Big Boat Life & Diving Into The Surf

Big Boat Life & Diving Into The Surf

We’re living on a big sailboat in Fiji with a captain who’s obsessed with surfing…and he’s a bit of a legend. We, on the other hand, are not surfers. Aside from a couple of attempts on a longboard while on vacation, neither of us grew up near an ocean. Our experience with real waves has only been over the last four years, and its always been from the deck of a sailboat.

Mark Paarman however was born and raised on the coast of South Africa. He and his five brothers are very well known surfing legends. His oldest brother Donald was a surf prodigy and became pro at the age of 14 and by 1970 was named international surfer of the year. So, when I say Mark is obsessed with surfing, I mean he eats, sleeps and breathes for a perfect barrel.

Surfing the best waves in the world has been a lifelong dream for Mark. So, while the pandemic may have him separated from his beloved wife and family…he couldn’t be happier about being “stuck” at Cloudbreak. Not only is it the most famous break in Fiji, but its also one of the seven surf wonders of the world.

As for us, this presents a unique opportunity. Jason has always had huge respect for big waves and surf photographers. (And any form of nature photography that involves risk.) He’s a bit of a daredevil and as luck would have it, we’re not only surrounded by some insanely good surfers, but two of our crewmates are pro underwater and surf photographers!

This week was all about learning to be in and below the waves. Next week is learning how to ride them!

Stay tuned!

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Malia and Stuart have quickly become some of our best friends here in Fiji (right up there with the Neal family!). If we didn’t know better, I would swear we were related. 😉 Both Stu and Malia are chock-full of good energy, positivity, and encouragement. It’s easy to see why they have quickly become Fiji’s favorite photographers.

Should you find yourself in Fiji one day, booking a photo session with these guys would be at the top of my recommendation list. It is a huge adventure with two beautiful souls!


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