First Impressions of Big Boat Life

First Impressions of Big Boat Life

Take us wherever your heart desires. That’s what Captain Mark said right before he put me at the helm. Never, did I ever think I would be behind the wheel of 67-ton yacht, but here I am!

We’re island hopping today and get to see what it takes to get this ship moving…and it’s a completely different world. The sheer size is one thing but, add in the weight and deep draft of S/Y Millennium and it requires a new mode of thinking in comparison to our catamaran Curiosity. It’s a fun challenge, and fascinating to experience something so familiar yet so foreign.

It’s a spectacular day with blue skies and even deeper blue waters. Why not join us for a cruise?

Millennium is for sale!

If this hunk of steel is your dream expedition boat, check out the full listing here:


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