us enjoy it also.

  • Kathy

    Please tell us fair skin people what your sunscreen choices are. Specifically the brand and colour code of your neutral lipstick/sunscreen. I am desperate for something as natural and creamy looking, and that obviously holds up to water sports 😀 thank you so much and adore following your adventures!!!!

    • Curious Minion

      Hey Kathy. Because they move so often from country to country the Wynns have to change brands all the time. Nikki has researched what to look for and not look for to make a sunscreen reef safe, and she always avoids the bad ingredients. As for the lipstick, I’m betting it’s made by Mineralogie. She lists a shade of their lipgloss in this post on the gear store that might be it: Don’t forget to use the discount code! It will save you money and it’ll throw a few pennies into the sailing kitty.
      Curious Minion

  • Alan Solomon

    Way cool video, as usual. Thank you.
    A previous commentator said that the board must have been water-logged. A broken board on easier waves, uhh ohh…
    I can tell Mark is as happy as a man can be. No major worries. He is in a place that crowds out stress, tension and worries. He is doing what he intended to do. He is doing what he loves to do. Not a care in his world except for the great people that are onboard. You would not see the smile disappear from my face either.
    For me, the best part of this video was when Mark was in the yellow canoe and your drone shots captured incredible footage of the surrounding water.
    WOW. What a **place.**

  • Judy Goodson

    I did all my surfing as a kid on a canvas beach raft. We learned to catch the waves and ride to shore, which was lots of fun. The surf boards back then were quite big, and too hard to carry around, so I never learned to surf standing up. But the thrill of catching s good wave on a raft was great fun, and wiping out was not too painful!🤪

  • Michael

    Of all the video’s, this one touched this old land-locked surfer the most. What an incredibly idyllic setting! It seemed like heaven to me. Thanks, Capt. Mark and the whole crew. What fortunate people you all are. Soak it in and enjoy it while you can.

  • Ron & Blanche Johnson

    My wife and I are beached and retried and love your UTube videos keep it up.
    God bless

  • Michael Larkin

    You know how I love your videos and adventures, this like all of them is great. Message for Mike, I notice a crucifix in the wheelhouse, 1.40 there is a world of difference between a crucifix and a cross, let me explain: In the crucifix Christ is still dead, but the scripture is very clear, Christ is risen and is seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven. He is no longer on the cross. Every blessing to all, May the risen Christ keep you all safe on your many journey’s.

  • jim ege

    I do not understand what happened to Nikki with the surfing. Bad Experience? No more surfing I think. Board must have been old and water logged to have broken.
    Mark must be possessive of his boards heh? Did you pay for the experience of being on Millennium or did you exchange work for room and board? Enjoyed the series on Millennium.

    • Curious Minion

      Mark is stranded in Fiji like so many others in these episodes and he’s far from his family. Inviting people aboard with him is a way to get some company. And let’s face it – he probably wants help swabbing that huge amount of deck! Hahaha.
      Curious Minion

  • Michael Magill

    Thanks to you both, we are ablec to come along and experience each day as it comes to you and Jason. Yo were right, to just take each day as it comes and be happy with them. Even though you have been in Fuji, think its so much better than The United States, with the Pandemic going on unabated and many people are just not taking it seriously, and its getting worse. We hope that you are back with your boat soon, and off to your next adventurer , and Mark cam along at the perfect time . You both needed this very much, it has does wonders for your spirit!! Take care stay safe……..

  • Bill Marshall

    Do you guys use lots of lotion. I would think you would get burnt to a crisp being in the sun all of the time.


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